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Warren, Judette 1 Review
Verdu, Jodi 1 Review
Tsou, CeCe 0 Reviews
Thompson, Alina 0 Reviews
Takahashi, Joanne 0 Reviews
Sterling, Lesli Kay 2 Reviews
Shower, Kathy 1 Review
Scott, Anneliza 2 Reviews
Sachs, Leslie S. 0 Reviews
Rowe, Kimberly 1 Review
Reed, Kira 1 Review
Offner, Deborah 3 Reviews
O'Byrne, Kehli 1 Review
Michel, Delaune 0 Reviews
Melson, Sara 1 Review
McDermott, Colleen 2 Reviews
Lindsay, Amy 1 Review
Kirkland, Sally 1 Review
Kelso, Kristina 0 Reviews
Jover, Arly 1 Review
Imershein, Deirdre 1 Review
Holzbog, Arabella 1 Review
Harter, Leslie 2 Reviews
Harnandez, Anna 2 Reviews
Hall, Gabriella 2 Reviews
Hall, Daisy 1 Review
Granath, Tiffany 0 Reviews
Goines, Siena 1 Review
Duplaix, Daphne 0 Reviews
Dobkin, Kaela 1 Review
Davis, Viveka 1 Review
Broderick, Beth 2 Reviews
Brisker, Bonita 0 Reviews
Botone, Talia 0 Reviews
Bartel, Cheryl 0 Reviews
Alonso, Maria Conchita 1 Review

Women: Stories of Passion's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

White, Bernard 1 Review
Weeks, Bryant 1 Review
Steinmetz, Richard 1 Review
Seganti, Paolo 1 Review
Negron, Rick 1 Review
Nebot, Jesus 1 Review
LeJohn, Lawrence 1 Review
Huguely, Jay 1 Review
Hom, Steve 1 Review
Greenbush, Clay 1 Review
Ervolina, Tony 3 Reviews
Cruz, Gregory Norman 1 Review
Corri, Nick 1 Review
Bortolucci, David 2 Reviews
Beninati, Anthony 1 Review
Beecroft, David 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 2 Reviews
Bailey, Kevin James 1 Review
Anthony, Horacio 1 Review

nudity reviews for Women: Stories of Passion member submitted

Judette Warren
WLoomis was written on April 17, 2002

Boxer Episode

Judette is a sweet slice of light chocolate. She gets in the shower with a guy, showing off her beige breasts that are just right to hold in your hands. Big areola too. She has a hot and tight ass seen from the side in the shower bit, and later on there's a greeeeat angle of her spreading her cheeks a little. This is when the boxer is pounding her in the ring, which has a few breast flashes and a short bush peek.

Jodi Verdu
fargalaxy was written on December 12, 2000

some good shots

some look at her buns and her breasts

CeCe Tsou
Alina Thompson
Joanne Takahashi
Lesli Kay Sterling
WLoomis was written on April 7, 2002

Secretary Slut

The nudie world has lost Lesli (she is on daytime now), but she graced us with a few skin flashes. She's a secretary who imagines her boss stripping her. His hands slide in her top. Nipples are squeezed and played with and her great breasts are revealed. Take a note Shauna O'Brien: real tits can look just fine. Then her boss slides her skirt up. She has a heart-shaped ass and you'll envy him when he rubs his hands all over the cheeks. A few other breast flashes happen in a later fantasy scene.

rbelkin was written on January 3, 2007

TABLE SERVICE Episode - She is Blazing Sexy Though Nudity is Really Scant

Lesli Kay (dropping the Sterling) has a drop-dead gorgeous face - while her body is slim and sexy, it's no match for her world class face - her breasts are on the smallish side but all natural which is always a plus. Her nudity is a bit short and overly edited in that soft gauze and way too many dissolves way of some of these series but her performance is so blazing hot, you are temporarily stunned and paralyzed and only afterwards, do you realize her entire nudity probably added up to about 120 seconds of airtime. FIRST SCENE: While the cliche is over-done - hot woman spies another woman having sex and can't help but pleasure herself, this is one instance where it's actually believable because Lesli can actually act so you're convinced she is really turned on - while Daisy Hall is nude and hot throughout the 3-minute section, Lesli is not actually very nude but you get a glimpse as she pulls up to skirt to reveal her black panties and then as she works her hand - no exposure on her part but hot because it's convincing - also helps she is gorgeous fully clothed.

