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2014 That Awkward Moment 2 Reviews

Zac Efron's Biography

Made his screen debut in 2002, in the short-lived tv show Firefly, but first came to wider attention with High School Musical (2006).

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That Awkward Moment (2014)
October was written on May 25, 2014

Humping Girl

Everyone already knows about him laying naked on top of the toilet. But later on into the film he is caught having sex with a random girl by his friend. You can clearly see his hip and a little side butt. You can definitely tell his is absolutely naked. Those of us who have been waiting for Zac to drop trou will not be disappointed by this scene. 3 stars! Simply because this is Zac's first nude scenes ever.

Ghostwords was written on January 29, 2014

Stiff problem

Jason (Efron) and his two best friends take Viagra before heading out to a bar. Later, he has to urinate and does so by balancing horizontally on the toilet. His naked right side is on display, including part of his butt.

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