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year title
1987 Broadcast News 4 Reviews
1981 Body Heat 2 Reviews
1980 Altered States 3 Reviews

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Broadcast News (1987)
GDH was written on October 16, 2000

... and his backside too!

As well as the penile shadow mentioned in murray's review, we also see a close-up but sadly brief shot of Hurt's tasty backside as he's walking towards a door, and then the upper half of said backside as he peers around the corner of the doorframe.

Guiseppe was written on August 20, 2007

Given it three stars for that dick shadow

What an unexpected scene in an all around tamed picture. I mean it's not an explicit scene, but it is breathtaking in a minimal sort of way. William Hurt's character has just finished screwing a broadcasting woman. He gets up and we get the quickest, milli-second glimpse at his pale, adorable ass packed with a deep lining crack. Then comes the unexpected scene. Hurt walks towards the bathroom in the nude(although we don't see anything.) She follows him and points out his dick is making a shadow on the wall. The camera turns to the wall and we get a shadow figure of his dick which looks HUGE and meaty. IF ONLY IT WEREN'T A SHADOW!!

murray was written on September 21, 1998

shadow scene

This is a funny scene, but it's too brief for anything more than 1 star here. We see the shadow of Hurt's penis for a split second against a wall and this image is the central focus of the shot. With a pause button on your VCR you can take a closer look, otherwise you'll not see much.

Ozzie700 was written on September 21, 2001

"Do you do rabbits?"

Hilarious scene! The close-up isn't as brief as you'd expect, and we see his full rear in two different shots during the walk to the closet; they each last between 2 and 3 seconds.

Body Heat (1981)
Taz85 was written on November 10, 1999

Backside and frontal

We see his pubes and backside as he walks to the window. Then Turner walks up, grabs his penis and walks him to the bed while holding his dick. The view of his front is obscured a little by her hand.

sambda was written on June 27, 2001

The holding dick scene

This scene is off-the-bottom of the screen in many US prints but is intact on UK TV (soft matte version?) It's quite jaw dropping if you haven't seen it before - but you need to turn the brightness up to see it clearly

Altered States (1980)
Bushyboy was written on February 15, 2008

coming out of tank

With the dvd, there's a ~1 second peek of his dick from the side as he's dragged out of the tank onto the floor onto his back. His butt is on view several times during the movie.

murray was written on September 21, 1998

numerous scenes

Hurt is nude quite a bit in this movie. We see all sorts of angles, but no clear view of his penis. The best scene shows his ass and legs close-up in the shower as he looks down to see his body transforming.

celebrity was written on January 20, 1999

several nude shots

probably the best moment for hurt fans comes when he stumbles out of an isolation tanks and has to lie down on the floor. if you pause just right, you can see his penis sticking out a little to the side. it look suprisingly small. however, he has just come out of water, so he might've been cold. he has some blood on his face, so this is not the most erotic of situations. otherwise, a few full-body butt shots will sure to please Hurt fans. his body is in very good shape. mildly satisfying for non-hurt fans.

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