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Adèle Haenel
Ghostwords was written on October 1, 2011

No nudity, but sexual tension

At around 1:15;00, Florian (Ms Haenel) persuades her friend Marie (Pauline Acquart) to dispose of her hymen in order that her boyfriend not discover she's not sexually experienced as she'd claimed (ah, those topsy-turvy French attitudes towards sex...). She lies in bed, pulls a sheet over her lover half and then strips her clothes off under the sheet so that Marie can access her vagina. At the close, a tear rolls down from her right eye. Whilst there's no actual flesh on view, there is a palpable erotic tension throughout the scene. Of the three lead actresses (all playing 15 year-olds), Ms Haenel is easily the most glamorous.

Louise Blachère
Ghostwords was written on October 1, 2011

Changing room

At around 0:05:00, 15 year-old Anne (Ms Blachère) is changing after swimming, having waited for the other girls to leave. She strips out of her suit, exposing her breasts (as she leans forward, we see everything from just above the lower abdomen). Suddenly, a teenage boy walks in and she stands transfixed, holding her black knickers in front of her, but not so low that it blocks our view of her dark pubic hair (as well as another sight of her breasts). Some 45 minutes later, she decides to offer herself to him and stands naked in the changing room, arms raised. It's shot from behind and to her right, so we see full rear nudity and the side of her right breast. At around 1:20:00, she goes into the garden, reaches into her top to remove her bra, then buries it in the soil; there's a little cleavage in shot. Immediately after, the boy from earlier arrives at her front door, invites himself in and begins fondling her right breast through the top (he also pulls her jeans down at the front enough to expose the waistband of her knickers). They have sex, but there's no further nudity.

Bushyboy was written on October 23, 2008

shower dressing room

This large, chunky girl is changing after swim practice. She waits until all the other girls are gone, then strips down. First she shows swinging tits as she leans over removing her swimsuit. When a guy starts to come into the room, she stands full frontal for several seconds. Later, she shows a full rear view.

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