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True Blood's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wesley, Rutina 4 Reviews
Wenger, Jennifer 1 Review
Unlisted/uncredited 2 Reviews
Sapia, Danielle 3 Reviews
Paquin, Anna 17 Reviews
James, Danielle 5 Reviews
Gavankar, Janina 0 Reviews
Collins, Lynn 3 Reviews
Clark, Jessica 1 Review
Caplan, Lizzy 6 Reviews

True Blood's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Trammell, Sam 5 Reviews
Spanjers, Martin 2 Reviews
Skarsgård, Alexander 4 Reviews
Shiels, Graham 1 Review
Moyer, Stephen 3 Reviews
McCarthy, Brendan 1 Review
Manganiello, Joe 3 Reviews
Kwanten, Ryan 8 Reviews
Kazinsky, Robert 2 Reviews
Frain, James 1 Review
Brooks, Mehcad 1 Review
Billingsley, John 1 Review
Bauer, Chris 1 Review
Barnes, David Nathie 1 Review
Allman, Marshall 1 Review

nudity reviews for True Blood member submitted

Rutina Wesley
Ozzie700 was written on July 13, 2009

Sex scene

Rutina plays Tara. In the episode "Shake and Fingerpop", she has a sex scene with her boyfriend, Eggs. The lighting isn't very good and the angles on her are a bit discreet, so you won't see very much. There is a brief glimpse at her breasts while she's riding him.

ut1stgear was written on December 28, 2011

After sex with Sam

S01E08 Sam and Tara are in bed after having had sex. They talk for a while during which time Sam manages to piss her off. She rolls out of bed and begins to dress. At about 29mins we get a look at her right breast from behind and through the space between right arm and side. Lighting is dim but enough to make out the shape of her right breast but no nipple. Nice C sized breast but the shot is short. 1 star for the short peek. Hope there's more to come.

ut1stgear was written on December 27, 2011

In bed with Sam

S01E06 Very well done tease here. At about 47:30 Sam and Tara are in her room having decided, after the funeral, that neither of them want to be alone. Tara is lying on her back with Sam on top of her. The shot is a close up with both of their faces clearly in focus. It is back lit. Unfortunately she is wearing a thin bra but not a hint of nipple. At some point you start to get excited as Sam reaches up and you think he is going to pull the cup down revealing her right breast. Instead she ends up leaving to go see her momma. 1/2 star for the well played out tease.

BMac was written on May 30, 2010

half star

Rutina Wesley is a nice looking woman, but unless you're wearing night-vision goggles, not much more is visible in Tara's scene with Eggs than the silhouette of her decent-sized boobs. Like many of the disjointed sex scenes on this show, this is a missed opportunity.

Jennifer Wenger
Ghostwords was written on November 16, 2011

S2, Ep.3

The buxom Ms Wenger makes several topless appearances as Lindsey in the 2009 episode "Scatches".

ut1stgear was written on December 25, 2011

TV porn/A little drop will do ya

I'm beginning to believe one of the goals of this show is to have some nudity in every episode. In keeping with that goal I will attempt to record all of them in this section if not appropriate for other actresses. Haven't really been paying close attention to unlisted up until now. See how it takes me to get bored. S01E04. Having purchased a vial of V juice and been given instructions to only use a drop or two, Jason, under pressure of being arrested, consumes the whole vile which induces a lengthy erection which he must take care. While back at his house he turns on some porn. At 19:54 the Point Of View (POV) becomes the TV set. There is a buxom blonde who displays her breasts and nipples on the TV screen. Very clear and well lit so the TV must be HD.

ut1stgear was written on December 25, 2011

Title sequence each episode

During the opening for each episode right after, what appears to be a congregation dancing there appears a sequence of nude people starting with with a very fine right breast that is well lit ans shows areola and nipple. The crotch area is in frame but dark with somebodies hair covering it. Total time on screen is no more than 1sec but a great shot of her tits. Location is slightly up and right of center. It is visible at real speed but to enjoy the entire affect use of the pause is needed. Really only 1/2 star because you could miss it at real speed but once you know it's there very pleasing to the eye and much so more if you are lucky enough to pause it at just the right moment.

