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Weeds' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Unlisted?Uncredited 1 Review
Stern, Shoshannah 2 Reviews
Price, Kirsten 1 Review
Perkins, Elizabeth 1 Review
Parker, Mary-Louise 10 Reviews
Langton, Brooke 1 Review
Jaymes, Jessica 2 Reviews
Dohan, Meital 3 Reviews
Carey, Clare 2 Reviews

Weeds' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Parrish, Hunter 2 Reviews
Nealon, Kevin 1 Review
Milder, Andy 1 Review
Malco, Romany 1 Review
Laresca, Vincent 1 Review
Kirk, Justin 3 Reviews
Gosselaar, Mark-Paul 1 Review
Alejandro, Felipe 1 Review

nudity reviews for Weeds member submitted

ut1stgear was written on December 25, 2011

Voodoo juice girl

Doug, Nancy and Andy go searching for weed to grow for her new business. While looking we find the VooDoo Juice Girl. Although covered completely in body paint there is a great well lit shot of her tits. Double D's with very proportional nipples standing at attention. 13:21 to 13:23 giving very decent exposure. 1 star for great definition of both breasts, left is the best due to colors used for body paint. Character not listed or credited. Technically not a skin shot but is a great shot.

Shoshannah Stern
ut1stgear was written on December 23, 2011

Bedroom scenes

Season 2 ep 3 Last Tango in Agrestic. Could be a BD. After breaking up in the previous episode Megan (Shoshannah) and Silas (Hunter Parish) decide to get back together for a "time to remember forever" before she goes off to Princeton. Starting at 00:12:30 we several shots of her and Hunter making love in a bedroom. At times you see her face clearly but no breasts. The times her breasts, which are full and very shapely, are in view her face is not completely clear but there is very close resemblance so if it is a BD they did a very good job of casting. There is one shot at about 12:31 or 32 where the area of her breast where a nipple would be is visible. Using the pause there might be a nipple visible but it is out of focus enough for it to be a shadow. There is clearly no breast patch present and the areola is clear enough to say it is shown. The sequences runs until 13:13. All shots are side views of one or the other breast. Her C size breasts are very much worth seeing. Too bad there are no shots from the front of her breasts with her face to verify it is her. Putting together the shots of her fully clothed and the nudes one can only imagine what it would be like to have her body wrapped around yours. 1 1/2 stars for the number of good shots of her breasts from the side, this is the only nudes of her I know of and she has one sexy mouth.

ut1stgear was written on December 25, 2011

Sexy back

S02E01 This could be a BD and if so is a review of the character Megan. At 06:09 until 06:15 we find Megan riding Silas. The shot begins as a view from the door giving a great shot of her from behind from head to small back. Lower parts are covered by sheet and blanket. She has very nice small of back length hair and is used very strategically to cover some of her. The shot then changes focal length and up close of her right arm and right middle back. I think Shoshannah is a very sexy women. She has very smooth skin all over. Her right arm very conveniently spoils any chance of seeing her right breast. Too bad. They care of that though in S02E03 per my previous review of her. 1/2 star for a very sexy back side.

Kirsten Price
ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

Porn fim in house

S03E07 At 11:40 Andy is catering to the cast of a porn film in a house. Based on the photo already here on CNDB she is the one with smaller real breasts and a small amount of bush. Her tits natural C cups. Nipples are dutifully large, hard and sticking straight out. In the lower region things are much nicer. Clean shaven with the exception of a small patch of bush shot in bright light and very clear as she walks toward Andy. 3 stars for breast and bush. This scene is really not even sexy. Smaller tits then Jessica but natural, well shaped and with nipples that are hard and erect. Solid 3 stars.

Elizabeth Perkins
ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

Nude in front of mirror

S03E08 Starting at 17:32 and running to 17:59 We find Celia looking at herself in a full length mirror. The shot is well lit and very clear. Her face is full frame and it slowly pulls back bringing her breasts into frame. Not sure if they are her natural breasts or some sort of prostedic in keeping with the fact that she has had breast cancer and reconstructive surgery. The overall effect is very unexciting and almost gross. There are red surgical marks on both breasts with no areola to speak of and disproportionate nipples. To further exasperbate the situation they change the POV to a shot of her in the full length mirror. Again hard to tell if that is her real body or prosthetics. They include a very large bush, probably not real. 2 stars for the clear shots of breasts and bush. Could have been more if the shots were ore pleasing to the eye.

