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Trousselard, Caroline 11 Reviews

Romance's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Stévenin, Sagamore 5 Reviews
Siffredi, Rocco 7 Reviews
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Caroline Trousselard
karmatramp was written on March 6, 2000

She's allergic to clothes...

...or so it seems. Caroline Ducey makes the most of what she's got and we enjoy it practically the entire movie. For anyone with an S/M fetish she gets tied up twice, then has a hole cut in her panties. The scene where she strokes Rocco with both hands before he takes her is memorable. Good stuff throughout until we are forced to watch Caroline - yeah right I don't think she was pregnant - give birth in graphic detail.

dvdcollector was written on May 17, 2002

Nudity throughout the film

We see this actress undressed throughout the movie. No part of her body is left covered. Moreover, we also get to see her give oral sex to her husband.
The sex scene where we see a penis inserted into her vagina is one of the hottest in mainstream movies, even if the actor is past his prime.

Winchester was written on December 15, 1999

French porn as an art form... Good!

Well, the other reviewer said it all about the movie; so i can only recommend this one... Believe me, you gonna get tired of all these male and female genitalia... some hardcore sequences (non-simulated vaginal penetration, male masturbation and fellatio) and an actress who don't hesitates to do these shocking and explicit porn scenes. Bravo, Caroline XXX Ducey!

bilfic was written on October 13, 1999

No holds barred explicit sex and abundant nudity

Caroline Ducey deserves applause for her courageous performance in this French film, the only mainstream film to depict actual, not simulated sex since Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses. We see Caroline nude many times throughout the movie, and we see everything--breasts, ass, and bush. Although we see a dozen or so partial glimpses of her bush throughout the film, we never get a full view until close to the end, when Caroline is seen in a lengthy scene with her legs spread while one intern after another digitally probes her vagina. And what a bush it is! Hair in abundance, a veritable jungle, a sight to behold! Caroline has made no effort to trim her pubes for public view. Caroline is small-breasted, and indeed has the body of a 12 or 13 year old, but that beautiful and bountiful bush makes up for it all. Moreover, we can see Caroline: a) halfheartedly giving her boyfriend a blowjob; b) in a lengthy bedroom scene with a stud she picks up, where we can see her at least briefly being vaginally penetrated (the rest of the intercourse in this scene may have been simulated--I don't know); c) having cunnilingus performed on her on a stairway, then being raped from behind; d) masturbating--we see her fingering herself; e) seeing a guy finger her--we actually see his fingers go inside her pussy, and we see them after he pulls them out, wet with her secretions; f) being tied up, fully nude. A great film for lovers of sex and nudity in the movies.

Theron was written on August 1, 2000

lots of non-sexual nudity

Sure, theres a ton of nudity in this movie, but it's not exciting. I found many of the scenes to be disturbing enough that the nudity was not pleasurable.

neshen was written on April 7, 2011


There is considerable misinformation about this movie. I was in the crew when the movie was shot, Caroline doesn't perform any sexual acts. The fellatio scene is simulated, the closest the penis gets to her mouth is ... her right cheek. As to the Rocco scene, the scene is simulated too, the penis is sliding between her legs, doesn't enter her. And obviously the stairwell scene, there is no penetration there either. The only "sexual" acts performed in the movie were body doubles (final scene) and some penis touching by Caroline, nothing else.

movieguy21 was written on May 25, 2002


Not much to add from what others have already written. It doesn't get much better than this folks. I think there is nudity more frequently in this movie than any other mainstream movie I've seen. You see all of Caroline: sex with Rocco, being eaten out on the stairs, being fingered, fingering herself, etc. The big nude bit comes at the gynelogical part at the end, where you literally see Caroline spread eagle on a table for a good minute or so. She has a very very big bush so you can't see her vagina unfortunately, but it's still a rarity.

Buttcher was written on June 4, 2002

She doesn't need to do any film more...

...as the whole world has seen every square centimeter of her body, i mean, many films are sucessful as they come with some long awaited nude scene from any of our favotite actresses (by example, as Irène Jacob did a full frontal nude shot for "Spy Games"). But miss Ducey has lost any interest on her, we have already seen her butt, small tits, her cute face with some (flaccid, wonder if her male partner is gay)penis in her mouth, having real sex and spreading wide her legs to show her hairy bush as some medicine students put their fingers into it... we have seen even her vaginal secretions! Gee...

