Tell Me You Love Me's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Walker, Ally 3 Reviews
Walger, Sonya 3 Reviews
Towne, Katherine 0 Reviews
Stringfield, Sherry 0 Reviews
Borth, Michelle 5 Reviews
Alexander, Jane 1 Review

Tell Me You Love Me's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Somerhalder, Ian 1 Review
Selby, David 1 Review
Scott, Adam 2 Reviews
Kirby, Luke 2 Reviews
DeKay, Tim 3 Reviews

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Ally Walker
12-string was written on November 11, 2007

episode 10, airing 11/11/2007

Really about **1/2, unless you've been waiting a long time for this. However, this episode outdoes the brief and minor titty peek of the first installment.

Close to the end of the episode, Walker and her TV hubby quarrel viciously, make up, then get it on. She loses her top, revealing rather pancakey tits, in excellent light. At one point her PJ pants dip to expose some butt crack. These people are still feeling their way back into sex, or else the actors weren't willing to go as far as other members of the cast. He guides her hand down into her PJs and, when she gets a groove going as she squirms atop him, he reaches into his own, and they masturbate together with nothing actually showing. After orgasm, they tumble onto the bed and he dry-humps her a while with both still in their PJ pants and Walker ecstaticing her way toward an Emmy nomination. Scene goes on for a few minutes and is fairly hot despite the tame skin display. Looks like this marriage is en route to salvation.

Season finale is also probably the series finale, as a renewal from HBO seems unlikely, and I have to give the producers credit for bringing some (not always happy) resolution to all of the major plot lines in the series with this episode. If the show gets renewed, it can all go on ad infinitum, but if it doesn't there is still a sense of completeness to the 10-episode run.

CashGash was written on September 5, 2007

Briefly topless in the pilot

Ally and her husband are changing clothes in their bedroom when she walks into the closet fully clothed and leaves topless. She pulls a button-up shirt on covering her breasts as she walks out of frame. Certainly the tamest nude scene in the pilot of the show.

noned was written on September 9, 2007


I saw The Profiler's boobies!!!

Sonya Walger
ff was written on November 12, 2007

hand job scene is fake

It was reported that the handjob scene is fake which means they used a prosthetic penis. It kinda looked like a prosthetic except the cum shot looks realistic. Anyway Sonya appears nude several times in the show but the best scene was in the pilot episode where we see her bush (she's a real blond)

CashGash was written on September 5, 2007

Full frontal in the pilot + the handjob

Sonya goes all out in the first episode of HBO's new drama. She shows brief ass while taking a home pregnancy test, but that's not even slightly sexy. It gets good halfway through the show when her husband gets her in a guest bedroom at a party and they strip off each other's clothes. There's a brief shot of Sonya's shaved crotch as she pulls her panties down and some long, good close-ups of her large breasts as her husband sucks on them.
At the end of the show Sonya and her husband are watching TV when she pulls out his penis (possibly prosthetic, but it looked real to me... but I guess that's the point) and starts giving him a handjob. After a few minutes he cums and she pulls her hand away and examines the seamen on her hand.

Jezebigolo was written on March 18, 2008

Frequently nude

Sonya's character Carolyn is trying to get pregnant with her husband, so there are many scenes of her having sex in an attempt to conceive. In the first episode, Sonya's first nudity is her butt as she pulls down her pants to take a pregnancy test. Later on she and her husband have sex on their bed and her breast is revealed as her husband pulls down her top, her snatch is also seen as she pulls down her knickers and it is seen again from a different angle as she slides her underwear off her legs. In episode two she has sex with her husband again and the side of her butt is exposed as well as her pubic hair. In episode three she has a vigorous sex scene and the side of her butt is seen as well as her breasts. In a following episode her breats are shown yet again for a longer period of time as is her behind.

Katherine Towne
Sherry Stringfield
Michelle Borth
beowulf644 was written on March 25, 2008

Sex scene

Michelle is seen getting it railed by a guy tits bouncing up and down. She then flips over and you see a tight ass and his dick can be seen slipping in and out of her vagina and they are clearly having real sex. In another scene she is riding the guy reverse cowgirl showing her tits and shaved crotch before flipping around and ultimately getting underneath him so she can pull him into her. Must be tough for this actor to wake up thinking he has to go get paid to have real sex with a beautiful tight bodied young girl and have her ride his dick while he checks out every square inch of her naked bobbing ass and body.

buddy3531 was written on October 10, 2007

Ep 6 Sex Scene

It doesn't get much more graphic then this. Uber slut Michelle Borth has an explicit sex scene in this episode. First she gets naked and eaten out. Then you see her getting reamed missionary style. Then the fun really begins, as Michelle gets on top. For a good 30 seconds, you see the guy's dick slide in and out of her (you might want to lighten your screen). There's no question that it's real. Michelle looks hot of course. Nice ass, pretty good tits and hard nipples, and nice legs. The fact that she's a whore is also a bonus.

