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1981 Texas Lightning 6 Reviews
1979 Vacation in Hell, A 0 Reviews

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Texas Lightning (1981)
MovieBuff was written on January 28, 1999

Briefly Topless, mostly from a distance, being gang-raped. Sex scene, getting her nipple sucked on.

Marcia Brady was NEVER like this...she smokes, swears (even says the F-word), plays a sleezy character that works in a bar, has sex, gets gang-raped. The Bradys would be so shocked!!

HoundDog was written on January 16, 2000

both nipples: lovemaking just before the rape scene

Between brief scenes of the pickup truck with the rapists arriving at the hotel, the Buddy Owen character is on top of Maureen, and when he lifts his left arm, both nipples and her whole left breast are clearly but VERY briefly visible. Better than the nipple slip in the rape scene. Not good, but the best we'll ever get of Maureen. There is another point when he's caressing her breast while lovemaking, but it's just too dark to see anything then.

rbelkin was written on July 15, 2012

Worth It for Fans

Yea, if you're not a fan of Marcia from The Brady Bunch - it's pointless but for fans, it's worth a look. The movie is not very good and makes very little sense (the scenes with fat shirtless guys are plentiful and shot fully lit) but Maureen looks hot in her bar scenes. She was probably at her top weight here so her breasts are in the B/C-cup range. The low budget movie is a grainy transfer that is even weak on VHS - let alone DVD. The motel scenes are all dark but you can turn up the brightness and it's clear enough. And you are better off watching it on a computer so you can go frame by frame. During the sex scene with her boyfriend, she looks hot, arching her back, thrusting her chest and moaning
(his hand covers her breast but still nice). The rape scene has a couple peeks here and there but it is literally frames of nipple peek footage so frame by frame is the way to go. As the cowboys yahoos enter to fight her boyfriend, she leaps up in her lingerie to help him - a nice side butt shot and most of her right breast nearly pops out. As she falls back to a seated position, her right breast and nipple does pop out for a couple frames. One of the guys decides it would be more fun to attack her so he drops down on her. As she struggles, her right breast and nipple pops out. Again, a few frames but for Marcia Brady fans, the show of shows. At the end when she finally pushes him off, both aerolas are visible, she pulls up the right side of her lingerie but her left aerola remains visible.

Keep in mind this is NOT an HD movie where a few frames here and there are okay for most - it is a low budget low res grainy transfer so don't expect too much ...

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 27, 2003

I didnt see shit

maybe a qick nip shot when she has sex in the hotel other than that theres nothing in this movie plus it was horrible

Lusypius was written on October 22, 1999

Supposed nudity

I watched this movie because I'd heard so much about Marcia Brady nude, but if there's nudity here it's disguised really, really well. I'd say don't get your hopes up.

Bevan was written on December 4, 1999

Only a nipple flash, but.

You get a brief nipple flash from Marcia -- er, excuse me, Maureen -- as she's trying to readjusther clothing in a pickup. This wouldn't rate more than a zero except in so far as Maureen andSusan Dey were the two young ladies every teenage boy in America in the early seventieswanted to bone, and the mere IDEA that McCormick would flash any flesh in a movie would'vesent bedroom doors slamming shut from Plymouth to Pasadena.

Vacation in Hell, A (1979)

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