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Summer Catch's Sexy Actors

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Susan Gardner
tickledick was written on July 29, 2005

thong up ze pong hole

Strips to lingerie then jumps onto the bed, giving us an eyeful of her thong which is so deep up her crack it must be swapping atoms with her sphincter. [Face not in shot but unlikely to be double]

Jessica Biel
Bootydaddy was written on October 23, 2003

wow dude settle down

there's nothing here guys, just a wet t-shirt (that you can't even see through)..she is hot, no doubt, but c'mon this isn't nudity.

JAnondo_2002 was written on August 5, 2003

Wet shirt clinging to breasts and more

This is a movie with an old and commong storyline. But its worth seeing just for this "BIG" girl Jessie!Jessica Biel shows a lot of her body in this movie, probably closest to being in nude in her carrier. She wears a lot of tight shirts in the movie which emphasizes her alreay awesome breasts.

She appears in a pink small bikini at about the beginning of the movie. When she gets out of the pool, we get a great view of her breasts about to jump out of the top and nice small bikini bottom. Then she walks around a bit. Before diving back into the pool, she laughs at the guy and walks away swaying her ass in a wet bottom (CH03 on DVD).

The best scene appears on Ch 13 on DVD when she with her boyfriend went for a swim in pool in rain. She's wearing skimpiest of bikini bottoms, which is reveals by wiggling out of her jeans. After a while they had to run. When she gets out of the pool, the wet shirt is totally stuck to her chest completely showing the shape, size and everything, they even swing a bit! This is the scene that earned her the 3 stars here.

Freddie Prinze Jr.
bmg was written on December 22, 2001

Body double rear

His character is nude, but those aren't Freddie's cheeks. He used a body double.

MonkD was written on January 20, 2003

locker room scene

Freddie rushes into the locker room wearing only a girls thong. A quick view from behind shows a bare butt, but you can easily tell that its not his. Freddie is a skinny, non-muscular guy and this guy in the thong has some meat on him and has some butt. There are other scenes of Freddie in shorts and a few with his shirt off and he clearly needs to work out.

Matthew Lillard
bmg was written on December 22, 2001

Rear and very brief, dark, distant frontal

He gets his underwear taken away and runs around at night naked. We get distant shots of his nude backside and an incredibly quick glimpse of his crotch -- only on DVD, and you can barely see it.

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