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Barbra Streisand
Werewolf was written on October 7, 1998


Left nipple visiblethrough gauze.

Mandy Patinkin
StandardGrade was written on April 24, 2001

The great tenor has a great ass!

At about the 50 minute mark, broadway tenor Mandy is seen standing at the side of a lake nude except for a thigh-length white shirt. He calls for Yentl (played rather well by a surprisingly endearing Barbra Streisand, who also directed) to join him and with out another word he whips off the shirt exposing his bare backside and runs nude into the lake. Yentl meanwhile is obviously uncomfortable (she is a woman who is disguised as a man). Mandy slowly rises out of the water and the camera pans up his nice legs but the shot naturally cuts away before we get to the goods. Mandy is then seen nude from the side as he sits down and a couple minutes later we see his butt again from a distance and Yentl leaves the lake. Patinkin is very sexy in an old fashioned kind of way and the context of the scene is rather arousing. Very good movie too.

Violet was written on February 8, 2001

Broadway Star Patinkin bears for the camera

Mandy Patinkin and Barbara Streisand are walking alonside a lake, when Mandy sees all his pals running. He follows them and joins them for a mid-day swim. He strips nude in front of Barbara, who he thinks is Yentel, a boy learning the religion along side him. We get nice shots of Mandy's backside, along with a swarm of other boys that are swimming.
As he is coming out of the lake Barbara is embarrassed and she tries not to stare at his nude body. Hence, we get nice glances of his chest and the black patch pubic hair just above his penis, but that's about it.
With a rating of PG what else would you expect? Still, it's a sexy teaser!

simonx was written on October 1, 1998

bathing in lake

Mandy is bathing in the lake with other Jewish boys. Most of the action is on the edge of the lake though so we see lots of rear shots of other men and of Mandy. Rear shots and close side view as he lies down on his back side against a small log. Kind of see a bit his private parts as he lies down, between his legs.

sylv was written on October 7, 1998


Nice tush. Striesand as Yentl gets nervous and maybe aroused as she sees it and other men nude at a lake.

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