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Mariska Hargitay
espy was written on September 12, 1999

shower scene

You get to see her fantastic ass and legs in the shower. The same scene is replayed later and watched by Mariska and her friends. Some pervert has secretly videotaped her in the shower. One star because it was so brief, but Mariska is one gorgeous girl.

RudeHands was written on May 1, 2005

Beautiful Legs, Better Butt

I don't know if the young woman in the shower scene is actually Ms. Hargitay or a body double. I really don't care much either. What a perfect ten little butt. Three girls are invited over to their girlfriend's house to lie around and chat about things that eighteen-year-olds talk about. Their girlfriend's live-in boyfriend likes to watch so he installs a camera in the bathroom (not even a hidden one, now that takes balls). Ms. Hargitay, after a hard day lounging on the beach with the others, decides to wash up. The nude is panned from foot to head and how delicious she is. I can't imagine a better pair of legs, sumptuous thigh and an outstanding ass. We can even briefly view her shampooing her little tits as well. The rest of this film is a vacant wasteland - one of the most vacuous plot structures in film history. But this is a must-see for anyone into shower scenes.

packman1 was written on January 28, 2000

ass!! :)

man she got a nice ass u see it 2 time 1 in the shower then on a video she look at !!

duckem was written on September 2, 2000

body dub

The shower scene showing her butt is from the shoulders down. Worst excuse for a shower scene ever.

vizier was written on February 18, 2016

because it wasn't her

Mariska has confirmed that the scene used a body double.....looked good but would have been better if it was her

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