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David Chokachi
bmg was written on August 27, 2001

Brief rear

Very surprising nudity for a basic cable series. In an episode towards the end of the first season, about ten minutes into the episode, his character takes a shower and we see slightly blurred rear nudity behind the frosted shower door. Then he comes out and is confronted by Sara. He stands there naked with a bowl covering his crotch for several moments. At the end of the scene, we get a completely gratuitous shot of his beautiful ass. It's close up and well-lit. There was absolutely no point to the shot, but we're incredibly grateful anyway.

smc01 was written on December 6, 2001

Brief bum shot

I fully agree with bmg. This was a nice surprise on a TV show like this. Chokachi looks very good in this series and his butt is not a disappointment, although it is alot smaller than I would have imagined. But just like the rest of that athlete's bod, it's in perfect shape. Only problem is that the shot is criminally brief!!

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