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2008 Pleasure Party 1 Review
2004 Sexual Boundaries 1 Review
2004 Carnal Confessions 1 Review

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2002 Best Sex Ever, The 2 Reviews

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Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
Chicago was written on July 16, 2002

4 scenes in "For Love of Art"

When isn't Wendy naked in this episode? At :04.25-:09.25, Wendy strips for the artist revealing her small breasts with mounded, pierced nipples and pubes while she talks to him. She puts on thong bottoms, he leaves and she hops on the bed, and she starts feeling herself...erect nipples with piercings, ass as she rolls over on her stomach and begins to masturbate. The male artist eventually returns home and he starts painting her mostly naked body. At :10.25-:12.5, the two move to the roof, she doffs her robe, he kisses her mouth then her body, and he simu-orals her...breasts and ass. At :12.75-:15.25, there's more body painting back indoors and they roll on the canvas smearing paint, as she then fantasizes about making love with him...breasts and ass viewable. At :19.25-:22.5, the artist kisses her, her robe drops, he simu-orals her, she takes off her thong bottoms (best view of her pubes), she's on top (breasts, ass, pubes from a medium distance), they do it doggie-style, and the two collapse in bed...mediocre steam at best. While Wendy parades around naked for much of the episode, the ever-present angry look on her face and the body tattoos are a discouraging annoyance.

Chicago was written on May 11, 2003

4 scenes in "Fantasy Nights"

In this episode, Keri Windsor's husband fantasizes about Keri's lesbian encounter with Wendy in college. At :02:12-:03:35 brunette Wendy's sweater comes off revealing her C-cup breasts with thick nipples before Keri's also comes off. Keri takes off Wendy's panties revealing her thin dark mohawk as Keri kisses down her thighs, Wendy simu-orals Keri, the two have a brief leg-hump, and Wendy is behind Keri feeling her breasts. At :12:24-:16:38, Wendy and Keri are sitting topless beside each other at the pool when the guy calls Keri into the house for sex. Keri wipes an ice cube around her nipple before going to the door to watch Keri and the guy; she feels her breasts and masturbates with her hand going down her suit bottoms as the two go at it just inside. As a prelude to a f/f after Keri quickly changes into a robe, at :19:50-:20:02 Wendy takes off her clothes (breasts, pubes) to put on a sexy nightie. After the 2 girls begin kissing at :20:39-:24:01, Keri removes Wendy's nightie and licks/nibbles her nipples before removing her own robe and being simu-oraled by Wendy (ass). Keri's husband joins as the two girls double up on him with Keri simu-oraling him. In a nice position, both girls sit on top of him, Keri's crotch in his face and Wendy riding him; the scene concludes with the guy doing Keri doggie-style over Wendy lying on her back.

Pleasure Party (2008)
McKinnon was written on December 16, 2011

Seduced by cons

Wendy, sporting a Bettye Page hairstyle and some distracting tats, mostly spends this compilation package judging the sordid lives of con artists (usually shown in clips taken from other films, with uncredited actors). That doesn't stop her from having sex with them though. She has an f/f scene with Molinee Green that I mentioned above this. It's actually hotter when they are still clothed, especially Rice's cherry red, button nips through her white undershirt. Later, she goes upstairs so Sean Juergens can give her a massage. The sex scene starts at about 1:04. She's topless and he strips her below the waist, letting you see most of her pale body. He kisses her small breasts before starting the missionary position. Then she rides him, then he does her doggy style. The scene is a little underwhelming.

Sexual Boundaries (2004)
Rookie_MIB was written on April 6, 2005

Several nice encounters with her boyfriend.

Wendy Rice plays the female detective in this movie who is involved with her partner/boyfriend. Her first scene of note occurs in the precinct while they're watching a tape of one of the couples in the bedroom. Of course, they wind up turned on, and he strips off her shirt revealing her not too large, but obviously fake breasts. Just a side note - she's got GREAT nipples. Anyhow - he fondles her breasts for a bit, then strips off her panties and continues to the typical oral sex. She then sits in his lap (showing her well shaved pubic area) and rides him to the end.

Next scene for her has to wait until the end, for the obligatory 'happy ending sex'. He performs much the same scenario as above, stripping off her clothes, fondling the breasts, performing oral sex on her, then proceeding to the main event. It's the usual 'from behind on their sides' position for a while, then they switch to reverse cowgirl until the end.

Carnal Confessions (2004)
OneMoreReviewer was written on December 26, 2003

She is the lead character

She has at least two sex scenes, fully naked.
The first she's mostly on top while they do it on a bed. The second she is lying on a couch and getting it from behind. She has small breasts, a little too small for my liking but her cute face makes up for it.

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