Young Lady Chatterley II's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

McBride, Harlee 2 Reviews
Gabrielle, Monique 2 Reviews
Day, Alexandra 1 Review
Danning, Sybil 1 Review
Barry, Wendy 1 Review

Young Lady Chatterley II's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Mathews, Steven Kean 0 Reviews
Clark, Brett Baxter 0 Reviews

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Harlee McBride
Antman was written on July 5, 1999

One full frontal a few topless scenes

Harlee must have gotten breast implants between this movie & the first one. I think she looked better without the fake boobies.

StevieW was written on June 11, 2003


If you're looking to see Harlee McBride nude,don't see this sorry sequel to the 1977 sofcore classic,Harlee's tits look really weird in this movie and she has odd pink nipples,did she get her tits AND nipples done before making this film??

Monique Gabrielle
Gordon was written on November 13, 1999

Sex with a young man

In this scene Young Lady Chatterley (Monique) is cavorting with the teenage son of the peopleshe works for. She brings him food in his room, but he has other appetites in mind, and they end up naked in bed with Lady Chatterley on top. Monique's ample breasts are plainly in view.At the end of the scene Lady Chatterley is climaxing as the young man thrusts away. It wouldhave been better if the musical score hadn't drowned out the sound of her screams of pleasure.

dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Several scenes

Monique plays a maid who gets naked and has sex with someone in virtually every scene she is in. (At least three, one in a group) All are well-lit and revealing.The only problem is that her dialog is obviously over-dubbed by someone with a very stupid accent. (I guess Monique's was even stupider. But she was not cast for her voice....)

Alexandra Day
Antman was written on December 1, 1999

Three scenes

A very cute blonde actress who plays Jenny, one of the maids. (6 min) Breasts and buns when she is having sex with the gardener in his shack. (28 min) Breasts and a couple of shots of her butt when she is nude and making out with Harlee McBride in the bathtub. (43 min) Breasts and buns when she is in bed with Monique Gabrelle, two other naked girls and one very lucky guy.

Sybil Danning
Antman was written on December 1, 1999

Topless scene

At a little over an hour into the movie, she is topless after the gardener opens her blouse, takes off her bra and they start to have sex on the table in his shack.

Wendy Barry
Antman was written on December 1, 1999

Brief topless scene

An unfortunately brief scene about twelve minutes into the movie, when she opens her blouse to seduce the gardener and then brief breasts again when she's leaning over a planter and he's giving it to her doggie-style.

Steven Kean Mathews
Brett Baxter Clark

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