Fantasy scene that her boss sees her in a hot satin red dress - she looks blazing already - they sit at a table, she opens her blouse and lets him play with her right breast and pink nipple. She takes his finger and sucks it - again, in most cases, it looks totally staged but again, from her - hot. He reaches down her panties - we see nothing below the table after a quick shot of her legs & garters. The scene continues with a few more breast exposures of her A/B sized breasts - again, while not a lot of exposure and her breasts are nice but not world class like her face, her acting ability convinces you she is reaching orgasm at their booth from his fingers & makes the scene blazing sexy. Then they move upstairs. Best exposure is as he lifts her dress revealing a hot sculpted ass and her thong. Then intercut between 9 cuts, a bizillion pointless dissolves, we get literally seconds of her breasts, ass and side of her body but honestly, the camera keeps moving and they keep moving & sliding around - we don't really get much other than slo-mo simulated body rubbing - poorly directed and inept editing in showing off her body - really, we get about 30 seconds of good visible exposure within the 9 vuts and 25 dissolves in a 3-minute scene. Not her fault the director and editor are lame. She is blazing hot and still worth it but could've been way better.

Kathy Shower
zzxx was written on July 6, 2001

tango and fondle

Kathy Shower, former Playboy Playmate of the Year, plays a sexually frustrated wife who decides to explore her sexuality while her husband is away on a business trip. Kathy hooks up with Emilio (played by Allen Walls) in his dance studio and, boy, does the sexual chemistry ignite. Walls unzips Kathy's short, sexy, black dress, nibbles on her neck and ear, and slides off her dress. As her dress comes off her breasts, her nipples pop into the air as erect as ever. As Walls stands behind Kathy, he fondles her tits and his tongue slips into her ear. Next, Kathy is turned around and Walls goes down to caress, lick, and SUCK on those lucious nipples - and does he ever suck! The scene progresses to Walls stripping naked and grinding between Shower as her legs wrap around his bare ass.

Anneliza Scott
WLoomis was written on February 25, 2002

Throw away the key!

She's a cop, like she was on Love Street, but here she gets naked. I think you can see her ass along with her pillowy tits when she's on a bed in her own dream. A few more sex scenes; the last is the hottest. Her pimp lover frantically rips her uniform top off her, and her breasts and flopping all over the face, with hard nipples that are saluting his efforts! A real hot mama who gives this an extra star because of her gusto.

rbelkin was written on January 25, 2007

"Gun Shy" episode - Great Topless Episode

This is definitely something different - of course, the plot makes no sense but it's not often you get a uniform police officer ripping off their top so it's nicely different. She spends most of the episode topless - while she is definitely an A cup, her classy looks and sexy demeanor (not to mention she's mostly topless throughout) make this a top notch episode. The episode opens with her in a tiny tank top (with pokies) doing situps - then she gets dressed - a quick peek at her breasts in the mirror. The plot is bizarre and pointless but she then spends most of the rest of episode in varying degrees of toplessness and in bed so they are excused. The next time she is in bed - excellent crisp shots of her topless from various angles - nice closeups of her left breast (the actor spends a few seconds with his mouth clapped around it ...) then later on, in the big climax scene - she falls into bed and opens her uniform as he climbs on - they go at it vigorously (her pubic area in shadows) but breasts are well lit. She then sits up in bed and puts on her top. If you're a breast guy - even smaller A-sized cups, she's pretty much topless for 10 minutes throughout this episode - no coy shots or half hidden in shadows. We get our money's worth.

Leslie S. Sachs
Kimberly Rowe
Chazz was written on June 4, 2003

"For the sake of Science" episode

Kimberly plays "Josie", a college student apparently working on an experiment about sexual stimulation--something she herself is lacking.

A mere :30 into the episode we see her blouse opened up by many hands belonging to people off-screen. This is a fantasy sequence, so it's all in blue filter.

At the 13:00 point, we see her in the shower from the waist up.