I would loved to seeing her in some kinda different movie, she is a lovely girl and seein her naked is a pleasure, but the movie is pure and definitively feminist crap, watch it just for the sex but don't pay attention to dialogue, it really sucks.

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Penetration - Masturbation - Oral - Gyno

AKA Caroline Ducey
Well she pretty much has all the moves of an adult movie, but with a plot?

00:11:00 No nudity, but we do get to see Caroline giving some ungrateful fella a bona-fide onscreen blow job!

00:14:00 Caroline's breasts and brief bushage as she pulls on some underwear in bed.

00:29:00 Ms. Ducey is bare-ass nekkid as she enjoys putting a condom onto her lover.

00:38:00 Caroline, annoyingly fully clothed, continues to show her obsession with the fondling of flaccid penises.

00:54:00 Carol is bound and gagged with her panties down and muffolotta fully exposed.

01:03:00 Close-up hootage and furburger as Caroline diddles her clit in bed.

01:06:00 A few looks at Ducey's caboose as she enjoys some rough sex in the stairwell.

01:10:00 More of Caroline's adorable birthday suit as she strips naked and gets into bed.

01:21:00 A long look at Ducey's spread-eagled thatch as a series of curious gynecologists check her temperature.

eaglespyharry was written on January 5, 2004

Top ten performance

Just watched this movie again. WOW. Caroline (AKA Ducey) Trousselard is spectacular. Tremendous open leg shot (1 minute long).

BushLeague was written on March 2, 2002

Nudiy throughout the entire movie

She is seen many times in and out of bed making love to various men (including on a stairwell). She strips in and out of her dress, panties, and bra (full frontal and back). She is also shown being tied up with her skirt hiked up and her panties down and her pubes in plain view. The highlight is when she is shown being given a gynecological examination by about five(!) interns with gloved hands (five minutes of spread eagle beaver with pussy--her black pubes are so thick, you have a hard time making out the lips). If this chick had just shown her asshole, she would have hit a home run out of the park! She is not an outrageous beaty, but everything is tight and firm, but not buff.

Sagamore Stévenin
casualasian was written on December 6, 2004

at least 3 brief glimpses of penis

I want to see this guy fully nude or even just his bareback! Alas, he did bare his tiny penis 3 times, but the turn off is that the 3 times he is always lying on bed with sheets covered and he is never fully nude on the screen, needless to say lack of butt exposure.

dvdcollector was written on May 17, 2002

Two scenes of penis taken out of shorts

There are two nude scenes of Stévenin in this film. In the first, his semi-erect penis is given a blow job. While this scene is shorter than the other one, it is much more erotic. In the second scene, his penis is taken out of his underpants and is held for a long time, so that we can get a very clear view of the head (especially with the zoom feature of the DVD). Unfortunately, the penis remains flaccid in this scene. The real problem with the film is that we never see this actor really nude -- there are no shots of his backside or even of his pubic hair, only of his penis.

bilfic was written on October 14, 1999

Two blowjob scenes

There are two scenes in Romance where Sagamore's penis can be seen; in both of them Caroline Ducey gives him a halfhearted blowjob. Sagamore appears to be uncircumcised, but Caroline pulls his foreskin back and bares the head before she takes it into her mouth. Caroline really doesn't know, or care, how to give head, at least judging from these scenes. She barely takes the head of Sagamore's little cock into her mouth. I gave it three stars, more than it really deserves, because the first blowjob scene occurs early in the movie when we don't expect it, and it is a real turn on.

Mattg was written on March 1, 2000


Yes, you don't expect Caroline to pull his shorts down in bed and put her mouth on his penis - the shock seeing this in a feature film is what is erotic about it - but in terms of sexual stimulation, it's clear the most the filmmaker could get away with was the half-hearted attempt at a blow job rather than full insertion into her mouth. That being said, there are a lot of full erections on display in this film, so one could conceive it being allowed for this scene - except it wouldn't make sense narratively because his character is not supposed to want sex. Too bad, because he's absolutely beautiful.

1437 was written on February 16, 2002

Dick....soft and blowjob

On my opinion, many french actor like to possing nude and show their dick in soft and hard. Not only that they like to do it in real.
This Stevenin's dick is been blow by Caroline.
First, he is in soft and uncut. Then we can clearly see her hand to pull his foreskin and we see the head. Then, slowly, we see she puts his dick in her mouth. WOW, I like your dick,Stevenin.

