Stratford, Ontario, Canada

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year title
2004 National Lampoon's Going the Distance 2 Reviews
1989 Black Rain 0 Reviews

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2009 Black Rain 1 Review

Shawn Roberts' Biography

Shawn Roberts is stocky, handsome Canadian actor for whom it seems things are about to happen. Seriously considered for the title role of The Green Lantern, he lost that part to fellow Canuck Ryan Reynolds. However, Shawn is fast becoming a favorite with casting directors. Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on April 2, Shawn was discovered in a school play and recommended to a Toronto acting agency. He had a guest appearance on the TV series "Sirens" in 1994 before landing a regular role in 1996 on the new series Emily of New Moon. Throughout the rest of the 1990s, Shawn generally remained on television, showing up on various series before striking gold with his first movie appearance. In 2000, he gained a part in the first X-Men movie, playing Rogue's boyfriend Cody. Since 2000, the career of Shawn Roberts thus balanced out appropriately well between television and film work. Some consider him on the fast track to Hollywood's A-list.

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Black Rain (2009)
Derek was written on April 11, 2011

Public nudity

The strikingly handsome and perfectly built Shawn Roberts is in the Canadian woods camping alone. He plans to bathe in the nude in a nearby river. Just as he has removed his towel he is surprised by other campers. He keeps his back to the camera, and his perfect round butt is on excellent, well-lit view. A beautiful man with a beautiful body and the only good thing about this movie.

National Lampoon's Going the Distance (2004)
smc01 was written on September 3, 2005

2 brief shots of butt

The hunky and extremely good looking Roberts bares his very found butt cheeks for the sake of comedy when he is tied face down to a bed by 2 women, who then spread his legs and pull out a dildo. What they do with said dildo is, of course, not shown but during the scene we do get two nice, but criminally brief, shots of Shawn's bum. Great humiliation context, and Shawn's has an incredible bod. Hopefully he will bare his fine cheeks again at more length in a future movie

yowza was written on September 21, 2005

Humiliation Scene

Shawn plays Tyler, the cutest of the three heroes and the one with the nicest ass. He comes on to a couple of muscle gals in a bar and they go back to his room with him; they tie him face down on the bed, then slip his jeans and underwear off. There's a very brief side view of his round bubble butt at this point. Then his butt is shown, looking down his back, and we see the women tie hoes around each of his legs, then spread his legs apart, so that his anus and balls are fully exposed to them (unfortunately, we only see his butt - but what a beautiful (but quick) sight it is!) I gave the scene three stars because of the eroticism (and vulnerability) of it. We don't actually see the girls shove lubed dildoes up his ass, but it's implied by his howls. The next morning, he doesn't act like he has a real problem with it.

Black Rain (1989)

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