Danielle Sapia
sonic007 was written on September 8, 2008

S01E01 - "Strange Love" 9/7/8

Ms Sapia plays Maudette Pickens in a few episodes of this new HBO series.
First, at the twelve minute mark, she's shown nude sitting on her couch watching TV while being eaten out by Jason with both long shots and close-ups of her bare breasts.
Then at the 18 minute mark, they watch the sex tape she made with a vampire. In the tape, she's standing with her wrists bound and chained to the ceiling while being taken from behind. You can see her boobs bouncing but no good nipple shots.
Finally at the 21 minute mark, she's chained up in a similar fashion now with Jason behind her. Again, her boobs are bouncing furiously but her nipples never quite make it into frame.

ut1stgear was written on December 24, 2011

Sex tape

Danielle Sapia dies in episode 1 but the police found a tape made of she and Jason having sex. Jason is pounding her her from behind with his hands around her neck. This time her right breast complete with very hard nipples. Great shots of her large d cup or larger tits. She has a nice ass looking from the right side. There is also another short clip of the vampire having sex with her and again the right breast is very clear with nipple. Give thin 2 1/2 stars due to the clear nipples and her butt being visible. Would be 3 if the butt was a rear shot. This scene was much more erotic than in episode 1.

ut1stgear was written on December 24, 2011

Sex with Jason and a vampire

A1E1 As I said above she is not sexy, just nude and being pounded. Nice set of tits and very nice nipples. Plenty of nude time with not much tit exposure though. Don't know if she and Jason were really getting it on but with the amount of breast movement they sure sold it well. Movement she has natural D cups, perfect for grabbing hold of to keep from losing contact. 2 stars for the little but well lit looks at her breast and the sex. I have a bias against S&M so it will probably taint my star awards. Those who are into it might give it a little higher, say 2 1/2 but that would be the highest I think this scene is worth.

Anna Paquin
desertwolf02 was written on February 13, 2009

Double breast

Season 1 Episode 7

Continues where episode 6 left off with a flash of breast, later she sits up on her elbows from the floor. We she a decent shot of both breasts for more than a couple seconds, scene changes and returns to breasts again, then they are gone. Could have been longer, but props to her for the length we did get.

BMac was written on May 30, 2010

Great rack under wraps

Anna Paquin has a great rack, it's too bad she doesn't show it off more often. Yes, she finally provides some glimpses of her beautiful C-cup boobs at the end of episode 6 and the beginning of episode 7, but they're brief and mild. In season 2, Anna offers better exposure in episode 8. Anna Paquin has four-star breasts, but this cable show lets extras and bit players provide most of the nudity.

Fatjak was written on June 18, 2009

Season 2 Opener

More great nudity from Paquin here in the premiere episode of S2 of True Blood.

Several lingering glimpses of breasts, usually with Paquin in a reclining position as she begins a sex scene. One good shot of them almost full-on, though the rest are from a side angle. Her right areola seems markedly larger than the left in this shot, but I'm guessing that's just because her left nipple is a lot harder, tightening the skin.

This scene also includes her supernatural lover tugging her panties down, but the camera pulls back to obscure the shot right as bush would have been revealed. Some good partial-rear shots after he gets the panties down, but nothing full-on. Good view of the base of her buttcheeks as she reclines (again narrowly missing the bush shot by a quarter inch) and then some decent side-angle rear shots as they hump on the bed in a sitting position.

The scene closes with a very nice closeup of her right breast, nipple now fully erect

In all, a very encouraging start to this season of True Blood. Hopefully she'll deliver a lot more by the end.

Ozzie700 was written on June 25, 2009

Breasts and sex in season 2 premiere

In the episode "Nothing but the Blood", Sookie has an argument with her vampire boyfriend Bill which ends with a declaration of love. They make their way to the bedroom as they kiss, and they cut from her in her bra to her on the bed topless. There's a darkly lit glimpse of her butt as she raises her hips so he can remove her panties. Then there are more breast shows as he's on top of her and beside her, before he finally sinks his fangs into her neck and shares her blood with her. It's a hot scene, but not really for the nudity.

Bafitis was written on January 24, 2009

Sex With Vampire

I saw another review and saw how misleading it was, so I had to comment... 12strings I believe was the other reviewer... Did I miss something, did they do a Made For Public TV Episode or something??? The Sex Scene I saw with Sookie and Bill {the Vampire} was quite detailed and the camera hung out for several seconds showing Anna from the ridcage up... Either she was enjoying the scene or it was cold, because she was pointing to the ceiling and not with her fingers... Very good sex scene and very good nudity scene, especially since Anna hasn't really done any other Nudity scenes that I can think of... She Is Very Perky, but I'm not sure I would call her a "Full" C-Cup, they didn't seem to have the full roundness uncovered as they always seem to when she is dressed... I'm not saying they are small or disappointing, quite the opposite, she is a beautiful young woman with a very toned and sexy body... I can't wait for next season of True Blood, hopefully there will be even more skin from Anna...

12-string was written on October 11, 2008

Season 1, episode 6 (10/12/2008)

Tail end of the ep, Paquin's "Sookie" finally gives it in to the vampire. Long shot of her white nightie top coming down as she sits with him, too far to see anything whatever. Brief medium-close look at her bare right tit, as she's lying on the floor in front of the fireplace at his pad, before he fangs her. You can blink, but only once, and you'd have to have some serious emotional involvement with the performer to give it a higher rating than *.

