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Young and Seductive's Sexy Actresses

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Wells, Julian 1 Review
Shannon, Mary 1 Review
Hale, Susan 1 Review
Felony 1 Review
Evans, Alana 1 Review
Berrymore, Dru 1 Review

Young and Seductive's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Usher, David 1 Review

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Julian Wells
McKinnon was written on January 22, 2012


Julian is the lead of this film, and gives a decent acting performance along with the steam. She has sex scenes about 8 or 9 minutes into the movie, around the middle of the movie, and at the end. The first is with David Usher and has her on her back, as Usher gives her a massage which makes most of her clothes vanish. She's in a red bra and panties, soon removed, with Usher on top of her, then Wells in doggy style position. She has a sex scene with Robert Donovan which is actually pretty hot, as he stands behind her and removes her top and her bra. She sits on his lap, facing the camera with some dark glimpses of her mostly bare pussy. The last scene, with Donovan, on the couch, is similar.

Mary Shannon
McKinnon was written on January 23, 2012

Alley and attack

Vivacious brunette Mary lets Julian Wells watch her have sex in an alleyway. Mary and the guy have some believable chemistry but the camera work is terrible - most of the time is spent with a side view of Mary cupping her breasts as she sits on his lap. Her skirt obscures her lower half. This is from about :42-:45. At about :57, Mary recalls an attack - the scene starts out incredibly well, with Mary removing her bra, sitting on a couch, playing with her large breasts. Her nipples are erect as she removes her panties, which had been half-off already. There's a quick view of her mostly bare pussy, followed by closeups of her breasts as the killer gropes them. He lunges at her, causing her to push him off and lock herself in the bathroom - a few more breast glimpses. This ends at :59.

Susan Hale
McKinnon was written on January 21, 2012

Auto erotic

Appearing right after the credits, Susan starts the film off on all fours, her small, pointed breasts in motion. She's also shown on her back, with a piece of black cloth traveling up her body and around her strawberry nips. After she's killed (offcamera), she's shown laying on her side, cloth around her neck. About 36 minutes into the movie, a murder reconstruction shows a new scene of her topless, dancing for the guy who later killed her.

McKinnon was written on January 23, 2012

Dead and flashback

Felony is first seen as a corpse, on the couch, with a full frontal view of her small breasts and bare snatch. This lasts from about :45-:46, although the camera cuts away from her several times to focus on the cops arguing. At about 1:12 they watch computer footage of her having sex with her killer. She takes off her top, showing very large pinkish aerola. After playing with her breasts, she removes her panties, but that is mostly obscured. A few more poor glimpses of her chest as she kisses and strips her lover. This ends at about 1:14. For some reason this movie only wanted to show women off when they were dead.

Alana Evans
McKinnon was written on January 23, 2012

Public and private

Alana is a bubbly blonde who has a few scenes. From about :18-:20 she flashes back to sex on a picnic blanket in the park, with various idiots watching. The man she's with takes off her bra and then somewhat awkwardly licks one of her feet. Soon she's riding him, with some peeks at her dark landing strip and many views of her small breasts, silver dollar size brown aerola, and pointy nips. After this she doesn't show up again until about an hour and 2 minutes into the movie, as she is kneeling on a bed, quickly removed from her bra, and rubbing her breasts while wearing a very small pair of blue panties. After a minute or so of this she's on all fours, then on her back, before being killed. This ends at about 1:06. After this there are 3 or 4 shots of her corpse, full frontal, when the police arrive.

Dru Berrymore
McKinnon was written on January 23, 2012


Dru, playing a dominatrix, has a flashback sex scene with a possible murderer. Starting at about :30, you see her sitting on his lap, her front facing the camera. There are some very close closeups of her right nipple and a decent close shot of her dark landing strip. After a minute or so this switches to her standing up and the guy plowing into her from behind, with her lower half removed from camera view. The whole scene seems a little fake and devoid of passion. At about :32 this ends in him trying to tie a scarf around her neck and she breaks away and waves a gun at him, then clutches her bare breasts. This part is hilariously bad but is entertaining.

David Usher
McKinnon was written on January 24, 2012

On top

David seems miscast in the crazy boyfriend role, but still looks good (although he has larger breasts than most of the female cast). About 10 or so minutes in you can see the top of his muscular buns as he's on top of Julian Wells.

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