At 14:40, she's in bed with her boyfriend (bored as hell!) as he just thrusts away like there's no tomorrow, but she couldn't care less.

At 17:52, she takes part in the science experiment as she's stripped naked on an exam table as has electrodes placed on her nipples. The experiment begins and she gets EXTREMELY aroused !

At 23:35, with a new found confidence in her sexuality, she has (enjoyable) sex with her boyfriend.


Kira Reed
Chazz was written on June 4, 2003

"For the Sake of Science" episode

Ah Kira, Kira, Kira... what would life be like withoutcha ? I hope I never know. In this episode, Kira is a college student particiapating in an experiment about sexual arousal.

At 08:30, she strips completely naked and climbs on an exam table as electrodes are placed on her nipples.

At the 11:00 mark, she's back on the table, mastubating to the arousal by the electrodes.


Deborah Offner
Chazz was written on October 14, 2002

"Woman on a Train"

She meets a man on a train who CLAIMS to be an old college boyfriend from NY. Through a bit smooth talking (and a little liquor) she begins either remembering thier sexual escapades or fantasizing out right. They have one well-lit scene where she rides him in the seat with her top open--very well choreographed. And another where they are on the floor together, and one final scene where he does her from behind in the trains restroom while her blouse slips open. She doesn't have very full breasts (a B-cup at most) but they're great for being all natural.

rbelkin was written on November 11, 2006

Classy & Sexy Erotica

She's not the most obviously sexy woman but she's got a killer bod

In addition to going it at on the floor - she is willing to do anything - she takes off her top, lays down stomach down while the guy takes off her panties, then they do it side by side - she covers up her bush with her leg & shadows. Then most scenes of her breasts rubbing the guy and sitting up.

But She's just getting started.

The two best scenes are on the train. Massive pokies as she enters her compartment. The guy rubs her chest and opens her blouse exposing her excellent c-cups, she sucks on his finger and they start with her left breast hanging out. later, real, real close up, he spends :30 seconds rubbing, kissing and sucking her nipple.

WLoomis was written on May 7, 2002

Photographer episode

She shows her tits (flat, sadly) and butt several times. During an early sex scene, then the shower, then she takes off her towel, then the first sex scene is shown again. Nothing special, but she goes for the gusto anyway.

Kehli O'Byrne
Ozzie700 was written on November 9, 2002

Breasts/Rear; Episode: Reading for Pleasure

Kehli shows her small breasts many times in this episode. Wet after getting out of the pool, during sex, etc. You can also see a few rear shots.

Delaune Michel
Sara Melson
rbelkin was written on January 25, 2007

"Sing, Sing Me the Blues" Episode - Mostly Nude Throughout

She spends most of this episode nude unlike some other epsiodes of this series so that's a plus. She's a petite girl with A/B cup sized breasts. Her episodes starts with her and the gardener. A nice scene in which he opens her blouse and strts pulling off her clothes, mostly right breast and nipple - then they move inside. While she is completely nude and there are some shots of her rear, no pubic region is shown. A nice closeup of her right breast as he briefly washes her in a tiny metal tub. There is a sexy scene later with erect pokies as she is outside all cold while he is begging her - she caves and they go inside where between a brass railing she lays on her back - he kisses her panties but never takes them off - she is topless. They spoon and she covers up her breasts but reveals them when she its up. In a dream sequence, she dreams of her dead husband, he pulls back the covers to reveal her rear but then lots of dissolves, a few seconds of breast and another sexy ass shot. She actressey cute - sort of like the supporting role wacky neighbor in a sitcom ...

Colleen McDermott
rbelkin was written on January 1, 2007

Warm Hands, Cold Heart EPISODE-Heart Cold Because Blood is Elsewhere

In the episode, "Warm Hands, Cold Heart ," Colleen McDermott actually spends a lot of time nude (unlike other episodes which tends to feature two nude scenes between a plot - there's not much plot in this one). While Colleen has very small A-size breasts, she looks a little like Caroline Kennedy so if you like that type, you'll find her hot and appreciate her nude, no matter how small her breasts are - she is definitely not shy. The episodes starts out very erotic, a guy carries her over to the couch and as she lays across his lap, he opens her shirt, exposing her right breast and cute red nipple - he rubs it and then gives it a quick lick. He unbuttons her pants and reaches in - which there's no pubic hair exposed, she gives a convincing performance of his fingers inside her working away. About a 2-minute scene.

