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Jennifer Westbrook
Immy was written on February 12, 2008

Down blouse nip slip (0:46)

More fleeting nudity from a Benny Hill babe. In the DVD megaset (Vol. 3, Disc 2, Show 6) during "The Misadventures of Robin Hood" Benny is in drag as a maid and has to bed down with hotties Monika Ringwald and Jennifer Westbrook. As Jenny (the brunette)tries to untie Benny's outfit her camisole gapes open and her left nip appears very briefly. Slo-mo shows it very well. Mentioned only because this was shown uncut on TV for years.

Sue Upton
Immy was written on March 2, 2008

Brief left nipple (0:40)

One of Benny Hill's most well-known Angels, Sue has a brief bit of exposure in the DVD megaset. In Volume 4, Disc 3, Show 1 during the WonderGran segment, Benny, playing a doctor, approaches an apparently unconscious Sue in her hospital bed and pulls back the bedsheet. She has her left arm across her chest but it doesn't cover her left nip. Look fast because Benny regulars Bob Todd and Henry McGee move in quickly to obscure the view.

Corinne Russell
Immy was written on March 12, 2008

Left breast (0:18)

British Page 3 model Corinne has a handful of appearances as one of Benny's legendary "Hill's Angels" and in the show's DVD megaset she even shows some skin. In Volume 5, Disc 2, Show 1 in a sketch called "Holiday" she and other girl are sunbathing face down and topless on a beach setting. Benny is giving a travelogue report to the camera when they both briefly get up to leave, but then decide to lay back down. Benny gets a great frontal view of both girls but we get a very nice side view of her left boob and nipple. Pretty daring for TV and apparently one of the reasons a backlash began developing against Benny's lewd form of humor. Of note later in the show (0:48) is another segment with Corinne where she's a stripper onstage wearing only a g-string and holding a balloon over her boobs. Pretty close to more exposure here. Corinne is a prime vintage Page 3 hottie.

Helli Louise
Immy was written on January 30, 2008

Very brief topless (0:44)

Volume 2, Discc 5, Show 1 of the Benny Hill Show DVD megaset features the first fleeting example of a topless girl in the series, and Helli gets the honors. She and three other girls are changing clothes at the beach in little booths. Jackie Wright enters a booth and slams the door causing the girls' doors to fall to the ground. Helli is on the far right and as the door falls her generous D-cups are clearly visible for a split second. Frame-by-frame is a must because she covers up quickly. A Benny Hill fansite calls it the briefest moment of nudity in TV history. But what a pair!

Cheryl Gilham
Immy was written on January 30, 2008

Brief butt (0:44)

During the Jackie Wright's Vacation segment of Volume 2, Disc 5, Show 1 of the DVD megaset, Cheryl is one of four girls undressing in changing booths at the beach. Little Jackie enters the middle of five booths and slams the door and the doors of the girls' booths fall to the ground. Cheryl (on the far left) has her back to the camera and her bikini bottoms are halfway down her thighs. While Sue Bond does roughly the same bit, Cheryl's entire butt is briefly seen. Really only appreciated once it's slowed down.

Sue Bond
Immy was written on January 30, 2008

Brief buns (0:44)

This classic naughty TV series is finally available in a DVD box set which makes it ideal for checking out the fleeting bits of nudity. The first on is in Show 16 (Vol. 2, Disc 5, Show 1 from 1973) during little Jackie Wright's vacation. Busty Sue Bond and three other girls go into outdoor changing booths by the beach. Jackie goes into the middle stall and slams the door causing the doors of the other booths to fall down. Sue is (fortunately) bent over facing away from us and her bikini bottoms are pulled down, showing some generous tan-lined butt (she's the blonde just to the right of Jackie). It's very quick but frame-by-frame affords a good view.

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