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Storey, Nyasa 0 Reviews
Nguyen, Christine 1 Review
Love, Aliana 1 Review
Lei, Kaylani 1 Review
Kim, Megan McCord 1 Review
Hanna , Dana 1 Review
Gilbert, Maya 0 Reviews
Fisher, Patrice 1 Review
Fairchild, Nikki 1 Review
Banks, Nyomi 1 Review
Anderson, Q. 1 Review

Zane's Sex Chronicles' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Knight, Tyler 1 Review
Forbes, James 1 Review
Cannon, Clayton 1 Review

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Nyasa Storey
Christine Nguyen
McKinnon was written on October 30, 2012

Dinner and a dick; ep: Dinner at Eight

Christine writes to Zane about having sex with her husband in a restaurant corridor, while people are walking by to the kitchen. Lots of overhead camera angles and mostly side breast shots. You might want to mute this to avoid the bad dialogue about how he explodes inside her.

Aliana Love
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Aliana Love

Aliana Love pulling back the covers to reveal her breasts to a guy and then talking with him for a bit before going down on him and then having sex while riding him, on her knees from behind, and finally on her side.

Kaylani Lei
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei walking into a room and removing her dress to reveal her breasts and black thong panties as she talks with a guy and then climbing into his lap and letting him lick her nipple and kiss her breasts before she has sex with him from behind while looking in a hand held mirror at him and then finally gets into a standing 69 position with him holding her in the air as they both go down on each other.

Megan McCord Kim
McKinnon was written on October 30, 2012

Breasts; ep: Dinner at Eight

Wearing a red bra and panties set, blonde Kim, who looks very natural and doesn't seem to be trying to be 20 forever, does a slight bump and grind for her boyfriend. Soon her bra is removed, revealing her small breasts, with pointy cherry red nips. You never see the lower half, but it's not a bad scene, just ignore the awful dialogue and awful 'rock' music.

Dana Hanna
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Dana Hanna

Dana Hanna wearing a blue hospital gown as she sits on a table with her legs spread and in stirrups as Maya Gilbert helps her find her g-spot and then having a loud orgasm causing Maya to leave the room.

Maya Gilbert
Patrice Fisher
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Patrice Fisher

Patrice Fisher wearing a purple bra as she helps a guy take his clothes off and lowers her pants to reveal black g-string panties before her top comes off revealing her breasts and then going over to the couch and having sex with him on her back as he kisses her breasts and sucks on her nipple a bit.

Nikki Fairchild
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Nikki Fairchild

Adult film star Nikki Fairchild going down on a guy in the front of an SUV and then having the guy walk to the other side of the car and remove her dress to reveal her fully nude body and having sex with her as she sits in the driver's seat and then from behind while he stands outside the car until finally he finishes and leaves.

Nyomi Banks
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Nyomi Banxxx

Nyomi Banxxx (credited Nyomi Banks) wearing a slightly see-through black dress as a guy climbs into the back of a limousine with her and then seen nude having hard sex with him from behind.

Q. Anderson
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Q. Anderson removing her dress to reveal a bra and panties then playing with her large breasts while topless before being seen in a new see-through bra and see-through black panties. Hi-res DVD capture from Zane's Sex Chronicles.

Tyler Knight
Ozzie700 was written on February 22, 2009

Episode: Barber Shop

Tyler is a very handsome man with a clean-cut face; so clean-cut that I was surprised to see that apparently he's a hardcore porn actor, as he doesn't have the usual look. On this show he played a barber one of the lead female characters is infatuated with, but he doesn't take notice of her. Finally she drops in after closing and asks him to shave her pubic area (the shaving isn't actually shown, of course). Then he simulates cunnilingus and they have sex. He has a gorgeous chocolate body and a very nice pair of cheeks. Sadly they waste some opportunities to show more than a quick flash of his assets (they even re-use the same scene for her fantasy and for the later sex scene).

James Forbes
McKinnon was written on October 30, 2012

On top; ep: Dinner at Eight

Forbes has a Colin Farrell look about him. In a scene with Megan McCord Kim, he trades some awful dialogue that wouldn't be heard in the worst porn movie, then strips out of his black boxers in a way which shows nothing. He's on top of her for most of their sex scene, but poor camera work means you only get one brief, full shot of his ass. It's a nice ass, meaty and very grabbable. Too bad about the poor showcasing.

Clayton Cannon
Ozzie700 was written on February 22, 2009

Episode: Flash Fantasy

This is a racially diverse soft porn Cinemax series based on the writings of an erotic author named Zane. Soft porn actor Clayton Cannon, who usually has dark hair, has longer, blonde hair in his brief role here as a photographer who seduces model Beverly Lynne after a shoot. He has a very muscular, smooth body, and a very solid backside which we get to see in a few quick moments as he does Beverly against her dressing table.

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