Then we get an oddly edited montage of her in bed with a guy - the editing is all over the baord but she is totally nude (no pubic) but sexy close up of her rubbbing a strawberry on her nipple and the guy licking it clean closing with the camera behind her on her side - showing off her rear afterwards.

Then another odd editing sequence of her getting a massage that is cut all over the place but still highly smokin' erotic as she writhes convincingly as she is on her stomach but pushing herself up as the masseuse has one hand on her neck and hair and with the other hand - reaches under the towel to her ass and between her legs (again no pubic area seen) but a long sequence - intercut with the masseuse having sex with her from behind - and oddly - her swimming - sexy one piece and later her out of the pool with her nipples poking the fabric of her swimsuit - again, odd editing though she looks good in or out of clothes. Afterwards, we see her in front of a mirror putting her clothes on - only topless shown into a sexy short blouse. No more nudity but she goes by the pool and has another orgasm thinking abck to her massage.

Ozzie700 was written on November 13, 2002

Top and Bottom; Episode: Angel from the Sky

Blandly pretty blonde Colleen is in one of those past life/present life episodes. During her scant nude scenes, she shows her small breasts a few times, and after waking up from her "dream", you can see a well-lit shot of her tight bottom.

Amy Lindsay
Ozzie700 was written on November 13, 2002

Breasts; Episode: Lover from Another Planet

Amy is your typical blonde beauty, and she shows her very small breasts off in a few sex scenes. She also does some type of burlesque dance while in a tight dress that might entertain her fans.

Sally Kirkland
Ozzie700 was written on October 11, 2002

Breasts; Episode: Magic Motel

The indomitable Sally Kirkland appears in the lead role here, and has several scenes being licked/kissed/pleasured by a young couple. She shows her breasts 4 or 5 times, during this and when she's opening her shirt to touch herself.

Kristina Kelso
Arly Jover
Winchester was written on January 2, 2003

Has a fetish taste...

┬┐Do you remember the cute blonde vampire girl who kicks Wesley Snipes'ass in the "Blade" flick? Well, the beautiful spanish actress has her little softcore performance in this sexy TV series in the chapter 5 (City Of Men) where she plays some kinda militaristic dominatrix in a fantasy about a totalitarian world ruled by women. She has sexy long brown hair this time, but all the rest is basically the same: slim, pale body with these stunning green eyes... she does some striptease revealing her small tits with lovely pink aureolas; she hides her hand beneath her trousers (and in that part you could guess) and began touching and licking her finger. Soon she gets completely naked with even some bush glipmses, but the scene is a little bit obscure. She looks awesome in that chapter... why the heck they haven't released it on DVD?

Deirdre Imershein
ff was written on April 19, 2002

breasts then brief buns

you see her breasts a couple of times. There was also a brief shot of her buns.

Arabella Holzbog
rbelkin was written on January 1, 2007

As Always, Madelaine EPISODE - Sexy Erotica in Old School Style

In the episode, "As Always, Madelaine," Arabella Holzbog (and Viveka Davis) play old school lesbians who meet cute and then Arabella teaches Viveka some fun things. As with episodes of Women: Stories of Passion, there are two nude scenes with the plot taking up the rest of the 25 minute episodes. Both women are in their 30's and have A-cups but the acting in these Women: Stories is always a bit better so if you like your erotica actually erotic and not just two silicon beasts - this is a nice episode. There is a nice slow undressing, very convincing kissing and sucking and a variety of positions - about a 3 minute sequence. later on, there is some reminiscing - refering back to this scene though with footage not shown in the the first sequence. Arabella is mostly featured only topless in her sex scenes with Viveka, while there are shots of her legs and she is clearly nude interwtined with Viveka, you mostly only see her breasts.

