Warwaw, Poland

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2012 Bullet to the Head 1 Review

Weronika Rosati's Biography

Spent much of her childhood in the United States and attended the Lee Strasberg School in New York.

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Bullet to the Head (2012)
Ghostwords was written on February 11, 2013


Ms Rosati plays Lola, a hooker hired by the ex-cop Sylvester Stallone and his buddy have been hired to kill. During the opening credits, we see her in the bathroom (right breast in profile; there's a mirror in front, but I'm pretty sure it's too steamed up to show anything). Soon as her client is shot, she's shown crouched in the cubicle (bare back above the waist, knees pressed up against her breasts). Later, whilst being interviewed, there's a flashback to her running out of the bathroom (full rear nudity, brief).

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