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Eating Out (2006)
Mattg was written on August 11, 2005

Incredibly hot actor

Ryan Carnes is truly a find. So overwhelmingly handsome and hot, he's been called Brad Pitt's younger, brunette brother. Plus he gives a fairly decent performance in this flick as a hot young gay man looking for love and trying to find it in another hot young guy who (unbeknownst to him) happens to be straight. The scene in question - the long three-way phone sex scene, with the two guys doing it while Gwen talks to Lunsford over the phone - is incredibly hot, well-written and a masterpiece of reverse sexism. Fag hags everywhere will cherish this scene where a straight woman literally talks a straight guy into having sex live with another man and enjoying it. It really pushes the boundaries in a way they truly needed to be pushed - getting a straight man to explore, accept and indeed enjoy having sex with another man, simply for the pleasure of the woman he's hot for.

Ryan is basically a piece of meat in this movie - spending most of the time shirtless or wearing tank tops and really tight, flattering jeans. After this three-way scene has pretty much wrapped up, we get the icing on the cake - after Scott Lunsford's hot and longer frontal nude shot - we see Ryan get up off the couch, first giving us a quick, hot side view of his naked body and ass, and as he pulls up his shorts, a nice, quick look at his cock. Together with Lunsford, it makes for an incredibly sexy, homoerotic moment that'll keep you coming for repeated viewings.

Somehow I think that Ryan is going to be a bigger star here than Scott - due to his looks and his acting (he's already shown up on Desperate Housewives) - so his frontal nude scene will be what this movie is truly infamous for, I predict.

Mb114 was written on September 5, 2005

The first

Fun little movie with some great frontals of actors Ryan Carnes and Scott Lunsford. If you buy/rent the dvd (and I do recommend at LEAST renting it)make sure you get the version that has the close-up of the two actors about to kiss. It will also state on the package "WARNING: This feature contains full-frontal nudity". There is another version (some main-stream stores carry) that has the frontal scene edited out.

GayMovieBoi was written on April 16, 2005

lots of shirtless, nice full frontal

This is a fun gay-themed movie with lots of sexy boys running around topless throughout. Ryan Carnes plays Marc, the gay roommate of Gwen (Emily Stiles). Caleb (Scott Lunsford) is a straight guy pretending to be gay in order to get Gwen. In the hottest scene in the movie Marc gives Caleb a blow job while Caleb has phone sex with Gwen. While you don't see the blow job, Lunsford simulates a very hot, intense orgasm. Then Marc masturbates while Caleb sits awkwardly by. Carnes, too, simulates a very intense orgasm, and though you don't see his penis while he masturbates you can hear every lubed-up stroke. Afterward, both Lunsford and Carnes have long frontal nudity shots as they dress - very hot to see Carnes naked with a nice penis and pubes.

hickeyfan was written on June 14, 2013

Full view

He is giving Scott a blow job, and when hes done, he masturbates sitting on the sofa. He then gets up to put on his jeans and his package is visible.

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