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year title
2004 Wake of Death 1 Review
2001 Replicant 1 Review
1999 Universal Soldier 13 Reviews
1999 Desert Heat 6 Reviews
1998 Legionnaire 4 Reviews
1997 Double Team 2 Reviews
1996 Maximum Risk 4 Reviews
1994 Timecop 2 Reviews
1994 Kickboxer 2 Reviews
1993 Nowhere to Run 6 Reviews
1991 Double Impact 1 Review
1990 Lionheart 4 Reviews
1990 Death Warrant 1 Review
1988 Bloodsport 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Jean-Claude Van Damme member submitted

Wake of Death (2004)
drowninginyou was written on October 3, 2005

butt during sex

Close to the beginning of the movie you see Jean Claude's butt while he is having sex. His ass still looks good, but the angle we see it from isn't. This could have recieved at least 3 stars if his butt was shown at a better angle.

Replicant (2001)
Tsuki26 was written on September 25, 2002

Top of butt/underwear

In this movie about cloning Jean is naked while being cloned, and also shown in tighty whiteys

Universal Soldier (1999)
xuxu was written on August 28, 2008

nude in public

Van Damme is nude several times in this movie, mostly in front of an appreciative Ally Walker. There are several scenes where his ass is shown and he is oiled up to accentuate muscles. Most scenes have Ally staring at his cock or within inches of his dick. I read in an interview being around all this muscly oiled up men made Ally pretty hot and that her and Van Damme fucked pretty much nonstop while on location.

moviedoctor was written on January 10, 2005


Jean Claude has a nice, tight muscular rear end that is well proportioned and sexy. The crack starts at the base of the spine and curves all the way down, where it disappears in darkness. Who says that black holes only exist in outer space?

??? was written on September 16, 1998

He is in the motel room

Well....There are 2 shots of his butt in the one scene, one up-close and one at a distance. The man has the BEST ASS!

murray was written on September 21, 1998

butt scenes

Whether you like the man or not, undeniably he has a great ass.

Derek was written on September 30, 1998

Motel/Outside motel scene

This one belongs in the Top Ten best nude scenes of all times. Utlra-buff, Van Damme strips off his clothes (save for socks) and stands gloriously naked in front of an a conditioner. His ass is the stuff of legends. He walks outside and must be helped by leading lady, Ally Walker. He is oiled down, which accents the curves of his great bod. Van Damme takes a bum (no pun intended) rap for showing his rear so much, but if he were a woman no one would mention it (Shannon Tweed, anyone?).That is the only nudity double standard which favors women over men in sexist Hollywood. Let's hope he keeps delivering more nudity!

simonx was written on October 1, 1998

motel room, inside and outside

I fully agree with Derek. This must be one of the best male nude scenes in the last 10 years. Definitely a must-see!!!

Botviewer was written on April 7, 2005

Twice, he appears naked from the rear, first when the 'unisol' he is playing overheats and he has to get naked and into ice, and secondly when he has a female reporter search his body for a bugging device

This may be the best and fullest study of Van Damme's big balletic bare bottom ever to get on to celluloid. Using the techniques of the soft-porn camera for a female object, the camera pans upwards from his white socks to his oiled, sweaty body lingering on his lovely rear. Not long after, he collapses outside and exposes his rear from a different but as captivating angle while an old lady licks her lips in appreciation. In the final rear exposure, he bends right over to look between his splayed muscular legs at the woman he is instructing. What kind of view must that have been for the actress!

Guiseppe was written on July 4, 2007

The Best Ass Around Town

Short and simple, Jean Claude has the best ass around. It is muscualar, perfectly shaped and somewhat bubbily and goes perfectly with his handsome and toned body. Thank god that he's naked for more than a minute cause GOD IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

McBoris was written on June 18, 2002


I'm a straight bloke and even I have to admit Monsieur Van Damme has a very good butt. You see it twice in this enjoyable Terminator rip off.

