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Til Schweiger
dvdcollector was written on April 11, 2003

Rear view in shower

We get a view of Schweiger's beautiful rear while he takes a shower. Unfortunately the shower stall obstructs the view -- we never get to see the full buttocks at once up close. The shot is quite distant. Two stars only because Schweiger is so hot -- for quantity or explicitness, only one star would normally be warranted.

Sebastian Blomberg
dvdcollector was written on April 11, 2003

Quick glances

Not much to see -- and only quite early in the film. There is a black-white shot of his rear end while he rolls over in bed. Later we see him crouching over while defecating, but this shows only the side of the buttocks (very unrevealing). This is unfortunate because the actor is quite handsome.

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