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Emmeline Hawthorne
OneMoreReviewer was written on December 16, 2004

Full frontal but distant

She shows pretty much everything. But you'll want the DVD to get the best possible quality because she's a little too far away. Shot from over-head it's just her, a completely naked Emmeline writhing about against black (as if suspended in space). First she's clothed, then underwear, then topless, then full frontal (It cuts from one to the next). Once naked she slowly grinds her pelvis into her hand between her legs. Then it's over before you can fully appreciate it. Outstanding body from what's seen. Wasted by the director who didn't take advantage of an actress comfortable with appearing nude on film. The next shots are closer, too close, and back lit. Shows a fantastic nude form all up her torso to her firm breasts as she caresses herself. These shots are spoiled by a slow fade to the guy watching her, wacking off (waist up thank god). There's some other distant, still, views of her topless but they aren't as good. A wasted opportunity from a very beautiful woman in a terrible movie. I doubt she'll do anything close to this level of nudity again, which is a shame. But we can hope.

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