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2012 Keep the Lights On 1 Review

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Keep the Lights On (2012)
GDH was written on November 8, 2012

Backside and some extra

Booth has a slender, toned body. We get a quick close-up of his shapely bum during an initial, getting-to-know-you sex scene with Thure Lindhardt (although Booth keeping his socks on dulls the eroticism somewhat!) Later there's another backside view as he lays on the bed, before a quick flash of penis when he turns over for Lindhardt to clamber on top of him. A third view of his bum comes as he walks in and out of the bathroom before putting on a robe. Finally, as he climbs on bed to have sex with a rent boy, we see not only his backside but also a shadowy but fairly clear shot of his testicles dangling between his legs. Booth's nudity is easily the best thing in this movie!

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