NiccoloM was written on October 17, 2008

Gets fanged at the end

I must disagree with previous reviewer. I just watched the episode on cable and, yes, its brief, but, well lit and you get to see both of Anna's na's breast's and her right side. Prior to this shot you also get to see a couple of brief clips of her right breast. I watched a downloaded version of the episode and the same scene is very dark and you hardly see anything. Not sure if its my computer or what. I gave it three stars because its been long time coming and hopefully we get to see more.

fella_named_rio was written on October 18, 2008

Season 1 Episode 7: Burning House of Love

In the opening scene of this episode, Paquin is shown completely nude as vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) lies naked on top of her. She is shown full-length for much of this scene, and although the vampire's body covers her pubic area her breasts are visible almost the entire scene, which lasts well over a minute. This is an outstanding followup to this delectable actress's nude debut in episode 6. Despite numerous misguided, mistaken, or just idiotic reviews of five other movies posted above, Paquin has never appeared nude before last week. While some unreleased version of Darkness could be an exception, we may never know. I just wish I never saw another review that opens with something like 'there's no real nudity, but . . ." Then why are you reviewing it here, moron?

ut1stgear was written on December 28, 2011


S01E08 Thinking Bill is dead Sookie brings a memorial to his human grave. Suddenly from the ground a hand comes out and grabs her. It's Bill having spent the day in the ground. He pulls her down to the ground. With her on her back he pulls down the top of her dress. At 16:10 her left breast comes clear. Although the lighting is dim there is a clear hot of her hard left nipple. Now that Anna has crossed that line it seems she is getting more and more comfortable removing her clothes in front of the camera. Only 1 star due to the very short exposure time.

ut1stgear was written on December 28, 2011

After sex with Bill

S01E08 This episode begins at the same scene that episode ends. Using artistic discretion there are some minor but important changes. The POV is slightly more overhead but rotated so that Bill and Sookie are center in the frame. The lighting is much brighter. This gives a much better view of both of her breasts with areola and nipples of both breasts in full view. The nipples are now hard instead of soft. Almost forgot to review this scene. The scene is much less intense but the eye candy much clearer. The exposure time is much less so overall the scene drops to a 1 star.

ut1stgear was written on January 1, 2012

The unvieling

S02E01 Sookie and Bill have just admitted they love each other. They move to the bedroom in Bill's house. Bill's shirt comes off as does her top. Although her bra is still on by the time Bill spins her and moves her to a sitting position on the bed the bra is gone. At 54:18 she is sitting on the bed with a backlit shot of her left breast and he has his hands at the top of her shorts. The whole scene continues to 55:24 during which time several shots of her breasts are shown. As he removes her shorts she arches her back and we get a shot from mid-thigh to head. Her left breast is pushed upward and points toward the ceiling. Her hips also raise up and you see her left hip. Anna has great assets from medium sized tits with sensitive nipples. Although there is a slight sag in them they still point straight from her body. After they copulate we see her right breast in very good light and straight on. Nipple is very hard. Overall it is much better than I imagined it would be. 4 stars for the complete nudity, the length of the scene and the sensuous way the scene is done.

ut1stgear was written on January 1, 2012

After sex with Bill

S02E02 5:54 into the episode Bill and Sookie decide to have another session of making up sex. As Sookie moves on top of Bill her large B cup breasts come into view. Her left breast is visible in very good lighting. Extending straight you can barely see her right breast but it is clear enough to tell they are very close in size and shape. Nipples are still hard and the movements shows they are natural. 2 stars because this completes just about every possible view her knockers. How I would love to fondle and kiss those wonderful mellons.

Pirogue was written on November 7, 2008

Sookie gives it up

Agree with early part of 12-Strings review. At 50 minutes into episode 6 sex scene has long shot of Sookie's breast. This shot would not convince anyone that a body double was not used however at about 2 minutes into the sceene just before the character Bill sinks his fangs into her neck there is a more substantial view across her chest while lying on her back about 3 or 4 seconds showing clear shot of really nice young right breast and overlook of her left breast with face showing in shot. 2 Stars as result of the eroticism of the submittal to the vampire bite to the neck as culmination of the sex act.

fella_named_rio was written on October 18, 2008

Season 1 Episode 7: Burning House of Love

In the opening scene of this episode, Paquin is shown completely nude as vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) lies naked on top of her. She is shown full-length for much of this scene, and although the vampire's body covers her pubic area her breasts are visible almost the entire scene, which lasts well over a minute. This is an outstanding followup to this delectable actress's nude debut in episode 6. Despite numerous misguided, mistaken, or just idiotic reviews of five other movies posted above, Paquin has never appeared nude before last week. While some unreleased version of Darkness could be an exception, we may never know. I just wish I never saw another review that opens with something like 'there's no real nudity, but . . ." Then why are you reviewing it here, moron?

ut1stgear was written on December 27, 2011

The reveal

Having not seen any of the other films she is listed as being nude in I will take the word of a previous reviewer that this is her first real nudity.

