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Keira Knightley
dapezmon was written on October 18, 2005

Sex scene with Choco

Near the end of the movie Domino has a quick sex scene with Choco. I am not usually a fan of girls with bodies like "10 year old boys" but I found Keira very sexy in this case. The scene has only quick flashes of flesh thanks to Scott's artsy direction. But you do get a few frames of both breasts and Keira's face. Also there is a lap dance scene where Keira dances for a gamg member with no nudity. 2 stars for entire movie if you think she's hot ... otherwise probably zero.

longwaybackhome was written on February 17, 2006

entire film

the butt crack body double comes at 20:28. at 29:33 she gives a lap dance to one of the "bad guys." at 35:31, a possible body double as the camera pans down her bikini clad body from the back. 1:31:03 is the "big scene." There is also an alternate take of this scene in the deleted scenes, which doesn't show any more, but does have some different angles and shots.

KevLar was written on January 5, 2006

What Keira Knightley does and does not do

I read this in GQ magazine. Keira does the topless scenes Domino like in The Hole and the Jacket. But all her rear end scenes in the in the movie are thanks to a BODY DOUBLE. She says she is not to keen on showing her bare ass on film.

keirafan was written on May 28, 2006

Desert sex scene

This was the first movie I saw a topless shot of Keira. Personally, her British accent always turned me on, and I can't say I was too disappointed in Keira's performance. Sure, her boobs were a little small, but on the right body, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I liked the whole scene altogether.

rbelkin was written on October 13, 2006

Gorgeous - But Nudity in Domino is Annoyingly Arty, Blurred & Brief

While there are probable peeks during the strip tease (and emphasis on TEASE), if the camera is not moving around, the editor is adding flashes and quick cuts - the only real nudity is the desert sex scene - where there is literally a TOTAL of 6 seconds of nipple nudity - and that's within the camera swooping around, flurry of edits from all angles, color filters coming in and over-exposure on purpose - the total sex scene is probably 2 minutes long when all is said and done but the reality is there are 6=seconds of exposure within ... so if you're watching on a PC and can grab frames or slow it down to real frame by frame - it's not really worth it. There is one add'l scene at a sorority hazing where she's in panites and her nipples are poking through a small baby-t but that's all for Domino ...

keirahorndog was written on May 18, 2007

Nude scene

Although brief, this is the goods here. I read alot of complaints about Keira's small breasts - I think she has the perfect body, both sexually and aesthetically pleasing, an artful body if you will. Her nipples are incredible in this scene! Not a good film by any means, but this scene really is beauty.

sick2 was written on June 7, 2006

i liked it

it was good, if you think she's hot. Good tits' but you if there was more it would be better.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Keira Knightley going topless during a sex scene with a guy in a desert, baring her breasts and a bit of her ass.

Uncredited Actress
georgelloyd1 was written on September 5, 2012


Around the 90-minute mark, the gang pulls a scam in a strip bar. You see several topless strippers in the background.

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