Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

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2004 1 Night in Paris 2 Reviews

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1 Night in Paris (2004)
Hamm_Sodomy was written on October 2, 2007

nice naked body

Hello!: Paris was not in this movie alone. Her sex partner was so proud of these clips that he narrates the work. He has a huge dick and a muscular body. Not as built as Arnuld, but beefed up like Eminem is. Too bad he doesn't have chest hair. You get to see all of his body. I don't recall seeing any man-fluid, however.

iowabadboy was written on October 15, 2013

Toned body

Rick is a great part of this sex tape too. Very big cock, a little bit of hair down there, shaved balls, big mushroom head. Very hot.

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