Mary-Louise Parker
ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

Bosses office

S03E07 Nancy walks into her bosses (Mathew Modine), office drenched. He offers her a towel from the other room. She declines and begins to strip, removing her dress leaving a top, panties and shoes on. Walking around the desk she sits on the desk putting her legs on his shoulders and lifts her butt off the desk. Matthew removes her panties revealing her gorgeous, trim butt from the left. She has very smooth legs and rounded but not large butt. Nudity for Mary-Louise is starting to get serious. With her butt in the air it also pushes her chest out. Nothing to see nudity wise but you get a great look at their size and shape. Appears to be a solid B cup. 1 star for a well lit clear view of her left butt and leg. Very sexy and erotic the way it was done.

Bdick25 was written on June 22, 2011

Nice Ass Crack

Mary is looking at her new butt tattoo showing a nice portion of her ass in the process in this season 3 episode 13 Called Risk.

ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

Downblouse in car

S03E05 From 14mins until 16mins there is a sequence of Nancy cleaning out the rear seat. The shot is purposely set with camera so that it captures a downblouse. There is great right breast movement. She definitely isn't wearing a bra. At some point I thought I saw some nipple. Could have been a shadow or a nipple. I couldn't pick it up using the frame step feature of my player so not sure. 1star for the breast movement and definite braless look. Throughout the episodes there have plenty of pokies and this one also has some good looks at her without a bra and her tits poking into the material. No shear tops so far though so no nipple to speak of. Her nudity is definitely very slow to develop. I think it will definitely be worth the wait.

ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

First look?

S3E09 At the beginning of this episode Nancy is in a clinic hooked up to a mamogram machine. The tech Valerie starts to take xrays of her right breast. The negatives show up on a monitor. Very nice looking tits indeed with nipples standing straight out. The real question is: "Are they really Nancy's breasts." 1 star for the number of shots and clarity of them. Things are moving along slowly in the nudity area for Nancy.

shizmatic was written on March 16, 2011

Titts and ass

She strips in a few scenes throughout the series. There is a nice scene in the bathtub showing her boobs, a couple of topless scenes during sex, one scene where Justin Kirk is sucking her breast milk in a restaurant bathroom, one titts and ass scene as she has sex with a guy in a bar etc

McKinnon was written on March 25, 2011

Bar bang

Season 6 episode 8, \'Gentle Puppies.\' This is a very hot scene. Mary Louise annoys a hunky bartender (Mark Paul Gosselar) and he closes up early for some wild sex. While the scene could have been longer, it was lengthy compared to most scenes of this type in a \"mainstream\" show, and had some shocking moments, like Mark smacking her ass with a belt and kissing and biting at her ass cheeks. Her dress is fully removed and there are some nice glimpses of her small but well-maintained breasts as he holds them. He takes her from behind and even though you know it\'s acting, it feels more real than most of this type of scene.

Bootydaddy was written on September 23, 2007

9/24/07 episode

You get to see Mary's ass crack towards the end of this episode when she mounts Matthew Modine's character in his office, she's got some skimpy panties on. You also get a BRIEF shot of some upper bush when he pulls her panties off.

ut1stgear was written on February 3, 2012

Sex with Esteban

S04E08 "I am the Table" From 25:15-26:03 of this episode we find Nancy and Esteban having sex. It starts up against the wall and moves to the bed. There are many backlit shots of her breasts showing her ever-hard dime sized nipples standing out about 1/4-1/2 inch. Her hard nipples appear many times up until now in some very nice pokies throughout the series. There a couple of shots framed from head to midriff and would indicate this is Nancy. She has very nice B sized breasts with large areola and constantly hard nipples. While on the bed she is pounded hard by Esteban. She has a great body and wonderful breasts. 3 stars for the number of breast shots in the sequence.

ut1stgear was written on February 3, 2012

Nude in bathtub

S04E13 At 12:55 to 14:55 we see three very good and well lit shots of Nance in a tub. The scene lasts until 16:16. Comparing this scene with one from E08 her breasts are exactly the same. Her areola's are about 3x the diameter of her nipples, with a pinkish tint to them. Her nipples are again in a perma hard state. Must be sitting in a tub of cold water. In one shot her crotch is almost visible, bubbles are very strategically placed. This scene is a very pongient one with Nancy reflecting deeply about recent events. 1 star for the three very clear and well lit shots of her breasts. Mybe it should be 1 1/2 but not a 2.