Leslie Harter
Chazz was written on October 14, 2002

"Father & Son"

This is definitely one of the series' better episodes. And Harter is smokin' hot. At the beginning of the episode she has the hots for her art teacher, an old guy who turns her away. Later, she falls for his son who happens to be a nude model for the class. It takes a while, but she finally gets it on with the son while the father secretly wathches in a very well-lit scene that alternates from the bed to the kitchen table. Harter has one of the best "au natueral" bodies I've seen and the scene itself is great.

12-string was written on April 18, 2002

Very nice but a little artsy

Harter is a 30-ish brunette with beautifully serious face who's studying art. She fantasizes being stroked naked on the modeling stand by the middle-aged instructor while the other students watch, then has some for-real M.O. with him. The new (male) nude model turns out to be the instructor's handsome son, and Harter wastes little time fantasizing about doing it with him, too -- then actually doing it, right on the dining room table. The father walks in on them and a cozy threesome develops, ending with gorgeous shot of bare-breasted Harter in bed with both guys. She has a terrific body with tits that look too good to be real but just may be. And look up "nipples" in the Oxford English Dictionary. No definition, just a photo of these! I didn't notice any beaver shots, and I think she even has her panties on during the lingus simulation. Episode could have used less arty direction (looks like a Valerie Landsburg segment) and some straighter looks at the goodies, but this actress is worthy of a quick (and frequent) thumb on the pause button. Her bio page suggests there is even better footage available and I'll be on the watch for it.

Anna Harnandez
WLoomis was written on February 5, 2002

Where's the Bush?

Mamacita Anna has real and astral sex with her husband, with the woman upstairs, but her bush must be lost on another plane. Small tits, worn face (not bad though, age looks good on her), her best feature is her tight ass, which is only seen once. A shame.

fargalaxy was written on December 12, 2000


some buns and breasts

Gabriella Hall
truffaut was written on November 6, 2002

Motel Magic-details

A dumb but nearly-cute fantasy in which a writer(Sally Kirkland)overcomes writer's block and revitalizes her life w /the help of a magic motel and mystical naked couple(Gabriella&Anthony Beninati).Warning-Sally's pretty rough to look at(hey-give her props for being game!).But Gabriella has never looked more beautiful(this was shot in '96) and when this show's producer was making up the costume budget and came to Gabriella's character,he just typed "N.A."...most of this stuff was shot in quick cuts-at 10:03 a quick side glance of Anthony sexing Gabriella from behind(w/ hint of bush)...at10:50 both are kneeling beside Sally affording an exellent side view of Gabby's breasts...Gabriella strokes Sally's forehead while poor Anthony licks Sally's breasts...by 11:33 Gabriella sits on her haunches as she caresses Sally's arm,shoulder and hair...12:10 Gabriella rides Ants...at 14:28 great side angle of G.'s torso,then riding Anthony w/some butt crack...15:01-15:48 frontal angle of Gabriella as Sally caresses her breast(slo-mo),then over G.'s breasts as Anthony makes out w/Sally... Gabriella rubs near Sally's breast before they snuggle breast-to-breast...Gabriella gives her a quick,tender kiss before Sally caresses G.'s left breast(got all that?)...at 21:30,the best scene in the episode as Sally walks in on our naked couple in bed.The scene has a warm,erotic feel and an incredible shot(God,what a body!) of Gabriella's torso and beguiling smile...finally,a flashback of G. on her haunches,another angle of her kissing Sally,Gabriella and Ants kiss and that's a wrap on Gabby.Granted,much- to-do about a short,not overly-explicit show,but given the fact that it's one of G-Hall's least seen efforts,that she looks so alluring,that it's an exception to her well known refusal to do girl-on-girl,AND that the other "girl" is an Oscar-nominated actress ,some detailed comments seemed appropriate.

Ozzie700 was written on October 11, 2002

Episode: Magic Motel

Gabriella has at least a half-dozen scenes fully naked (her pubic area usually blocked from view), while making love to Anthony Beninati and, yes, Sally Kirkland.

