Lac La Hache, British Columbia, Canada

Lochlyn Munro's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2000 Scary Movie 3 Reviews
1998 Dead Man on Campus 2 Reviews
1991 I Posed for Playboy 1 Review

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Scary Movie (2000)
xiii was written on February 11, 2004

lockeroom scene

lochlyn isn't naked in this scene, he has a nice body and looks great in a towel but thats the best you get, there are several other naked jocks in the lockeroom and we do see some rears so not a total loss, dont bother watching it for nudity though

Mean_Little_Kitty was written on July 20, 2000


In this SCREAM spoof, Mr. Munro plays the tough guy. In the locker room, he's walking to his locker in his towel to see a Polaroid. Written on it is "I know". What's the picture of? A strong muscular man, with a tiny penis. Suggesting this is a pic of his character'
s tiny dick. Is is really a picture of him? Probably not. Is it funny anyway? Yes.

Bootydaddy was written on December 17, 2001


There is no way in hell that is a shot of him, for cryin out loud the dude in the Polaroid has a beer gut......I admit it was funny as hell though.

Dead Man on Campus (1998)
Mean_Little_Kitty was written on June 20, 1999

Ass while mooning.

He's on top o his frat house, taunting everyone below, and he pullsdown his pants to reveal Eat Me written on his ass. You also see a nast lookingscar on his back as well. Not a good scene for him. Not a good movie all together.

BiBoySTL was written on December 29, 1999


First off I am going to tell you that this is one of the worst films I have ever seen.. Secondly, Munroe's nudity here, which consists of his ass while mooning, is nothing special. Skip.

I Posed for Playboy (1991)
Samuel was written on January 26, 1999

In kitchen with girlfriend wearing only an apron

Some unexpected and very welcome nudity from Munro in this TV film. Munro can't have been older than 25 when he did this scene - and boy, does he look good!! He's very muscular, broad and tanned!! You see his butt when he leans his girlfriend against the kitchen counter - you get a good view, if not a long one of his buns which are certainly not a disspointment- they're round, quite large and tanned - in one word ... GREAT!!

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