ut1stgear was written on December 25, 2011

Sexy ass and back side

S02E01 At the beginning of this episode she has just found out that Peter is a DEA agent. Wearing his jacket she goes to the toilet and sits on it giving us a side view of her right hip and leg. Very nice indeed. She then walks back into the bedroom, shedding the jacket, and walks completely naked toward the bed. As she moves toward the bed we an almost full length shot of her from behind. The angle of the camera makes it impossible to pick up any more. Alas they keep teasing us up until now. 1 star for the nice look at her buttocks and an almost full length rear view of her, only the ankles and feet are missing. When Peter said she is beautiful I was hoping the camera would pan back to give us some goods but we only get her face.

Brooke Langton
ut1stgear was written on December 23, 2011

Sex scene

Season 1 Ep 6 Dead in the Nethers. Throughout this episode three sexual encounters are set up between Conrad (Romany Malco) and Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Megan (Shoshannah) and Andy (Justin Kirk) and Sharon (Brooke Langton). The set up culminates at 27:26 when all three couples have implied sex. The three scenes play in a series of cuts, the sexiest of which is between Andy and Sharon. Brooke has a great shoulders and a neck to die for. Her arms and hands ooze of sexuality. Many shots could easily have turned into a reveal of her breasts but alas either her or Andy's hand wee covering the goods. Might be a BD but I think not. There were enough looks at her face in full frame with the breast area that it would be hard to cast anyone else that looked that close to her. Could be wrong though. Although disappointing in the nudity area it was not completely disappointing. One only needs a little imagination and the earlier shots of her clothed breasts and jean encased butt to fill in the blanks. Maybe someday she will do some real nudity.

Jessica Jaymes
ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

Making porn film

S03E07 At 11:40 Andy is catering to the cast of a porn film in a house. Based on the photo already here on CNDB she is the one with larger fake breasts and a shaven crotch. Her tits give the appearance of two balloons that have been filled to capacity and ready to pop is another breath of air is blown into them. Nipples are dutifully large, hard and sticking straight out. In the lower region things are much nicer. Clean shaven and in bright light and very clear as she walks toward Andy. 3 stars for breast and bush. This scene is really not even sexy. Big turn off with the unnatural looking breasts. That would knock off at least 1/2 star except for the time of exposure.

ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

Porn film

S03E08 A very short look at her tits again from a distance. Nothing to add from previous review.

Meital Dohan
dumpiedong was written on September 5, 2007

Season 2, Episode 7: Must Find Toes Getting out of bed

Quick well lite look at her fun bags as she sits up on the edge of the bed

ut1stgear was written on December 26, 2011

Very sexy lady

I've been watching the first four episodes of season 2 and every time I see her I just want to grab her and have my way with her. Each episode she wears clothes that show off her breasts. Having trouble going through the season in order with the previous review in mind. Patience and all will come to you. She is a very sexy lady who oozes of sensuality even tough her character is somewhat on the dark side of life sexually and experience wise.

ut1stgear was written on December 26, 2011

Nude in hospital bed

She and Andy are laying in bed after Andy's toes have been chewed off by a dog. It is implied they have had sex. The scene begins at 14:58 of S02E07. As they talk she rolls over to get out of bed. Beginning at 15:07 her breasts start to come into view. First to show is her right breast with just a hint of areola and nipple. As she continues to roll the left follows with a clear well lit shot. Both breasts are visible with the left in all it's glory. Very perky and well shaped breasts with large areola and smallish nipples on slightly hanging breasts. Large B to small C in size. Definitely suckable and very natural. They are only visible for about 2secs but were worth the wait to see. 2 stars for the clarity and well lit shot. Hope she does more nudity.

Clare Carey
dumpiedong was written on August 22, 2006

Being shagged on her back on a bed

WEEDS Season 1, Episode 7 Higher Education
Laying on her back on a bed being vigourously shagged by Justin Kirk
You get two or three looks at her breasts as they bounce as ne pounds away well lite scene nudity a bit breif

ut1stgear was written on December 21, 2011

Sex with the brother-in-law

Season 1 epi 7 She plays the mother of max and meets Andy. He is fixing dinner and sets the timer for an hour. Next thing we see is her on her back getting laid. Well lit and her breasts are in full view. Several shots from different lengths, far to very close-up. No way to gauge size and shape but based on how far they lay apart she probably has a set of D cups. Nipples are shown but slightly out of focus. She an Justin seem to have enjoyed shooting that scene. Total time of exposure for all shots begins at 07:38-43, 07:51-08:07 giving time of about 21secs. Not bad for a TV series. 2 stars for time of exposure and clarity of shots.