Daisy Hall
rbelkin was written on January 3, 2007

TABLE SERVICE episiode - Only 2 Minutes But You Get the Best of Daisy

Only a 3-minute scene but you get all you need - a world class body with solid b-cup breasts - her only scene is a sex scene while voyeurly viewed by Lesli Kay (who is also hot, hot so for once, you don't mind the cut away shots to the other girl pleasuring herself). Daisy presents every part of herself (except the pubic area) in this 3-minute scene from all angles as the guy sexs her from front, behind, side - she's on her knees, on the table, on her back - etc ... the last minute of the scene is Lesli Kay fantasizing herself as the girl on table but since Lesli is pretty hot - it's a perfect ending ...

Tiffany Granath
Siena Goines
Ozzie700 was written on September 18, 2002

Breasts; Episode: Grip Till It Hurts

Siena (who would later go on to soaps and Judging Amy) plays a grip who seduces one of her bosses. During a fantasy sequence at the studio and a reality sequence back at her apartment, there are many closeups of her ironing board chest being kissed, fondled, licked, etc. They go on about how great her rear end is, but only give very brief glimpses. Go figure.

Daphne Duplaix
Kaela Dobkin
cecil was written on November 2, 2002

breasts; Episode: Blind Love

Near the beginning she is a marionette on stage and at the end of her act opens her blouse revealing her breasts, close up shot for one or two seconds. Later she has phone sex with Nick Corri, pulls up her sweater, and a brief close up as she caresses her breasts. She decides to meet him for real sex, but they both should be blindfolded. She removes her dress and several close ups of her breasts as he carresses and kisses them. They meet for sex later, she removes the blindfold, decides she doesn't want to have sex, gets out of bed topless and we see her breasts several times before she dresses and leaves.

Viveka Davis
rbelkin was written on January 1, 2007

As Always, Madelaine EPISODE-Old School Erotica

In the episode, "As Always, Madelaine," Viveka Davis (and Arabella Holzbog) play old school lesbians who meet cute and then Arabella teaches Viveka some fun things. As with episodes of Women: Stories of Passion, there are two nude scenes with the plot taking up the rest of the 25 minute episodes. Both women are in their 30's and have A-cups but the acting in these Women: Stories is always a bit better so if you like your erotica actually erotic and not just two silicon beasts - this is a nice episode. There is a nice slow undressing, very convincing kissing and sucking and a variety of positions - about a 3 minute sequence. later on, there is some reminiscing - refering back to this scene though with footage not shown in the the first sequence. Viveka not only has more breast exposure but also her backside is seen.

Beth Broderick
WLoomis was written on October 26, 2001


I was so let down. Beth and those long legs of hers are sexy and forbidden. She's the only reason to watch that teen witch show. This episode of Women has her in an affair with her best friend's son. She stays covered during a large portion of the sex, then shows her small tits a few times in the bed and bathtub. What she has is nice, but with so much coverup I had to wonder why she agreed to do nudity in the first place.

rbelkin was written on November 11, 2006

Nudity Brief But Then Entire Show is Only 22 Minutes Long ...

I suppose she could've been nude for all 22 minutes of the show but Women: Stories like Red Shoe (with a lower budget) does try to come up a plot and some of it is arty pretentious so there's never going to be wall to wall nudity like "Nightcap," but the women tend to be all natural so if you like your breasts that and looks of all variety - it's a great series - but anyway, here's what you see of Beth:

A bubble bath scene - a little dark but both her breasts are plainly visible.

A sex scene in bed where the guy runs his fingers lightly over her right breast and nipples - very sexy.v

Later after he's gone, she pleasures herself by fingering her own right breast but you get to see both her then perky breasts - you also get to see her sit up in bed topless.

The sex scene is pretty erotic. He straddles her, opens her blouse, exposing both breasts, we see them both stand produdly at attention. Later it switches to her running her breasts all over his chest and they spend about 20 seconds with her topless laying next to each other where he fingers her though you see nothing below her navel.

Yes, none of her nude scenes are very long but still nice. Classy erotic - not for everyone but nice.

