Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, France

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year title
2012 Augustine 1 Review
2005 La Moustache 1 Review
1997 Seventh Heaven 1 Review
1986 Half Moon Street 1 Review

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Augustine (2012)
flighty56789 was written on May 17, 2013

Shadowy butt

1 hour 10 minutes in. Vincent is standing at a mirror naked and you see his butt, well maybe like half of it. The lighting is terrible. You'd have to crank up your TV's brightness and gamma to actually see his whole butt. What is with this guy and half-nudity? It's not like his body is anything to be embarrased about. This is your typical French movie where there's a ton of female nudity and little to no male nudity, e.g. - sex scene at the end where he's fully clothed and she's totally naked.

La Moustache (2005)
flighty56789 was written on May 17, 2013

Could have been better

He shows his butt crack and side butt at various times throughout the film. One where's pulling off his underwear to get into bed, another getting out of bed naked, and one where's sitting in a shower. The shots go too fast to really enjoy it. At least he's shirtless many times and in great shape. He continues his tradition of fleeting-side-half-nudity shots.

Seventh Heaven (1997)
5th_element was written on December 4, 2003

Getting up after quick sex

While pulling up his pants, you can see his rather fat lower body and round butt. He has a nice middle-aged face, but can't say the same about his body.

Half Moon Street (1986)
billyboy was written on September 27, 1998

Sex scenes -- butt shots

Even though you don't see any of Vince's cock, you get to see plenty of this sweet piece's hairy frog ass!

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