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2012 Room at the Top 3 Reviews
2008 Criminal Justice 1 Review
2004 Shameless (UK) 1 Review

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Room at the Top (2012)
georgelloyd1 was written on September 27, 2012

The older woman

Former Shameless regular Maxine Peake plays the older woman in this love triangle. In the first episode, we see her boobs and bum during a couple of sex scenes. In the second, her breasts make two appearances in near-succession whilst she and her lover are on holiday.

Ghostwords was written on September 30, 2012

Ep.1: Her latest affair

0:31:00: Alice (Ms Peake) and Joe have sex, upright against a farmhouse window. No nudity.

0:33:00: He has his left hand between her legs. No nudity.

0:36: In bed together at the apartment of one of her friends. As she sits up, her right nipple appears on the edge of frame. We see the upper part of her butt as she puts a slip on.

0:40:00: Back in bed, with Joe on top. As he rolls off, we see both of her breasts. The camera switches to another angle, with those babies still centre-stage, then she pulls the sheet up. There's full rear nudity as she gets out of bed. The scene ends with a row as he reacts unfavourably to her revelation that back before her marriage, she earned a crust by working as a life model and posing for a photographer she met at a party.

Ghostwords was written on September 30, 2012

Ep.2: The end of the affair

Angered that rich girl Susan's remains out of his grasp, Joe invites Alice (Ms Peake) away on a seaside break. At 0:10:00, they're having sex on top of the bed in their hotel room; she's sitting in his lap and his back is to camera (no nudity).

0:12:00: This time they're under the covers, with him on top. There's a brief cutaway to them having a picnic, then there's another sex scene. Both sequences feature Ms Peake's breasts.

Matters go downhill rapidly after this. He gets with Susan (and she gets pregnant, a major catastrophe for an unmarried woman in those days), whilst Alice collapses emotionally and drives her car into a brick wall. Not exactly a fairytale finale.

Criminal Justice (2008)
dumpiedong was written on October 9, 2009

Series Two Part One rear nudity

A fairly long seen at the begining of the programe of her undressing for a shower having it and clearing up afterwords. alas the only nudity shown is a shoot of her bare bum standing in thebathroom

Shameless (UK) (2004)
lattara was written on March 2, 2004

Nip-slip and then long boob shot

In Episode 3, Maxine is lounging about in bed in low-cut lingerie. There is a nip slip of about half a second.

In Episode 5, Maxine is seen topless while ironing for a good long time in good light. It turns out she is on a webcam and the scene cuts between her and a guy somewhere in the tropics getting off at his computer. Quite funny, but not especially sexy (unless you really like ironing) as Maxine has a 'regular housewife' kind of figure.

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