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2000 Queer as Folk 4 Reviews

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Born about 1972.

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Queer as Folk (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on February 10, 2002

Buns on Porn Set

In the most recent episode, Ted and Emmett recruited Matt's porn star character to work for Ted's new online porn site. At the last minute, he called to say he had to work late on a film, and couldn't make it. As he walked back to the set (wearing only football pads), his tight, muscled buns are on full, all-too-brief display.

StandardGrade was written on May 22, 2002

Full frontals from Unknown Extras in same scene

In the 13th episode of 1st season, Mike and Ted attend a play titled "12 Horney Men" (a parody of "12 Angry Men"). Taylor's muscle-bound porn star character is the play's lead and at one point he tears off his shirt and pants revealing all to the audience but no nudity to the viewer (the penis between the legs in most likely a prosthesis-however, he does show his butt in a latter scene that's worth checking out). The real treat here is that after Taylor strips, the four men behind him (three white, one black - all hot) stand up and begin removing their clothes. They tear off their pants as the audience cheers and we get to a wide shot in which we see three of the men showing us everything - full frontal. Its surprising and sexy, but I subtracking a star because it's only a few seconds and because we don't get to see the black guy naked (an audience member's head is blacking the view). That guy is the second hottest of the group (after the one one the far right) and there's no the edititors had to aviod showing it especially since "Queer As Folk" doesn't show enough diverse nudity. Otherwise, one of my favorites from the show.

moviestuff was written on July 27, 2003

alot of full frontals


Ozzie700 was written on October 28, 2001

What an Ass

Matt plays a porn star known for his huge...appendange (seen only from a bottom view, and probably a prothestis). When he goes to Emmett's apartment he peels off his denim and gives the camera a full view of his huge, meaty cheeks, muscled and tanned. When he sits down there's another brief glimpse. He's 100% man-muscle.

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