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1994 Temptation 2 Reviews
1988 Taffin 2 Reviews

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Temptation (1994)
Winchester was written on November 8, 1999

Poor, but...

What a waste! Alison is a beauty actress and the title of this movie makes expect many nude scenes... well, there is nothing to see in. In one scene Alison takes a shower and suddenly, mr. Fahey takes away the curtains, but you can't see nothing of her. The next is an erotic scene where Alison and Jeff are making love in an island, but (again) showing nothing... It's a made-for-T.V.-aliked erotic thriller movie, but seeing the beauty Alison wearing more revealing clothes than she used to play Elsa in Indiana Jones is enough.

Anarkin was written on April 29, 2002

Give my money back!!

There is no reason to see this BORING waste of celluloid, and for miss Doody... no wonder how she didn't appeared in movies since then, her acting is horrible. The sex scenes in this capital B "movie" are pretty bad and there is NO NUDITY, just looking sexy in shorts and bra but what does that mean? I've seen much more sexy ladies in TV sitcoms.

Taffin (1988)
LeroyBrown was written on February 10, 2001

Love scene with Pierce Brosnan

In the heat of passion Pierce Brosnan rips open her blouse. A close shot only reveals the top of her breasts but no nipples. Then there's a distant side shot but again no nipple. What a waste and she's so hot!

snowdog was written on September 15, 1999

very brief topless

Elsa from Indiana Jones 3 is very briefly topless. Don't see much and its very quick

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