Cute_Ass_Kidd was written on July 18, 2001

Two rear shots

In an attempt to cool down Van Damme discards his inhibitions and his clothes to reveal his million dollar butt. First shots are an upwards pan and then the good stuff is revealed again as he tracks down the leading lady. Revealing a toned and virtually perfect ass, this is a must see nude scene

dude401 was written on September 25, 2005

In and out of hotel room

the best ass i have ever seen. the best bubble/muscular butt ive ever seen. worth every penny. It shows his legs all the way up to his but in the hotel and shows him walk away from the camera out side which is even better. and when hes laying down outside of the hotel room. The best ass ever !!!!

Fiona was written on July 20, 1999

Glorious Backside

What a backside - and oiled down to boot.Standing in front of an airconditioner he gives us a great look. Moments later, in an effort to cool off, he wonders out of the motel room (completely nude) and collapses in the dirt.We get to see the dirt stick to the oil as he lays on the ground.I hope one day he does the full monty - it always makes me wonder why they don't. Something to hide?

Electrix was written on February 1, 2007

totally naked - chest and butt

Van Damme is like a mechanic soldier and he needs to be cold, for this he takes out his clothes and go aftere the girl who is hepling him. He leaves the motel and go to find her. She is outside and he goes after her. You can see his ass for a long time (1 minute probably). In other scene Van Damme thinks that there is a chip or something in his body and again he takes out the clothes and the girl starts to touch him to find the chip. You can see his geat and muscled body, principally the chest, and a quick and good angle of his marvelous ass. This is a great movie because of Van Damme and his perfect body.

Desert Heat (1999)
LOVERBOI was written on April 14, 2002


any butt review of van damme's glorious bum, be it a two minute scene or a two second scene, is worth four stars. he is truly one of the actors who must've been smiled upon by the butt deities (scott caan as well), because his ass is so magnificently, largely round and perfect that it brings tears to your eyes. he's in a motel room with this girl and she pulls his towel off and he's standing there with nothing but boots on. wow!!! what i wouldn't give just to give that butt a nice long squeeze and nibble...

Cobain was written on April 11, 2001

Nude in front of a woman

I love Van Damme, but this nudescene isn`t one of his best unless you are a big fan of his ass. You see him naked as he takes of his towel in front of a woman before during sex. It isn`t as sexy as his nudescene in for example "Nowhere to run". And a full frontal wouldnt hurt either. But for a fan worth it. Because Van Damme looks Sexy!

Cute_Ass_Kidd was written on February 8, 2002

Bare Ass!

As Jean Claude wonders innocently around his motel room he is met with company from a trailer trash girl who is persistent in thanking him for his earlier deed. She does so by disrobing, and he responds by doing the same, baring that oh so hot ass of his. The nudity is brief and not up to the standard of Unisol, but a full bodied view of Van Damme naked as nature intended is delivered revealing his butt to be toned and hard. Wouldn't you just love to pinch it?

Slash76 was written on January 17, 2009

Motel scene

The Chick who gets naked in JCVD's motel room is called Carol played by Nikki Bokal, Good Tit shot and dark but viewable bush (shaved) shot.

MarcioGore was written on March 25, 2012

Butt in Motel room

It's always good se Van damme's ass on his movies.This one isn't different,he's wearing only a towel in a motel room,so when a chick knock on his door he takes oof his towel and we can see one more time that beautiful,muscled and hot ass.I LOVE VAN DAMME'S ASS!!!

iowabadboy was written on October 15, 2013

Jean-Claude's perfect buns!