I have to admit I skipped ahead and have seen S2E01 so this is her reveal but not her unveiling.

This is very well done and very tasteful. After attending her granny's funeral she is left alone in the house. She finishes off the last of the pecan pie, the last pie her granny made, and moves upstairs into her bedroom. Standing in front of the mirror, her face in full frame and full focus she begins removing her clothes to change into her nightgown. She slowly removes her jacket and just as slowly removes her dress. As the dress slowly lowers her left breast appears, slightly out of focus and no nipple showing. The best is yet to come.

She and Bill meet in the woods between their houses and Bill picks her up and carries her into his. Moving ahead to 48:42 there is a long shot of her and Bill sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. She appears to unbutton his shirt. Then he reaches over and lowers her nightgown revealing her breasts, mainly her right one. The position of her arms, extended at shoulder height, pushes he breasts out quite a ways. Although at a distance, backlit by the fire in the fireplace and her breasts out of focus they are clear enough to give a nice outline of her right breast. However, don't be sad there's still more. She lies down and they begin a making out session. At 49:26 pops up in frame. Very nice and hard. Remember that the camera is not focused so that Sookie and Bill's faces pretty much fill the frame and are in clear focus. She tells him she wants him to take her, meaning bite her, and as he goes for her throat a nipple again pops up although it is not hard but definitely a nipple. At 50:40, after a cut to Tara and her momma, the camera focal length has moved to show a side view of Sookie and Bill from head to waist. Her right breast is middle left part of the frame and out of focus but that clears up as he goes in for the bite. Her breast comes clearly into focus and it was well worth the wait. She has medium sized areola and decent sized nipples. 3 stars due to first time nude and how well they did the reveal. As I said a great reveal but not yet unveiled.

ut1stgear was written on December 24, 2011

Sexy women S1E1

Just a quick reminder that nudity isn't the only thing that warrants a review. Although no stars should be awarded if they are only sexy. In S!E1 there are some sexy women in it. Anna Paquin is one of them. Her work outfit is, I think, purposely only a little sexy. The few times we got to see her butt and legs were indeed sexy especially with the way she pushes her hips out. There are two sexy scenes though. When she is dreaming about Bill and runs outside with her nightgown and a robe on. Shots of her in both give a very nice idea of what it be like to have them removed. The other outfit is when she is sunbathing in sorts and a bikini top. She definitely doesn't have a bra on in this scene. I found myself wanting to be able to walk up, rub her tits through the top, take is off and begin to fondle, suck, kiss and lick her tits. No nudity but just as arousing as if she were showing them. Dawn (Lynn Collins) is another one. Now, at least one look at her in her outfit and in her robe makes you pay attention. The work outfit is very well fitted to her larger breasts and the sot I remember is one where she is standing on the left side of the screen and her breasts (covered) are sticking straight just waiting for you to grab them, then rip off her top and bra to ravage her tits. No nudity means no stars. Put this under Anna because she is the main star of True Blood. Her mouth is very sexy and inviting. Not only to kiss them but to have them wrapped around your manhood. She reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in that she appears so naive and innocent in this role. I don't know if all of her roles are that way but Reese's seem to be. Danielle is not sexy, just nude and getting pounded.

noned was written on October 12, 2008

Sex Scene

I always knew the kid in "The Piano" would have great tits. my instincts are amazing

Danielle James
ut1stgear was written on December 26, 2011

Behind the dumpster

A01E05 At 52:49 Tara discovers Jason and Randi Sue behind the dumpster going at it doggie style. Her character is that of a slut, newly divorced, and looking to make it with any one who wants to do her. There is no nudity so no stars. As they go at it like two pigs during the rut there is good movement of her breasts as Jason pounds her from behind. It does give you hope that you might see more of her at some time though. Maybe the sex will be at least a little more romantic then.

ut1stgear was written on December 27, 2011

2 scenes

S01E06 10mins into this episode we find Jason and Randi Sue in bed the morning after the dumpster incident. They are both lying nude face down on the bed. She has a great ass and legs. Her ass is full and her crack is clearly visible. The shot is of medium distance so you get to see her full body from head to toe. Her legs are athletic with good muscle definition. Kudos for a great ass. 48:14 begins another scene with Jason and Randi as she rides him reverse cowgirl style. The scene begins with Randi's face filling the frame. As she rides up and down her nipples just barely come into frame and in focus. Very nice nips but only visible for a frame, two at the most. Very nice and hard. The scene continues from a medium length with her squatting over his manhood, basically on all fours, and riding up and down. Well lit and of medium length again but her left arm stays in front of her breasts so you don't get another look at them. 2 stars for a great rear side and the very quick glimpse of her nipples.