Rocco Siffredi
tza was written on May 27, 2007

having sex!!!

oh my god!!!what an amazing scene!!! rocco (an x-porn star) reveals his huge penis in a non-hard core porn movie!!!
u can see (while having sex) his dick going from soft to very hard!!! his dick is thick and long enough.....(which pleases even the most difficult and demanding customers lol) ;-)

Ruth was written on June 27, 2002

Rocco nude, plus dozens of nude men in ROMANCE

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to see when a friend of mine and I went to the theatre to see this so-called shockingly erotic film. Neverless we were shocked. Not only do we get to see the goods of porn star Rocco Sifredi, but we see the leading lady's husband's penis, as she begins to suck it! It's flaccid, but none the less it's still a penis!

Later in the film she dreams of a world where women could lay down exposing only their bottom half to a number of horny men. In this scene we see dozens of legs spred apart awaiting, while horny men roam from one girl to another, jerking off MASSIVE penises. (Most of these actor's HAD to have been porn stars with the penises they were packing!

As for Sifreddi, yes, even though he isn't very good looking, he's smooth and musculer which is a turn on. Not to mention the scene in itself is very erotic. We see Rocco's huge (I'd say at least 10 incher) erect and soft penis, and the very steamy scene of actual penetration.

Leave it to foreign films to have all the goods. 5 stars for all the numerous penis scenes.

dvdcollector was written on May 17, 2002

Full erect frontal nudity

This is a sex scene of the sort one would ordinarily see only in pornographic movies. Yet this is a very serious film. In this scene, the character played by Siffredi shows us his full (large) erection and pulls a condom over his penis. We then see his penis massaged for an extended period of time, during which it seems to be throbbing. Eventually we get a very hot sex scene. The only problems with the scene are that Siffredi is not the most beautiful man in the film (though he does have a nice, muscular body) and that we do not see much of his rear ass-ets.

bilfic was written on October 14, 1999

Erotic love scene displays Rocco's breathtaking endowments

Rocco, who is reported to be an Italian porn star, has a fairly lengthy sex scene in this film with Caroline Ducey in which both are completely nude. Rocco's enormous organ is on full display throughout the entire scene. When we first see it, it is soft, and Rocco can be seen putting a rubber on. He then stimulates himself manually to get himself hard, and Caroline strokes his huge, now erect cock with both hands. He then can briefly be seen penetrating her vaginally. The rest of theor lovemaking scene may be simulated; it's hard to be sure.

Russmicjack was written on September 24, 2003

Sex w/Female Lead

I'll sumarize this in 4 words... run & get it!!! I have never seen a sex scene as erotic as this one. And after looking at his incredible delicious LARGE penis, I myself had to take care of business.

1437 was written on February 16, 2002

Dick, Soft, Hard

This is good and even better that Stevenin. Although I know that Siffredi is a porn star.
We can see he is possing nude on the bed, full frontal. Then he seem to be putting the condom on his dick. His dick is beautiful. Then Caroline help it and we can see his soft dick become hard. Again, Caroline is graping his dick and they make love.
What the most people have not seen version is in my version, we can clearly Siffredi's dick is in-out from Caroline's vagina. Then, when he's achieve orgasm, he is pulling his dick out and also. Then, we can see his sperm come out from his dick and it spread on the bed. Then, Caroline is not enough on the orgasm. She then come to his 2 legs, and start to lick untill it reach his balls. Caroline is eating the sperm left in his dick and graping his balls. She also licking his balls.Then, she is doing blowjob as just to Stevenin. Then, after achieve orgasm, we can see again, Siffredi's sperm come out.

Mattg was written on August 16, 2000

Woe! Hot!

You see this rather cute Italian guy get picked up by the star and naked in bed, full frontal. As she puts a condom on him, his penis becomes harder - very, very hot moment. He then proceeds to make love from behind - what a hot guy - the hottest scene in this movie.

Roberto Malone
Hamm_Sodomy was written on August 10, 2007

the whole lasagna! :D

If you love burly men, then you will just love Roberto Malone. He's like Italy's Ron Jeremy. So you can see him in porn. In this film, he shows his hairy ass and thick, meaty dick. In the unedited version, he also ejaculates. In his porn flicks, he's often partially clothed. (I guess they do that in Europe more often.) So here you can see everything. I was pleased about his horny, nasty scene very much.

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