In the hotel room JC and a woman are standing in front of each other with towels on. She drops hers and we get a nice view of her tanned bum. JC then drops his towel and we get a great shot of his perfect very muscular butt. She even looks down to check out his package. Too bad we don't get to see it too :(

Legionnaire (1998)
Ryan was written on April 2, 1999

One of his best

Along with Lionheart and the amazing Universal Soldier this is one of Jean Claude's very best nude scenes. Along with a group of other recruits Van Damme is hosed down. In pan and scan (normal video) versions of this film you can see his glorious buns as he walks into the showering area. In every version you can see the great stuff though, a wonderful tilt up along his strong, sexy, body. That means a close up view of those rock hard Van Damme buns. Then there's a wider shot of the entire group with some nice shots of them getting hosed down. More views of Jean-Claude's ass, including some of him getting sprayed with water. There's lots of other bare male bottoms on view here too. The scene is a bit brief but it's worth seeking out. Van Damme may not win any acting prizes but he has one of the most beautiful behinds ever captured on film. YUM!

Bubble_Butt was written on July 14, 1999

All I can say is, WOW!

A totally agree with the post above!!!! His ass is still is HOT. I just hope he bares his buns in his new movie Universal Soldier 2.

Hymen was written on June 3, 2003

Hosing Down

This man's ass never fails to impress me, and this is one of the best i've seen yet. The scene begins instantly with a shot of a group of guys in the shower- we get a lovely shot of their pert asses. Then we close up to JCVD and his fantastic ass- absolutely breath-taking. We then get a shot of him which films him just above the groin which is incredibly frustrating! 3/4 for the best ass in the business

favio was written on February 22, 2004



Double Team (1997)
alphabeta was written on May 4, 2007

Penis outline through boxer

In the DVD, full screen version, around 6:17 , he was coming out from the pool. He was still wearing a boxer but it was all wet.

the wet boxer clearly outline his penis. You can see that he has a big mushroom head. I think he is partially erected in this scene.


alphabeta was written on May 5, 2007

penis outline--see through boxer

just want to add more to my review, at 6 minutes 17 seconds (DVD), you can see his penis outline from a wet gray boxer. Since the boxer is wet, you can actually see through. It is kind of clear to me, his penis is big and he is half-erected!

you can clearly see his penis through the wet gray boxer, big mushroom head and you can tell he is having erection.

Maximum Risk (1996)
Derek was written on October 18, 1998

Love making

You don't really see his ass so much as the top of his hips. A wasted opportunity.

Electrix was written on March 14, 2007

sex scene

In a quick and short sex scene after the middle of the movie you can see a little shot of Van Damme's butt. A woman take out his clothes and you can see his muscled perfect body, but just a little view of the ass.

Bubble_Butt was written on July 14, 1999

nothing much!

A pretty unrevealing scene for VAN DAMME. Surprisingly, we only get to see his crack for like 1 second as he makes love to Natasha Henstridge on a bathroom sink. It could have been way better!

Mark_Mcgrath32 was written on November 14, 2002

Brief Rear (Only in Full-Frame)

During a sex scene with Natasha Henstridge about an hour and eleven minutes in, we get a brief view of Jean-Claude's rear from a side angle. Oddly, what we can see doesn't look like the normal great Jean-Claude butt we've seen in other films. (If you are watching the DVD, here's something to note. You can only see this nudity in the full-frame version. The film was originally shot in 1.85:1, and then matted to 2.35:1, so if you watch the widescreen version, Jean-Claude's nudity won't appear as it's at the bottom of the screen. Luckly, both versions of the film are included in the R1 DVD release.)

Timecop (1994)
Megan was written on October 5, 1998

in his bedroom

Well....what can I say!!!!When only the best will do...he sure does deliver!!!

Bubble_Butt was written on July 25, 1999

While making love to his girlfriend/wife

Van Damme gives us a quick butt shot, and side views while humping his girl. We also get to see him do fully extended splits in tight grey undies. His body is tight and his ass, well, its his ass. Great scene!

Kickboxer (1994)
Electrix was written on March 25, 2007

fight scene at the end of the movie

At the end of the movie, Van Damme fights against Tong Po for revenge to his brother. In this scene, Jean-Claude is wearing a little breechcloth with protection just on his balls and penis, his butt is totally visible. And you have great shot of his ass several times. As ever Van Damme's butt is muscular and rounded. There are more then 15 shots of his butt, and his is shirtless, showing his muscular chest, abs and back. He has the more perfect ass in Hollywood, and body too.