Paramour was written on October 26, 2008

The Ho on top of the dumb brother

There's only one frame where you see the top of her nipples one of which is blown out from too much light and it's a little blurry anyway. But most of all this is one homely looking older chick, bordering on funny looking. Don't get me wrong--I like older women but why does this Jason guy always go after failed cougars and MILFs? Thank God his new girl (the psycho hippie chick) is finally someone his age.

sonic007 was written on October 22, 2008

Reverse Cowgirl

Near the end of S01E06 ("Cold Ground"), we cut to a close-up of her moaning face and her pert pink nipples bounce into frame a few times. We then cut to an overhead shot of her riding Jason (Ryan Kwanten) reverse cowgirl style. She's hunched over holding his ankles so you don't see more of her breasts but you can see the crack of her ass.

Paramour was written on October 31, 2008

Riding Jason

Kind of lame, two frames where you see the top half of under and overexposed nipples, slightly out of focus and obstructed by hair as the actress jerks in and out of frame. Also, the woman is just plain funny looking so kind of a turn off.

Janina Gavankar
Lynn Collins
sonic007 was written on September 21, 2008

S01E03 - "Mine" 9/21/8

Ms Collins plays sexy waitress Dawn. While having sex with Jason (Ryan Kwanten), there are a few brief glances at her breasts in long shots but there are also two frames looking from his view down onto her where her left nipple bounces up into frame. Once they are finished, she gets out of bed briefly revealing her ass as she pulls on her panties and then her breasts are reflected in a mirror as she puts on her shirt.

ut1stgear was written on December 25, 2011

Hot sex

S01E02 The scene starts with sitting on a dresser with Jason pounding her. Her legs are spread wide with him in between her. As he lifts her and turns to the bed we get a very good look at he bra encased breasts. He puts her on the bed and continues to pound her. Very hard, if even possible, to tell if she has panties on. No clear shot of her butt or crotch. Either way you get to enjoy her breasts bouncing at different times. Surprised reviewers of Jason missed this scene. Had to break my rule of no stars because of the very hot sex here. Only 1/2 star because thee is no nudity on the part of Ms Collins but can't understand why there wasn't. Everything about the scene cried for it.

ut1stgear was written on December 25, 2011

Sex with Jason

S01E03 The scene begins at 23:06 and lasts until 25:02.

She is laying on her back with Jason again squarely planted between he spread legs. The sex is somewhat humorous because she is bouncing up and down. In real time and as the POV changes you get a clear shot of her breast from the bottom of her left nipple up. They must have cast the women based on the sensitivity of their nipples because her nipple is hard and very erect. After Jason loses his erection they have a small argument and she proceeds to get out of bed. There is a clear shot of the top of her butt with crack visible and a very quick shot of the entire butt as she pulls up her panties. As she puts on her top the focal length of the cameras gives a shot from behind and slightly to the right. Her right breast is visible under her arm and as she lifts up to put the top over her head the left breast is visible in the mirror, but somewhat out of focus. Once dressed she turns around, grabbing a jacket. As she puts on the jacket she is turned fully and you get a very clear, almost up close and personal, view of some major pokies. Since I watched this using a streaming service all I had was the pause to use. Skillfully, and I mean skillfully, using the pause more shots of her tits become available while she is bouncing on the bed. At 23:08 or 23:09 as she reaches the height of her bounce with her back arched her breasts are fully pushed out. Both breasts are visible with the left nipple and areola visible but out of focus. Just in focus enough to see them but without the clarity one likes to have. Debated between 2 and 3 stars. Will settle for 2 1/2 with the addition of very major pokies at the end of the scene. Would go to 3 if the breast shots were clearer and could be picked up in real time. They also didn't really sell the sex in this scene. It was more like two naked people bouncing on a bed instead of having sex. It was way too much work to get the extra breast shots to be worth much. If you have a device that has slow-mo and step features then it might be worth using them. Still a lot of work.

Jessica Clark
Janewaysboytoy was written on July 12, 2013

She shows everything.

When she first shows up in the show she is bathed in blood. She does full frontal nudity. She has nicely shaped breasts. Also, she is on top of Bill in another scene cowgirl style. She is on all fours, and her butt is looking pretty good. She is basically naked every time she is in a scene in Season 5.