Bonita Brisker
Talia Botone
Cheryl Bartel
Maria Conchita Alonso
WLoomis was written on January 28, 2003

La Limpia episode

You sure won't be limp when you're watching hot mama Maria strut her stuff! I wish she'd shown more of that sexy spicy body of hers, but there's a lotta steam to tide her fans over. Maria is a widow feeling guilt about falling for a new man. There are smokin' scenes of Maria rubbing eggs and oranges up and down the back of this guy's body, getting very turned on as she goes along. Then she imagines her husband fondling her, and this lucky guy slips her dress open and starts fondling and kissing her perfect and still firm tits and erect nips. The phone rings to interrupt her, but Maria's body language tells you flat out her character just had an orgasm, and she probably isn't the only one! Finally she gives in to the new guy and he pulls off her bra, showing more breasts and more of her sensual facial writhings.

Bernard White
Ozzie700 was written on January 25, 2002

Beef and Rear; Episode: Astral Eros

Bernard is a handsomely mustached side of beef; Hispanic with a full, round rear. He's in a few sex scenes, but there are never enough close scenes of his entire buttocks.

Bryant Weeks
Ozzie700 was written on May 4, 2002

Buns for Camera; Episode: The Photographer

Bryant is a dirty blonde with a lean body, hair-dusted chest. He has several scenes showing off his compact, cute cheeks, including a brief shower, an overhead angle as his girlfriend removes his towel, a later (hot) scene where he has to strip and she pulls down his boxer briefs (overhead again), a short scene of him on top in bed, and at the end, a mirror image as she pulls off his boxers. More exposure than usual for this show.

Richard Steinmetz
GDH was written on October 26, 2002


Episode: 'Woman on a Train'. You have to sit through an episode of almost Zalman King-like arty-farty crap before seeing this handsome chap's bum, but it's quite nice when you finally do, during a sex scene.

Paolo Seganti
Ozzie700 was written on March 16, 2002

Desk Rears

Hunky Italian Paolo, former model and soap star, disrobes in an episode about a secretary fantasizing over her hot boss. As she spies on him and a lady having sex, then imagines herself in the lady's place, there are several views - some poor, some near close-ups - of his muscled, ample cheeks. His best exposure, at least so far. BTW, a year or so after this, he actually wound up sharing scenes on his old soap (As the World Turns), with his leading lady Lesli Kay. Imagine that conversation.

Rick Negron
Ozzie700 was written on September 15, 2002

Jeans Half Off; Episode: Hat Trick

Rick is gorgeous (darkly furred chest, nice hair length, muscled just right) here, and also gives a great performance. He's really sexy. However, he stays clothed most of the time, staying in his jeans for 2 of his 3 sex scenes. What helps is that this is one of the few truly erotic and passionate episodes of this series. He's arousing even without being fully naked. Fortunately, you can see side rear in the 3rd sex scene, and in the first, his jeans eventually are pulled down enough that 3/4 of his great ass is visible.

Jesus Nebot
Ozzie700 was written on November 13, 2002

Butt Closeups; Episode: Angel from the Sky

Jesus is attractive, great body, but his best feature is his beautiful bubble butt. The director seemed to realize this, because his last 2 sex scenes feature VERY close up shots of his cheeks, the closest I can recall on this series. Very satisfying.

Lawrence LeJohn
Ozzie700 was written on September 18, 2002

Chocolate Buns; Episode: Grip Till It Hurts

Lawrence is a large-framed man who, when removed from his business suits, finally shows a few side and one full shot of his ample, pleasing buttocks.

Jay Huguely
Ozzie700 was written on November 9, 2002

Side Rears; Episode: Reading for Pleasure

Jay has a nice body and is a pleasantly attractive middle-aged man, but the nudity is minimal. There's a side rear when he and Kehli are laying nude beside the pool, and a brief 3/4 rear from a horrible angle while they're having sex in their room.

Steve Hom
Reno was written on July 13, 2001

Getting out of bed

This Asian actor is one to watch. In addition to his incredible face, he has magnificent buttocks which were featured in a nice close shot in "The Lucky Bar" episode of Women: Stories of Passion. Four stars easily! He lifts the covers, kind of careful to conceal the goodies, then he drops the sheet and turns away from the camera, showing that set of glorious buns. Nice, wide shoulders are a bonus!

Clay Greenbush
Ozzie700 was written on September 10, 2001

Full Rear

The redhead, slim Clay (who looks far sexier here than he does as a blonde, with that awful mustache, in Losing Control) is the man living with two women in the episode "Trio". Plenty of side nudity, but he shows off his small yet supple rear once, when he and girlfriend walk to the window the morning after, to comfort the other woman.

