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Teri Austin
Striker was written on September 25, 1999

Brief shot of her butt as she stands up in the bath

Too brief and not enough shown.

Immy was written on November 28, 2005

A little bit of everything (0:31)

Teri's scene deserves more attention because there's more than meets the eye. Yes, there's some brief butt as she stands in the tub to get out but let's not dismiss some soapy side boobage (the mirror gives the best view). Lastly, and this could easily be missed, watch as she walks thru the bathroom door adjusting her robe for a clear muff flash.

Caroline Arnold
Immy was written on November 28, 2005

Topless (0:42)

Right after Stephen Mendel snorts a line of coke Caroline is seen sitting in bed topless next to him with the blankets at her waist. He tells her to get lost and her small conical boobs are seen again as she puts her shirt on. Nice puffy nips.

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