Lizzy Caplan
ut1stgear was written on December 29, 2011

V juice sex

S01E09 Have no idea how reviewers missed this scene. It runs for a full minute. Amy and Jason kidnap a gay vampire and take him back to Jason's house. After tying him to a chair Amy rigs a drain in his arm. Using a small cup she and Jason drink a small amount of V juice each. What follows is very hot. The previous reviewer said Lizzy doesn't remove her panties, true in E07 and 08. She not only removes them here but almost gives up a crotch shot more than once. This is by far the best nudity, for both of the actors, and by all actors so far in this series. The nudity begins a 13:10 and continues with a couple of short cuts until about 14:10. All of the nudity is well lit and from various angles and focal lengths. She definitely has larger than B cups and I think more of a perfect C cup. There is at least one close up full on shot of both hers breasts. Her nipples are rock hard, standing at attention and seem to be 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. Some but not all of the sequence could involve a BD, especially the ones showing them swimming, which show her in side and rear views. However, the closeups would be very hard to do with a BD. The sex itself is not raw but very sensuous in keeping with the nature of the mood in this scene. It is however very hot and worth watching over and over again. Her butt is two perfectly round and full but not meaty, more athletic. More than once her hard nips are pressed against Jason's chest. All in all this a very visually pleasant scene and the longest so far for True Blood. The almost crotch shots showed that, in keeping with TV censorship, they were no engaged in real sex. Even there is no crotch shot I give this a full 4 stars for the length of the scene, the clarity of the shots and how close they came to going over the line in censorship. No matter which star they chose to do this scene, Amy, Sookie the barmaid (forgot her character name) would have been perfect for it. Since I have it set at the beginning of the scene I guess I will have to sacrifice and watch it again.

BMac was written on May 30, 2010

Great little titties

Lizzy Caplan of "Party Down" (and for that matter, "Freaks and Geeks") shows off her beautiful boobies in episodes 7 and 8 of "True Blood." Caplan proves breasts don't have to be big; hers are no more than 34B, but they're perfectly formed and adorable. Brought in for a six-episode arc, Lizzy provides more of a look than the stars do. But fair warning: the show even makes it a plot point that Caplan doesn't take off her panties. Lizzy's little titties are among the prettiest in Hollywood, and rate four stars on their own. The typical TV censorship means the fake sex is only one star. But the extended views of Lizzy Caplan's peaches bump it up.

ut1stgear was written on December 24, 2011

Nude with Jason Stackhouse

OMG. Season 1 Episode 7. After snorting aspirin laced with True Blood she and Jason are high off it. She has perfect tits. Round large B to small C cup. The whole scene lasts from 45:03-46:04. During that time you get see her wonderful tits many time from different angles and distances from medium to very close. This includes a semi-close shot of both her nipples, hard and standing straight out. No actual sex is involved or implied due to her panties staying on. She is not so much riding him as sitting on his crotch. Would have loved to see him fondling, sucking, biting and kissing those gorgeous tits. Maybe another time. 3 1/2 stars for exposure time and clarity of views. Very much worth coming back to.

ut1stgear was written on December 24, 2011

Nude scene

Season 1 Episode 8. This is a continuation from Episode 7 so it has the same setting only 6 hours later. This time we start with her on her back and semi-close shot from the front. With her tits laying flat it is hard to measure their size but the nipples are still rock hard and standing at attention. During the scene Jason gets to lay his head on her breasts but no sucking, licking or kissing of any part of them. Lucky dog that he is though. She also has very sensuous lips and a good sized mouth. Not thin but not overly full. Just right for a lip lock. 2 stars for the very nice but less lengthy look at her breasts and nipples. hope to see more, and I mean more, of her. Seeing her in her clothes and those long legs and full butt should make any red-blooded man stand at attention. I know I did.

fella_named_rio was written on October 18, 2008

Season 1 Episode 7: 'Burning House of Love'

At about 45 minutes into episode 7, Lizzy Caplan, a hard-bodied brunette with firm, medium sized breasts, appears in an extended nude scene with Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) in which she is topless in panties. The highlight of this segment is an extended scene of Caplan riding Kwanten in the standard cowgirl position. During this scene, she is shown from a couple of angles; however, her panties never come off. If they had, I would be tempted to award it 4 stars.

noned was written on October 31, 2008

Sex scene

Absolutely perfect tits!!!

Sam Trammell
MarcioGore was written on June 12, 2012

Naked on Season 5 premiere

This man is hot!!!!What big chest!!!He's naked talking with a woman,he's hiding his genital with a pillow or something,so when he walks we can see part of his pubes on exact 11:19.After,we goes way with a naked girl and we can see his normal ass boucing!!4 stars for his body!!!

MarcioGore was written on August 15, 2012

Bare ass and bulge

On S05E08 and E09.
In the beginning of episode 8 he's in a hospital wearing only a hospital gown.So on exact 9:01min we can see a bulge in the gown,so push pause!And we can see his white normal but hot ass while he's walking and a little bit of his balls between his legs,pause again!
In the end of episode 9 he's fighting,with some guys ,completely naked and we can see that hot ass again!I like Sam Trammell,he's an actor that doesn't have shame to do nude scenes!

