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What's Your Number?'s Sexy Actresses

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Faris, Anna 3 Reviews

What's Your Number?'s Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

McHale, Joel 2 Reviews
Evans, Chris 5 Reviews

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Anna Faris
Ghostwords was written on September 30, 2011

Body double

There are several scenes where Ally, Ms Faris' character, appears nude, but the end credits indicate the actress had a body double. For the record: Ally steps out of a shower (mid-shot from the righthand side, showing the side of the right breast); goes skinny dipping in New York Harbor (full rear nudity); runs off in a wedding dress (see-through panties shown from the back as she lifts the dress up). There's one shot where Ally turns over in bed and sits up, showing her bare back above the waist; that may well be Ms Faris herself, but it doesn't earn her a star here.

(For some reason, IMDb is not showing the names of the stars' body doubles, despite their appearing in the credits. Anyone yet to see the movie could help by jotting them down and adding them here.)

mcjw2011 was written on November 6, 2011

Body double? I'm not so sure...

Anna Faris and Chris Evans have done interviews stating that they did some of the skinny-dipping scenes. Now maybe they both used a body double for that side shot when the two jump into the harbor, but I could see the sides of their faces when they pulling their clothes off. Maybe the DVD and Blu-ray will clear this up...

UhClem was written on September 16, 2013

Two-frame titty.

It's actually Anna and it gets two stars only because it's the first time we've positively seen her actual boob anywhere...

When Anna is jumping out of bed with Chris Evans to go meet her sister (after the skinny-dipping episode), you can briefly see her left breast down her open shirt. You have to be fast with the pause button (or go slo-mo with the DVR). Because of the lighting, what you'll see --- for all of two frames --- is the silhouette of her breast and nipple as she leans forward climbing out of the bed...but there's no question that it's Anna.

Joel McHale
Ghostwords was written on September 30, 2011

Brief butt

McHale plays Roger, the boss of Anna Faris' character. After a drunken night out, she wakes to find herself in bed with him and slips out of bed in shame. In the background, we see him rise and get dressed, showing full rear nudity in the process.

lushjack was written on February 17, 2012

body double

All nudity in this movie was performed by body doubles. Why even have these scenes? Anyone else feel cheated by body doubles, merkins prosthetics, CGI? It's an annoying and disturbing trend. The scenes don't need to be shot this way. You can always just imply the nudity and keeps stars clothed which you are doing anyway.

"The body doubles, one female and two guys, will be used in shots involving brief nudity."
Based on the casting stats here, it sounds like the scenes involve Faris and Chris Evans. The blonde guy could be recent cast addition Ryan Phillippe, although he's 5'9''. However, it turns out that Joel McHale, known for his work in "The Soup" and NBC's "Community," fits the 6'4" description.

Here's the stand-in lowdown:

*Blonde Female--5'4'', 113lbs, 25" waist, 34C
*Brown Haired Male--6'0'', 185lbs (very fit), 34" waist

*Dark Blonde Haired Male--6'4'', 170lbs (very slim), 31" waist"


MrSkin.com identifies Anna Faris's body double as Aimee Holihen.

Apparently, Chris Evans body double was his childhood friend, "Zach".


Chris Evans
Ghostwords was written on September 30, 2011

Body double (mostly)

On several occasions, Evans' character steps out of his apartment, just about shielding his genitals with a small towel (which he raises in front of Ms Faris at one point, although a stair rail blocks our view); as he turns, we see side nudity (hence the single point). However, the credits clearly indicate he used a body double for the scene where he shows full rear nudity before going skinny dipping in New York Harbor.

(For some reason, IMDb is not showing the names of the stars' body doubles, despite their appearing in the credits. Anyone yet to see the movie could help by jotting them down and adding them here.)

mcjw2011 was written on November 6, 2011

Looks like his butt to me...

It's possible the two actors used body doubles for when the characters actually jump into the harbor, but I looked at the bit where Chris pulls his underwear off. I could've sworn I could see the side of Evans' face in that shot, and the butt looks similar to his "Not Another Teen Movie" butt shot.

Derek was written on October 1, 2011

Naked in hallway

I will back up what Ghostwords aptly summed up for us. Evans is fully naked and the camera deliberately plays the angle to cheat any nudity from the actor. It's as ridiculous as the spoof of such a scene in Austin Powers. A banister is used to block any real nudity. Can anyone tell me just what is the point of an R-rated comedy in which the actors are shown less naked than what is allowed on network TV, especially when they are standing their completely sans clothes? It's okay to dissect a woman's sex life and even hint that she's a slut for doing as men do, but to show nudity would somehow be inappropriate?

Ghostwords was written on July 30, 2012

Dear Donby...

Before you criticise a review, it helps to read it. I clearly stated that Chris Evans walks around with a towel in front of his genitals, apparently naked otherwise. It is the later scene, where his character displays full rear nudity prior to skinny-dipping, where I suspected the use of a body double. Clear now?

donby was written on July 30, 2012

Standing outside his apartment holding a towel

Reviewer Ghostwords is convinced that the 3 major stars used body doubles.
HOWEVER, in the extended version, Evans appears in TWO separate scenes, facing us, holding a towel in one hand. Although his jewels are covered, he is definitely nude, and it is definitely Chris Evans.

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