Botviewer was written on June 26, 2006

In the final fight sequence, Van Damme wears a loincloth which frequently flies up to expose that his beautiful backside is on display - and how. Superb viewing for the Van Damme rear aficionado - and there must be thousands out there.

The exposure of Belgian buttocks is surprisingly prolonged and full. Just wonderful for the dedicated ass voyeur - which I confess to being.

Nowhere to Run (1993)
JayP was written on August 23, 2002


nice butt, very brief and a bit far away but still nice performance!

atomic was written on July 14, 2003

sexy body

He's got a very sexy body and a nice ass but I want to see his cock

???? was written on September 30, 1998

Bathing in a lake

He get out of the water and there is his HOT butt!(length of nakedness) 4 seconds

beowulf was written on August 12, 2001


Gets out of lake after going skinny dipping in front of a little boy then a little girl shows up and he backs back into the water.

Opticon was written on May 21, 2005

A skinny-dipping Van Damme starts to emerge from a lake

One of the best things about this scene comes later when the little girl who'd witnessed it casually remarks at the dinner table that the Van Damme character has "a big penis." Van Damme, who's sitting at the table, looks embarrassed, but he does not contradict her because he knows that yes, indeed, he DOES have a big penis!

Violet was written on February 7, 2001

Van Damme coming out of lake Nude!

Ahhh, Van Damme bathing nude in a lake!
A little boy befriends him and offers him food. Van Damme then motions for the boy to leave so he can get out of the water and cover himself, but the boy doesn't understand, and sits waiting for him. Then Van Damme decides it's alright to be nude in front of the boy so he cups his package with one hand and slowly wades for the shore. Then the little boy's sister enters and Van Damme backs into the water using both hands to cup this time, probably to cover what was hanging out the first time!
No penis shot, darn! But great ass shot. And we also get a hint of his penis size the way he cups it!
Also, very steamy love scene between Van Damme and a nude Rosanna Arquette. Interesting note is that Van Damme didn't shave his chest, like he does for his other films! In the sex scene his hairy chest is highly visible because the sun's rays hit his chest just perrrrrfectly!

Double Impact (1991)
??? was written on October 29, 1998

Drunk Van Damme thinking about twin brother with his girl

You can only see the top of his ass while he's making love to some girl. Pretty hot scene even though we don't get 2 see more of VAN DAMME

Lionheart (1990)
???? was written on September 30, 1998

He's in the hotel suite.

JCVD walks in the bathroom and you catch a 3 second glimse of his arse!

simonx was written on October 1, 1998

disrobes on his way to bathroom

Walking in the bathroom, taking off his bathrobe. VERY NICE butt shot, from head to toe. Lasts a very few seconds.

MarcioGore was written on March 23, 2012

Super muscle ass

Why still not 4 stars?This man's body is awesome,he's a incredible body and a super muscular ass that he shows to us when he disrobes himself in a bedroom!

xuxu was written on August 10, 2008

Strips down in front of a lady

Lady burns his clothes so he disrobes in front of her showing off his big muscled ass. She was so flattered by this scene and turned on by his rock hard ass she went home and fingered herself to climax.

Death Warrant (1990)
Bubble_Butt was written on July 16, 1999

Side of Butt

Jean Claude only gives us a side view this time, while in a solitary confinement cell. The scene is kinda dark and could have been way better! oh well.

Bloodsport (1988)
??? was written on December 4, 1998

in the hotel room

Some girl is in bed, she wakes up, and VAN DAMME is pulling up his underpants. We can see 80% of his TIGHT ass

Electrix was written on March 30, 2007

after a night of sex in a motel

Probably after a night with some sex. He is out of the bed that the girl is lied. He is pulling up his little red underwear. It have a quick, but great shot of his bubble and BIG ass. I never saw an ass bigger than his.

MarcioGore was written on December 13, 2011

Wearing underwear

In the mid of movie we can see him pulling up a red underwear,we can see part of his muscular ass

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