Ozzie700 was written on March 4, 2009


Sam plays a character who changes shape, which we don't get to see that much of, we get to see more of what happens afterwards, which is him finding himself naked. This happens in episodes 7, 9, and 10, with Sam's lightly hairy chest, meaty thighs, and plush rear end glimpsed in various situations (running through a field, opening a door, coming to at the foot of someone's bed).

MarcioGore was written on July 24, 2013


On S06xE05 when he get up from the bed naked we can see quickly his ass!It's a quick scene!

MarcioGore was written on September 4, 2013

Ass on the shower

On S06xE07, he's taking a shower and his girlfriend comes to take too, and when they make love in the shower, we can see his wet ass very quickly!

Martin Spanjers
MarcioGore was written on December 30, 2011

Butt on Season premiere

Great start to a young actor.He's cute and we have a scene that we can see his cute and virgin ass!!!!What delicious boy!!

Ozzie700 was written on June 25, 2009

Backside; season 2 premiere

Martin plays a young (17 or 18) Sam in flashback. Martin's around 20, by the way. There's not much to the scene, just a close up shot of someone's (Martin's, or a double's) bare bottom. Then in a later flashback, he flees a bed, and there's a side glimpse.

Alexander Skarsgård
MarcioGore was written on July 11, 2012

Butt again

On S05xE03 he just made love with a woman and when he get out the bed we can see again his hot ass with a good view!!

MarcioGore was written on December 30, 2011

Butt on Season 3 premiere

On the first episode of the season 3,He's torturing a woman,so when he starts walks we see that he's naked showing to us his cute and little ass.I think he extremely hot and he's a great body too,but his ass is only cute,no muscular like his body!

MarcioGore was written on June 12, 2012

Making love with a woman

On season 5 episode 1.He's Making love with a woman,his pants and underwear are down till his knees.We have three shots of his cute ass and hot thighs.After we can see him shirtless.He's extremely hot!!!

MarcioGore was written on September 4, 2013

Finally a full frotal

On S06xE10, on the final minutes to episode ends, he's naked in a chair, in a ice mountain and his body suddenly takes fire, and when he gets up we can see his normal blond hairy penis, use the contrast button to see better his penis! I hope to see his penis again in a better quality!

Graham Shiels
flighty678 was written on September 9, 2008

Thrusting rear

This nudity is seen on a home video the characters are watching on TV. You see Graham's big muscular thrusting butt hard as he is having sex with a woman from behind who is tied up kinky-like and standing.

Then it turns freaky as he thrusts faster and his face morphs into a vampire with some bad CGI.

Stephen Moyer
Ozzie700 was written on March 4, 2009

Backside, clean and dirty

Stephen plays the resident brooding vampire. Unlike most screen vampires who have come before him, we actually get to see a good amount of that undead flesh. In episode 7, he has sex with Anna Paquin, showing his somewhat flatter than expected but still appealing backside. Then we see him walk toward the bathtub to join her. In episode 8, he rises from the grave and has his way with Paquin again. He's covered in dirt, obviously, but this is still a pleasing view, with some very nice glimpses of his clenching cheeks as well as his taint.

Ozzie700 was written on June 25, 2009

Sex scene; season 2 premiere

Vampire Bill and girlfriend Sookie argue and then have sex. The extent of his nudity is a side glimpse of his nice back end. This is a hot scene, but not for nudity.

MarcioGore was written on August 30, 2012

Side ass on sex scene

On Season Finale (S05E12),he's making love with a woman near the episode's end,so when he goes up her we can see the side of his cute ass and his firm legs too!I think him very cute!!

Brendan McCarthy
MarcioGore was written on July 20, 2012

Naked on the floor

On S05E06 in the beginning he justed lose a fight and he's beated on the floor completely naked,we can see his cute ass for seconds,he has a moustache and he's cute,but there's other unknown guy naked on the floor too,that we can't see his face,with a better and hot ass that we have a great view!!!!

Joe Manganiello
MarcioGore was written on August 15, 2012

Hot muscular ass

On S05E08 on excat 12:35 min he's making love with a woman so we can see his perfect muscular hot ass three times.His body is big and muscular!This guy is so hot,true blood's fans hope to see him naked more times!

flighty56789 was written on June 18, 2013

Season 6, Episode 1

What a surprise, Joe is showing his sexy butt again on True Blood! He gets naked in the woods with his pack and has a threeway.

MarcioGore was written on June 22, 2013

Muscular ass and body

On S06xE01,about 34 min, he's naked on the woods with a woman and we can see his muscular ass and his incredible hot body too!This guys is hot!

Ryan Kwanten
MarcioGore was written on July 11, 2012

Bare ass

On S05xE05 he just woke up of a dream and when he goes out from his room in exact 7:54,and we can see his hot and muscular ass for a short time.You must pause this scene and see in slow motion.On E01 of this same season there's a scene that he's naked behind a door talking to a man,but we can see only his muscular legs!

scottje was written on August 21, 2011

Failed 3-Way

Season 3, Episode 1. At 46:10 and 46:20, there are clear shots of this cutie pie's fit backside. He's making out with one of the two girls he picked up while the other smacks his hot butt, but he can't get it up.