Hunter Parrish
Mattg was written on November 23, 2008

Young hunk eager to strip for the cameras

Season 4 was Hunter Parrish's debut as major eye candy on this show. Lots of gratuitous shirtless scenes throughout the season got us warmed up to Episode 7 "Yes I Can" in which a sweaty Silas (his character's name) comes over to his cougar-girlfriend's cheese shop to seduce her. We later see Hunter going down on her - she's fully clothed but the camera zooms out to nicely display Hunter's backside. Just as we get the outline of his bubble butt, the scene fades away. Then in Episode 13 "If You Work for a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?" - Hunter is lying naked in bed with his cougar again - and they're interrupted by the woman's ex-husband and young son. Hunter jumps out of bed giving us a lengthy and clear view of his perfect ass cheeks as he struggles to get his clothes back on. The ex-husband even takes pictures. Apparently, Parrish has been bragging about his onscreen nudity. He also appeared nude on stage this year in Broadway's "Spring Awakenings" - so clearly this incredibly hot actor has figured out how to solidify/firm up his fan base.

Ozzie700 was written on June 21, 2009

Leaving bed

In episode 2 of season 5, Hunter has finished having sex with his older lover. As he gets out of bed to get dressed, her ex-husband and son walk into the room. As they're in a custody battle, the ex tells the "twinkie" to say cheese as he takes a photo with his cell phone. Good glimpse of a very sweet pair of cheeks.

Kevin Nealon
dvdcollector was written on March 22, 2009

Penis measuring bet

In the first episode of the third season, there is a brief view of Kevin Nealon's butt as he and Andy Milder try to settle a bet on who has a bigger penis. Reasonably nice looking actor for his age.

Andy Milder
dvdcollector was written on March 22, 2009

Penis measuring bet

In the first episode of the third season, there is a brief view of Andy Milder's butt as he and Kevin Nealon try to settle a bet on who has a bigger penis.

Romany Malco
dvdcollector was written on March 26, 2009

Rear view while having sex

During the third series we see him having sex with Nancy (the main female character). He is standing up with her against the wall, which makes it possible to show his shapely butt in a very flattering manner. Good long views - and some shorter close-ups. The actor himself has quite a nice body.

Vincent Laresca
Burnman7700 was written on March 12, 2006


He has sex with Mary- Louise Parker on his car and you can catch glimpses of his nice ass. It could have been better, though and I hope there's more to come.

Justin Kirk
Reno was written on September 23, 2005

Having a shag

In this new HBO comedy, Justin Kirk is banging the mother of his young nephew's brand-new friend while the two clueless lads are in another room playing a video game. Here and there he stops his enthusiastic thrusting to quiet the woman, whom he's only met moments earlier, as her joyous shrieks threaten to alert the youngsters.

Mattg was written on November 23, 2008

Ass and quick frontal in Season 4

Season 4, Episode 12 "Till We Meet Again" - he's showering in an outdoor shower at night when the Mexican chick approaches to seduce. We get a clear, good look at his decent ass and he turns to his left, briefly revealing a very decent cock shot, which he quickly covers up realizing that someone is there. We see his ass a little more in this scene before the two end up having sex (offscreen.)

Ozzie700 was written on June 21, 2009

Rear in sex scene

In episode 2 of season 5, Justin pounds into a woman as she's on top of a counter. His shirt is still on but there's a nice view of his back end.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Derek was written on June 2, 2011

Rough sex

In the episode "Gentle Puppies," Mark Paul Gosselar plays a bartender who goes with Mary Louise Parker to have the kind of hot sex that only two people with three names apiece could possibly have. He throws her over a counter, strips her down and spanks her, but for male nudity fans, she undresses him and we get wonderful shots of his pert, round ass as his pants come down and he thrusts in her. Scene is much talked about and could only be viewed as shocking by mainstream Middle America, but at least it is sexy and uses a hot actor.

Felipe Alejandro
dvdcollector was written on March 22, 2009

Trying to light a fart

In boot camp with Justin Kirk, he tries to light a fart. Good view of his butt, though somewhat obstructed by his hand/arm.

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