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Wells, Julian 1 Review
Mundae, Misty 1 Review
Khan, A.J. 1 Review

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Julian Wells
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

mostly breasts

at 36:00 she masturbates in the shower,lots of breasts but just 1 shot of her bush,mostly covered as she fingers herself.
in the last scene Misty Mundae calls for a "beaver check" and she Julien and Kelli summers lift their skirts and show their bushes.I think this scene for some reason was faked as Juliens ans Kellis bush were VERY blonde and almost identical and Mistys was too light brown and curly.

Misty Mundae
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

classic Misty

her first scene is at 8:00 where Kelli Summers ans then Julien Wells spy on her in the shower.full frontal with some nice bush close ups.
at 14:00 she and A.J Khan have a love scene but only show breasts
at 25:00 she A.J. and Kelli Summers have a 3 way but just breasts from Misty,you do get to see Kellis bush though
there is a brief,breasts only 4 way at 24:00
in the last scene Mist calls for a "beaver check"and she ,Kelli and Julien lift there skirts and show bush(see my Julien review for an opinion on the trueness of the bushes shown)

A.J. Khan
vizier was written on September 6, 2016

breasts only

A.J. only shows her breasts in this film
at 14:00 she and Misty Mundae have a make out scene,kissing and fondling only.
at 25:00 she Misty,and Kelli Summers do a 3-way,kissing,breast sucking and breasts only from A.J.

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