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Marnette Patterson
puckhead was written on January 11, 2011

The blonde in the foursome

She joins in to the couple, pours champagne over the other girl's tits, and then gets in the shower. Although she is a central character, I don't think she actually shows any tit in the scene - her back (and bare ass) always seems to be towards the camera. nice ass though.

all three of these girls have wicked bodies.

Jessie Nickson
puckhead was written on January 11, 2011

The fourth

She walks into the room while the threesome is in the shower, and disrobes to join in. We get a good clear look at her pert breasts before it becomes a jumble of bodies.
decent shot of her ass as she gets into the shower as well.

Jillian Murray
puckhead was written on January 11, 2011

the sole nude scene (foursome, of course)

Brandi walks into a hotel room wearing sheer lingerie. She quickly drops it for a dude and we have a good long well lit scene of her small breasts, and gorgeous ass. A couple of more gals join in and they hit the shower for a while. There is an homage to the first Wild Things, when she gets some champagne poured over her breasts (another close up of her breasts here). Lots of assorted T&A in the scene, which lasts about 4 or 5 minutes, I'd guess.

She spends much of the rest of the film in hot little skirts and bikinis, but that's the only nude scene.

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