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2000 Naked News 9 Reviews

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Naked News (2000)
ScreamoKid was written on November 10, 2002

she's back!

on November 11th she returned, and is by far the second most attractive anchor after Devon. Strips extremely classy and has very nice breasts and a great nice bush. Hopefully she shows her great ass more when she's back, she rarely did in the past.

RanmaSaotome was written on March 31, 2001

Victoria is the lead anchorwoman.

One of the originals, she usually begins the program with the international report. Most times she starts out in an elegant business suit and slowly strips. Tall and thin, with small breasts, she looks very fine.

Senator was written on September 16, 2001

she strips!

this is the part that really reals you in... she is not really the best looking of the bunch... but she is certainly the most erotic.

BuffaloBoy was written on December 25, 2005

The first and still the best

There is nobody on the planet that can be so sexy while reading the daily news. Usually co-anchors the International News with another woman. This Naked News isn't a movie - it's a daily newscast over the web. The news is actual news, and the ladies are actually naked and beautiful. Highly recommended.

rocky6 was written on March 25, 2006

victoria is the lead anchorwoman

victoria is a beautiful anchorwoman and I want to see her all naked.

soulman was written on September 15, 2001

Shaddup Yourself

Duckem, nobody cares what YOU have to say.

duckem was written on March 31, 2001

info only

Naked News is broadcast on a website, not on a television or cable station. It's the same thing every day. They slowly strip while telling the news until you see them fully nude.

WLoomis was written on October 13, 2001

Where's she go?

Her bio and picture are gone! Is she gone for good? She was the classiest and sexiest woman there. We'll miss you Victoria.

Manny was written on May 19, 2014

Victoria Sinclair

I've been a member on and off with Naked News over the years. I first saw Victoria back in 2001. She seemed a bit shy while stripping (she'd visibly grin in embarrassment when pulling her panties down), but over time she's the expert in stripping effortlessly. To this day she is still very erotic in her stripping.
She has small perky breasts, great ass, and a nice pussy. In the early day she sported a full bush, but when she returned as Lead Anchor she trimmed it a lot. Sometimes she has even shaved it completely bald which I wish she would do more often, because her pussy looks very nice in its shape. I wish she shaved it for her Paul Buceta nude photos.
Victoria occasionally will take her panties off before her bra, which is very erotic.

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