CashGash was written on September 5, 2007

Crazy graphic (for HBO) full frontal sex scene in pilot

Michelle gets the best sex scene in the pilot. She and her partner strip off and get down to business in a very intense and realistic scene. She's topless first then her panties are pulled off revealing her shaved crotch as her man climbs on top of her. He's also naked, including his penis which is visable in shadow. He goes down on her for a bit then they roll around as Michelle gets on top. You see the man's balls and the bottom part of his shaft disappearing into the general area of Michelle's vagina as she bounces up and down. I don't know if they actually had sex or not, but it sure as hell looks like it. I know the producers have said the genitals are a mixture of prosthetics and CG, but I think they just could be saying that so people won't go nuts. Anyway, they're interrupted and Michelle jumps up and pulls her jeans up, but remains topless as she runs around the room for a second. Then they go out into the car in the driveway and continue, Michelle getting her breasts sucked on by the guy.

noned was written on November 3, 2007

Graphic Sex Scenes

What a body!!! Thank God her character is a dirty whore.

soneag was written on January 4, 2013


Michele Borth's work in Tell Me You Love Me is some of the finest mainstream sex ever filmed. The test of the authenticity of a sex scene has always been the presence, or usually the absence of the male actors balls between the actress's legs. Michelle's scenes pass with flying colours. She always ends up fully naked throughout the series. Her pussy is neatly trimmed and on at least one occassion her labia is clearly visible. But most importantly her partners testicles are always where they would be if she was really being penetrated. Her initial sex scene sees her being flipped over onto her back, exposing her hirsute vulva. The male actor crouches over her, his large testes dangling between his buttocks. When she is on top her thrusts push down her partners genitals as if they are copulating for real.
In a later scene Miss Borth thrusts vigorously on top of her partner onto his shaft. The angle of the fully erect member leaves no doubt that penetration has taken place. The only question is whether Michele is riding an actor's erect penis or a prosthetic penis. Either way, full marks to Michele for allowing herself to be penetrated on camera!
In another scene with a different actor Michele is again fully naked. It is not clear if she has allowed penetrstion in this scene. The actor has small testes in a flappy little scrotum. Perhaps Miss Borth chose to pass on full penetration with this poorly endowed co-star?

Jane Alexander
ff was written on November 12, 2007

Senior sex

In episode 3 68 year old Jane Alexander is having sex with her equally old husband and you never really see anything except for the top of her breasts but the camera avoids any view of her nipples but there is in fact a brief glimpse of one nipple. In episode 6 there is a longer and more graphic sex scene with jane on top but even though she is completely naked in the scene you dont see much except for her breasts but again the camera avoid any view of her nipples.

Ian Somerhalder
bmg was written on October 20, 2007

Brief erect frontal and extended balls and rear

We see PLENTY of his gorgeous ass, and dark brief gimpses of his penis and balls, as he humps and eats his girl out from on top. Then, as he pulls her on top of him, we see a surprisingly clear shot of his erect penis! Plenty more of his balls as she rides him on top... but you just can't get over his big erect cock!

David Selby
Unusual was written on November 18, 2010

Butt crack

Very brief butt crack in bed with Jane Alexander

Adam Scott
peterseeker was written on November 1, 2007

Near the end of first episode, on the sofa watching TV

I am a sucker for Adam Scott anyway, and have been dying to see more of him. Boy, does this show deliver. In addition to the scene described by the other reviewer, If you keep watching, near the end of the first episode, he is on the sofa with his wife, and they start making out. She pulls out his penis and starts giving him a hand job. You see several shots of his hard member, and you see his orgasm. You see his face through the whole scene, so you know it's him. VERY HOT!

Guiseppe was written on September 8, 2007

Genuine Cutie Adam Showing Off Some Goods!

Adam Scott is so cute and charming its hard not to love him. In Tell Me You Love Me, the pilot episode has Adam showing his first bits of nudity ever. Adam stips off his clothes and we are given the quickets shot of his dick. When you freeze frame, we see a very nice meaty dick flopped over to the side with some hairless balls and a little bit of bush. The camera pans down and we get a 70% shot of his good-looking ass which I wish had more screen time. Oh well...still some fleeting shots!

Luke Kirby
Guiseppe was written on September 8, 2007

Some wow nudity from HBO

This show will blow you away. Not in quality but more of excessive nudity and explotation of the human body. This first demonstration of nudity fare is shown in the first 20 minutes where gruff, but handsome, Luke Kirby is giving it to his woman. We see extended frames of his pale, but cute ass as he strandles her. Another treat is some decent frontal exposure from Kirby who has a medium, bushy cock. But then comes the fleeting shots. His woman is strandling him and we see what looks like Kirby's erect cock realisticlly enter her. As she thrusts, we see quick shots of his standing-on end dick and his big balls drooping down. WOW HBO!!!

francisfahey was written on March 3, 2008

Which episode?

Guiseppe can you tell me which episode it is? Thanks!

Tim DeKay
flighty678 was written on September 17, 2007

Nice butt

Nice short butt shot. Hopefully when he and his wife actually have sex, we'll get it in a more explicit context.

Guiseppe was written on October 29, 2007

A Beautiful Dick!!!

Tim Dekay is one hot older man. He plays the sexually deprived husband and shows his most nudity throughout the show within a matter of seconds. First, he bends over and we see the top half of his crack which is a small foreshadowing to whats about to come. Tim gets up from bed and decides to take a shower. He walks into the closest and the camera pans up his scrumptious/well-packed buns. The camera then goes down his front in a sideview and we get a quick, but everlasting shot at his meaty, BEAUTIFUL DICK!!! OH MY LORD I just wanted to reach on screen and jerk him to death. Somewhat inappropriate....But anyways, he then walks from the closet and we get a quicker, more wholesome view of his cuttteee ass.

Ozzie700 was written on September 13, 2007


Tim, probably most famous for his role in Carnivale, plays Ally Walker's husband on this show. In the pilot episode, he's changing in the closet and you can see his cute, if not spectacular ass.

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