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2006 Dans Paris 1 Review
2004 Ma mère 3 Reviews
2003 Dreamers, The 6 Reviews

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Dans Paris (2006)
Guiseppe was written on August 13, 2007

Garrel Naked AGAIN!!

I have just watched a beautifully crafted, almost Woody Allenesque french film starring the handsomley structured Louis Garrel. And wouldn't ya know...he's nude in this one too! Every film so far that I have seen of Garrel's so far, he has shown his whole anatomy. And in Dans Paris, he isn't shy. Getting out of bed groggily, Garrel arises in the nude, showing us that cute, wholesome backside of his. he crosses behind the cotch, revealing his bushy penis that is somewhat hidden behind all the pubic hair. Still, his cute little member is shining through. A terrific film with delicious nudity.

Ma mère (2004)
malaka74 was written on September 20, 2004

Nude Frequently

Once again, Louis Garrel bares all. He has even more nude scenes here than in "The Dreamers". First you see his ass as he undresses. Then there is an extended frontal and rear nude scene as he walks down to the beach and exchanges looks with a group of gay men. Later he has yet another frontal as he urinates on pornographic images (Yes, Louis REALLY is urinating - you see it in close-up. And this is just in the first hour or so. All in all more nude scenes than you can count - though this is a very sick and twisted film and many of the nudes scenes are disturbing.

Mortie was written on April 28, 2014

revolting plot, but great exposure by 19-year-old Louis Garrel

My somewhat old-fashioned and prudish father would doubtless describe this as the kind of "vile" film which only "the disgusting French" would be capable of making (his old-fashioned and prudish attitudes are also combined with a considerable measure of xenophobia).

Indeed, even by my own (hopefully more enlightened) standards, aspects of this movie are quite beyond the pale. In one scene, the mother of Louis Garrel's character (Pierre) arranges for a prostitute to "deflower" her son - as she proceeds to do, whilst he is blind drunk, in a public mall. Later, both mother and son participate in a free-for-all orgy. Then there is the scene where Pierre masturbates, before urinating on his (recently deceased) father's collection of pornographic magazines. Pierre's love-interest, a wanton called Hansi, is into sado-masochistic sex, and Pierre has to come to the rescue of one of her sex partners after things get a bit out of hand. There is a strong Œdipal undercurrent to the entire movie, which culminates in mother providing hand relief to and copulating with her own son, then committing suicide as he achieves climax. Finally, Pierre masturbates as he views the body of his dead mother in a mortuary. Yuk!

The upside is that you get to see a fair bit of Garrel's penis - as, indeed, you do in almost every movie where he appears - including, on this occasion, a close-up of him urinating. Pierre also spends a considerable part of the movie frequenting a nudist beach, which has the appearance of a gay cruising ground, though I am not sure if this is meant to imply that he is "bi-curious", or just shamelessly uninhibited.

GDH was written on November 5, 2004

Completely nude

As well as the scenes described by malaka74, gorgeous Garrel also strips for the following sequences: we see his bum as he writhes on top of a pile of pornographic magazines (unfortunately he keeps his shirt on). Next we see his bum and bush during a sex scene with Joana Preiss (shirt kept on again). Another sex scene with Preiss provides close-ups of his bum (although hardly ever the whole thing), and then side nudity as he sits on the bed. Finally - and best of the bunch - a bedroom scene with Emma de Caunes provides lengthy exposure for his bum, and a few quick full-frontals, too. Weird film, but well worth seeing for M Garrel's nudity.

Dreamers, The (2003)
Mattg was written on February 19, 2004

Great butt

Louis is classically handsome and is a nice match against Michael Pitt's boyishly blond good looks. Garrel disrobes frequently near the beginning of the film - for a while, all the nudity in the flick is exclusively his. We see several nice shots of his butt, while bathing in front of his sister and Pitt's character, while changing in front of Pitt's character later, while lying in bed naked with his sister (who's dressed, more or less at the time) when Pitt spies on them. Overall, very satisfying nudity.

GDH was written on February 7, 2004

Nude, frequently

The very handsome, raven-haired Garrel can barely seem to keep his clothes on here: we first see his backside as he lies on a bed with Eva Green. Secondly, we see his bum and a blurry frontal as he stands in a bath washing himself down. Next, we see his backside and pubic hair as he pulls his trousers on. We see his balls and bum as he walks down some steps and starts sorting through some rubbish (he's wearing a jacket though so the view is obscured somewhat). We get another full-frontal view as he climbs out of a bath; finally, as he lies with Green and Michael Pitt we see his penis again. Well done that man!

Guiseppe was written on June 27, 2007

A Beautiful French Man In all his Glory

Louis Garrel is one of the most handsome French actors in this day and age. His facial structure is Greek, almost mediterranean looking and his expression is wrenchingly attractive.

Louis is quite frequently nude in this movie and isn't afraid to hide it. WHY SHOULD HE BE??!! In the first nude scene, we see his backside while lying down; kinda covered by shadows but still visible. THen he is standing up in a btahtub, washing his crotch and ass; great little scene. Then we see him changing out of wet clothes and into new ones. He bends down and his balls and uncircumsized penis flop into frame along with a lingering glimpse of his round hiney. Then, later on, we see him get up from a chair, wearing nothing bbut a suit jacket, and walk down a flight of stairs where his penis flops in an out of frame against his thighs. He then leans over a hgarbage can to reveleave more of his cute butt. THe last scene of nudity comes near to the end when he get sup out of the bathtub; if you look in the mirror behind Michael Pitt, youll see a full on frontal.

BUT, In the very last scene of the movie, look to the left where Garrel is lying in bed. His penis is casually flopped over to the side on his leg. DONT MISS IT!

Neptune3 was written on August 21, 2006

Frontal bathing, other glimpses

Garrel gets the ball rolling (so to speak) with the nudity in this film. His genitals are shown in a mirror as he stands and bathes in the presence of his sister Green and their friend Pitt. He is uncut. He also has a scene in which he is naked except for a sport coat and he can be seen briefly dangling below the hem of it. He has many other instances of nudity and semi-nudity, as do the rest of the leads. Garrel seems to be less shy about showing his body than Pitt, which is typical for European actors versus Americans. The film is homoerotic, despite the lack of an actual sexual connection between Garrel and Pitt, and they share a bathtub together. Reportedly, a scene was filmed with all three leads conversing lengthily while completely naked, but it was cut from the film and has not, as of yet, surfaced on any DVD releases.

BMac was written on January 11, 2008

Silly movie, great nudity

I won't duplicate the extensive reviews here: this movie has nothing worthwhile to see about Sixties youth or the Euro revolutions of 1968, but it does have great nudity. Louis Garrel is not exposed as much as his co-stars, possibly because Louis is quite thin, with a smallish cock amid lots of dark curls. But for a male lead in a mainstream movie, Garrel is still nude or semi-dressed a lot.

donby was written on July 29, 2004

Standing in a bathtub, rear & side views.

Very young, skinny, generic actor bares all (frontal is a brief side view). In a later scene, he pulls his jeans up over his nude body. I lost interest at this point.

Three main actors are attractive, I guess. But to me, they are completely without interest.

The name, Bertolucci, drew me to this film, but boy was I sorry ! No doubt the famous director could only get financing if he gave in and made a "youth" picture. And here it is-- artsy-fartsy, with clips from classic films that make it look even more mediocre.

In addition, it is about the 1968 French student rebellion, about which most North Americans know nothing and care less.

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