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Wings Hauser's Sexy Filmography

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year title
1991 Art of Dying, The 1 Review
1983 Deadly Force 1 Review

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Art of Dying, The (1991)
Brooker was written on April 4, 2008

brief rear shot

Brief shot of Hauser's pleasant looking buns (partially obscured by his shirt) during the sex scene in the kitchen.

Deadly Force (1983)
ArkansasTraveler was written on April 21, 2002

Two bare butt scenes

Wings has two bare butt scenes in this movie. In the first, he's taking a bath in his ex-wife's apartment when someone opens fire on him with an automatic weapon. He scrambles out of the tub and slithers across the floor in an attempt to find cover and escape. In the second, he is making love to his ex-wife. Both scenes are very well lit and the camera angle and distance are very good, so you get an excellent view of his butt. They're also reasonably long, so you don't need to use the slow motion button to see what you want. I only give these scenes three stars because there's no frontal nudity from Wings - if you don't count his bare chest.

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