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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
EFlynn was written on January 24, 2006

GOOD COMMENTS Bootydummycantspell

My words exactly. Some of these comments are just turning into wish lists. Lets Review real BARE ACTRESSES. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos might as well have been wearing a diving wet suit. YOU COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING. I give your comments 4*

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 25, 2003

her character

her cahracter is painted in blue you see her painted body woo hoo

BushLeague was written on May 11, 2003

Blue Butt

She is covered in blue paint with some scales over her tits and crotch, but in one scene she briefly walks away from the camera and her, great round, firm, double bubble butt is shown only with blue paint (no scales). She also plays a scene as a hooker in a mini skirt and does the best leg crossing since Sharon Stone (no fur pie--X Men is for kids)

dav345 was written on May 3, 2003

buns and breasts covered in blue paint

I haven't seen this yet, but screenit.com says you get many views of her buns and breasts covered in blue paint. I'll update this after I actually see the movie.

bootydummycantspell was written on May 4, 2003

No, please don't

She looks the same as she did in X-Men, and of course you can't see anything. It's pointless to have this film here. STOP IT!!! If you MUST review RRS, then do "Femme fatale" or something actually APPROPRIATE for this site. Same with Anna Paquin: start your own Celebrity Cleavage Database, but don't list that useless crap here. The absolute minimum on this site would be a see-thru shirt where you can plainly see--not just a poking nip--but actual areola (or "aureolae" as that illiterate bonehead Bushleague, "Master of Bra Size Guessing", would write it).

Anna Paquin
Creepyhead was written on June 25, 2003

The real deal

We see her bare back. Anna's boyfriend gives her some clothes to change into. He turns his back and she self conciously slides her nighgown off while he steals a glance. Her shoulder blades and skin are lovely and nubile along with her red hair. That's about it really.

Moonie2 was written on May 11, 2003


I don't know what the previous reviewer was smoking, but there's more nudity (and cleavage) in an episode of the Flintstones. Nice imagination, bud...

Comerico was written on August 7, 2006


No real good stuff, but nice tightness in the chest!!

Dudester was written on May 2, 2003

Bustin Out all over

Early in the movie, Anna frequently displays great cleavage. So much so, that the camera frequently swings up, lest a boob bounce out here and there. During a critical scene on a porch, anna is belly down, but reaching up. Much of her C cups overfloweth. We don't see any nips, but it's a safe bet the crew probably did. Also, she changes costumes in another scene, just off camera then walks back on camera, so the crew got a look at her.

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