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Wake of Death's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

King, Lisa 0 Reviews
Chong, Joon 1 Review

Wake of Death's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Van Damme, Jean-Claude 1 Review

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Lisa King
Joon Chong
DeMan was written on August 11, 2005

Naked, bloody, and hard to see to boot

Joon Chong appears early in the movie as the mistress of the villain Simon Yam; during the opening credits, she is shown making love with him, though we can't make anything out due to the "arty" camerawork and the titles superimposed on the screen. After she informs him that she's leaving him and taking their daughter, he turns and slashes her throat, and she is briefly shown full-frontal after she falls back on the bed. Between the blood and the terrible editing, nothing too appealing here.

(Note: The current Mr. Skin listing for this movie misattributes this role to Jacqui Chan. Jacqui Chan actually plays the old lady who owns the Chinese restaurant. She's been in movies since 1960, and could only wish she looked this good at her age!)

Jean-Claude Van Damme
drowninginyou was written on October 3, 2005

butt during sex

Close to the beginning of the movie you see Jean Claude's butt while he is having sex. His ass still looks good, but the angle we see it from isn't. This could have recieved at least 3 stars if his butt was shown at a better angle.

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