Tony Ervolina
Ozzie700 was written on September 23, 2002

Rear; Episode: Luck is a Lady

He shows his butt as he walks away from the bed, and at the end of the episode, from a brief side angle. It looks very flat here.

Ozzie700 was written on February 25, 2002

Bed Rears; Episode: Gun Shy

Tony is a wiry man (sporting that unfortuante Clooney-Caesar haircut that was so popular back in the mid-90's), who shows his butt a few times during sex scenes. Somewhere between flat, and nicely toned for what he has. Tony exudes a raw, exciting sensuality that breaks the boundaries of the usual cliched lady cop-male crook storyline.

GDH was written on May 29, 2005


Episode: 'Warm Hands, Cold Heart'. "He's got the body of Michaelangelo's 'David'!" enthuses Colleen McDermott's character about screen husband Ervolina. That's not an accurate description, but Ervolina's body is still quite pleasing (and looks very nice clad only in a pair of Speedos towards the end of the episode). During sex scenes with McDermott we see his bum a couple of times.

Gregory Norman Cruz
Ozzie700 was written on November 30, 2001

Rear; Episode: The Feather

Gregory is a Native American who helps a Civil War-era woman with her land. During her fantasy sequence, his smooth, wide cheeks are seen briefly in a close shot.

Nick Corri
cecil was written on November 2, 2002

rear; Episode: Blind Love

Sex scene with Kaela Dobkin, she removes his pants and we see a close up of about 2/3 of his rear. Another glimpse at the top half of his rear as they have sex in a chair. Then we see his rear from above as he gets out of bed the next morning. All last about a second each, so better record and use a pause button.

David Bortolucci
Ozzie700 was written on April 16, 2002

Shower Buns; Episode: The Boxer

David is a hunky Italian type. Great, cut body. A woman surprises him in the shower and teases him. The camera stays low enough to showcase his squeezable, full cheeks. This scene is all too brief, sadly.

sexyx2 was written on November 17, 2006

David Bortolucci naked in shower

david bertolucci/david bortolucci palys a boxer who is shown in the locker room shower at a boxing gym. the scene is about 4 minutes long and we see all of him... from the back. no full-frontal, but otherwise all is seen. nice back, sculpted arse and nice muscles overall. Bertolucci sorta has that dumb-jock thing going on. his ears stick out and his acting is over-the-top bad - but his butt is worth the cheese-ball acting. He also has a few more naked love scences in the show - but they are less focused on him and more on the female lead.

Anthony Beninati
Ozzie700 was written on October 11, 2002

Butt; Episode: Magic Motel

Anthony has several scenes with Gabirella Hall and with her and Sally Kirkland. You can see a brief side shot of most of his rear when he's on the bed with them, and near the end, when he's walking to the bed, there is a full view of his shapely ass.

David Beecroft
GDH was written on May 29, 2005

Side nudity

Beecroft plays a masseur whom Colleen McDermott fantasises about (presumably she's turned on by obviously fake Russian accents) in the episode 'Warm Hands, Cold Heart'. As he takes her from behind, we get a couple of nude shots, from the side.

Brad Bartram
Ozzie700 was written on April 29, 2002

Side Rear; Episode: Wishful Thinking

Brad is the lead female's brother-in-law, and she can't resist joining him in the shower. A brief side shot of his great ass.

Ozzie700 was written on December 23, 2001

Many Rear Shots; Episode: Paradise Found

Brad is the husband in this episode and the number of butt shots is very surprising. Some uniquely-lit, delicious shots of his hot ass from several angles.

Kevin James Bailey
Ozzie700 was written on November 30, 2001

Muscled Rear; Episode: The Feather

Kevin, a nicely-toned man with long brown hair, is a soldier seen on his honeymoon night. We get some side views of his huge, muscled cheeks. Great to look at.

Horacio Anthony
GDH was written on October 12, 2002


Tall hunk shows his bum as he pulls his jeans off prior to screwing a (female) vampire. There's a close-up of said backside during the screwing, although it's partially obscured by the vampire's hands all over it (can't blame her...)

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