Derek was written on August 28, 2011

Embarrassing Dream--Episode: "It Hurts Me Too"

The ever sexy Kwanten is playing the every sexy Jason Stackhouse, who has decided he'd like to be a policeman. After falling asleep in his truck, he has a dream that he is trying to take the proper exam and everything is surreal. The scene ends with the Sheriff asking him "Where are your pants? He hears laughter and looks around at the rest of the classroom, realizing that he is missing his pants and underwear, standing in front of everyone. It is a pert, perfect but in a great scene, and cements why audiences insist that Kwanten reveal it as often as possible.

smc01 was written on October 20, 2008

Butt in Episode 6

Probably pushing it with 3 stars, but at approximately 10 minutes into episode 6 of the first series of True Blood, we get the most satisfying shot of Kwanten's butt yet. Albeit, he doesn't move much in the shot, but he still offers up a completely unobscured shot of his great behind as he lies flat on his stomach on a bed. The shot lasts for a little less than 10 seconds, and quite cutely, he's still wearing one white sock. Kwanten has come a long way since his "Home and Away" days and he has certainly shown himself to be a bit of an exhibitionist with this show (typical Australian). Long may he continue!

trojansfan was written on September 27, 2008

bedroom bang

In the 2nd episode of this series, Jason (his character)is seen banging away at one his girlfriends on top of a dresser in a bedroom. You see his full ass as he's pounding away, and although the scene is brief, it is VERY HOT!

flighty678 was written on September 9, 2008

Side butt and crack

You see the side of his butt and the crack as he is between a woman's legs eating her out. You can also see his front torso, but no frontal. I'm sure he will be seen nude many times in this show, so don't fret if you want more.

I saw a screener and it seemed to be a little more raw with some more rear nudity from him, but I could be wrong.

MarcioGore was written on July 24, 2013


On S06xE05 he's making love with a woman and we can see his perfect hot body!After this scene,he's naked sleeping on the bed,so we can see his fit ass!I don't give to him 4 stars cuz he's inverted on the bed and we don't have a better view of his ass!

jrn was written on September 15, 2013

Hot Aussie Butt

Ryan Kwanten bares his ass A LOT in this series, mostly the first season. However, my favorite ass scene was the one from season 3, episode 1. I won't describe the scene, as other reviewers already have. I wish this hot (and talented) actor would show frontal, too, but I'll take what I can get: his ass!!
And what a nice ass it is!! It's nice and round—truly amazing!!

Robert Kazinsky
MarcioGore was written on July 24, 2013


On S06xE05 in the mid of the episode he's taking water from a lake and suddenly there's a naked woman in his front and she pulls off his clothes letting him completely naked and we can see his cute ass from a far distance.When they start to make love he moans and this is so hot!This guy is hot and handsome and has a hairy chest!

TeddyBearTeutul was written on July 25, 2013

Beautiful Ass

I agree w/ above user. This man is pure gorgeousness.

James Frain
flighty678 was written on June 28, 2010

Episode 3x03

James is an off-beat handsome guy with a nice body. You see the side shot of his body and butt when he flips over Tara in a hot sex scene. One less star for the shortness of the shot.

Mehcad Brooks
Ozzie700 was written on July 13, 2009

Sex scene

Mechad plays Benedict "Eggs" Talley, and in the episode "Shake and Fingerpop", he has a quick sex scene with his girlfriend, Tara. The lighting is quite dark, and the scene is relatively short, but you can still get some very good glimpses of his muscular, dark cheeks as he's thrusting into her.

John Billingsley
flighty678 was written on August 15, 2009


Brief frontal. Not a very physically fit man, but there's his pecker for you. It looks nice anyway.

Chris Bauer
MarcioGore was written on June 12, 2012

Naked on the bed

On season 5 premiere,two boys get in a bedroom and he's lied on the bed with his cute ass on top.We have three view of his normal but cute ass.

David Nathie Barnes
MarcioGore was written on August 15, 2012

Full Frontal

On S05E09 in the beginning of the episode,he's completely naked on a table,with his penis totally expost.He's a medium size penis and balls,white and a little hairy.This scene is great don't miss it!He isn't credited in this episode on imdb,but he has a page there,I found informations in the web.

Marshall Allman
MarcioGore was written on December 21, 2011

Butt (walking nude)

On S03E09 there's a scene when he's with a girl in his brother's trailer,so when his BRo arrives he see Marshall walking nude.There's a quickly full screen close on his white and cute ass.This guy is hot!!!Check this scene!

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