Louis Gossett Jr. in Managua (1996)
mcgeezer was written on July 24, 2006

Nude with white woman

Bit of a disappointment. Actually says "high level sex scene" on DVD. But you don't see much. Too dimly lit. You do see his ass twice but in poor lighting.

Assumpta Serna in Managua (1996)
mcgeezer was written on July 24, 2006

Nude with black actor

She is quite fit this actress. Has one scene, nude romp with Gossett Jr. See her tits and ass a few times.

Melvin van Peebles in Sweet Sweetback's Baad Asssss Song (1971)
mcgeezer was written on July 24, 2006

Strips and has sex in front of biker gang

I remember seeing this years ago and thinking it was pretty hot. I just saw it recently again and the scene where he makes love to a ginger haired biker woman (i think) is good.
You see full frontal, backside, everything.
Later he is getting dressed to go on the run again and you see nudity again.
He was brave this Van Peebles, not many black actors go full frontal especially older ones.

Kirk Douglas in Saturn 3 (1980)
mcgeezer was written on July 24, 2006

Nude fight scene

Kirk was pretty old even here and as he wrestles around with a fully clothed Kietel you see his toned ass. Again, as he is guided away by Farrah you see his good physique from the rear. Not long enough scene though.

Tracy Camilla Johns in She's Gotta Have It (1986)
mcgeezer was written on July 24, 2006

Sexy actress shows gorgeous tits

This black actress is the object of Spike Lee's eye in the film but she has a sex scene with another black guy abd they are both fully naked. You see her tits which are yummy. You see a lot of his dick too.

Julianne Moore in Short Cuts (1993)
mcgeezer was written on July 24, 2006

Talking to Matthew Modine

As she stands talking to Modine she does a bottomless shot. She is clothed above but her shirt is just shy of her exposed pussy. Lovely scene.

Adrian Lester in Ghost Squad, The (2005)
mcgeezer was written on April 29, 2006

Getting out of bed

Lester guest stars in the last episode of this excellent Channel 4 drama about police investigating police.
He plays a (is he or isn't he?) bad copper and falls for the undercover cop (played by the lovely Irish beauty Elaine Cassidy).
They are lying in bed when Lester climbs out to leave in a scene towards the end and as he pulls on his pants we see his butt.
It's a dimly lit scene but you still see the whole back body of Lester.

Adrian Lester in Hustle (1975)
mcgeezer was written on April 6, 2006

Totally naked in middle of London

Lester and Marc Warren as con men Mickey and Danny are sprung from a van by Robert Vaughn and co. for a bet on who is the best grifter.
They are both naked and it is the middle of London (near Trafalgar Square I think).
The two actors have extreme guts to do it as genuine passers by and the public at large smile bemused as the two of them run off in diffrent directions, both covering their nuts and bolts with their clasped hands.
We see a good few shots of their butts as they jump from the van and generally run in crazy panic completely shirt and pantless.
Good fun scene from a great show.

Marc Warren in Hustle (1975)
mcgeezer was written on April 6, 2006

Exactly as Lester.

The white guy's ass to Lester's black ass. Warren is the obvious heart-throb I guess but they both look good. Warren adds a cheeky touch as he lifts his hands in his camera shot to reveal all to a bemused group passing as Lester heads off a different way.
These two guys must have needed to have a good laugh and a drink before they did this together!! Especially in front of the London public and Roberts Vaughn and Glenister and the lovely Jaime Murray( their co-stars).

Paul Copley in Shameless (UK) (2004)
mcgeezer was written on January 25, 2006

early morning exhibitionism (again- ten years after This Life!!)

Paul Copley is a brave old chap. I remember him from This Life which I reviewed here some time ago and 10 years on (even older still- I think he's in his early to mid 60s now) he goes full frontal. But whereas in This Life he went full frontal briefly- here, in the ever- excellent Shameless, he basically spends the whole episode naked.
Trouble is two of the scenes revolve around him totally starkers in front of young teen actors. I'm sure though that the youngest two actors must have been edited around the shots of Copley with his penis out as he asks for a pint of milk.
The other scenes are just totally gratuitous male nudity as he over and over again enters scenes naked.
He does one scene where he and his fancy woman (Veronica's mum Carol) are eating breakfast naked while the funeral cortege are next door. Ian Gallagher enters horrified at the two oldies nude. You get the briefest of glimpses (too quick) of the old actress's tits but Copley again displays his tackle for the whole nation to see.
Great TV show full of hilarious scenes and good guest appearance by Copley.

Tim Healy in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (1983)
mcgeezer was written on December 8, 2005

Locker rooms at swimming baths

In this 80s British Tv series about English brickies working abroad Tim Healy bares his bum a few times like one or two of the other actors.
In this scene of episode 9, series 1 (1984) he is getting changed after a swim with Tim Spall and Kevin Whately. Healy is short and stout but his surprisingly nice bum is on screen for a few seconds.
In series 2, episode 10 (1986) all the lads are swimming in a Spanish villa's pool and Healy covers his privates as he tries to explain to the irate owners of the villa that they've got the wrong place. As Healy covers his goolies we get pretty much a look at everything else in the sunny Spanish sun. Quite good if you like the short, stout, balding middle-aged actor who has in fact got a little more attractive over the years on our screens.

Fernando Guillen in Jinetes del alba, Los (1990)
mcgeezer was written on November 28, 2005

Pervy old Spaniard lusts at displeased young maid

Fernando- a veteran Spanish actor- is the grey-haired and moustachioed Don Erasmo, a powerful figure in this Spanish Civil War drama.
In his first nude scene he is sitting at his grand desk reading when the sombre young heroine enters awaiting orders. He rises from his seat and lets his dressing gown fall open, revealing a masculine aged body. There is the slightest glimpse of penis but only just- you mainly see his pubic hair.
Quite an erotic scene as he is very macho and sexual in his stance.

Fernando Guillen in Jinetes del alba, Los (1990)
mcgeezer was written on November 28, 2005

Bare bum of mature Spanish actor

The scene I described before is more alluring as it hints at more with the very revealing open dressing gown but in this scene you see complete nudity.
Don Erasmo is trying to coax the servant girl played by Abril to have sex with him as they lay in bed (she has by now become his unwilling servant)but they moan at each other. Old Erasmo gets the hump and rolls away from her. He gets out of bed and we see his quite slender ass for a matter of seconds.

Billy Connolly in Comic Relief 2001 (2001)
mcgeezer was written on November 26, 2005

Charity stunt on the TV money-raising marathon

Billy Connolly jigs around Leicester Square in London completely stark bollock naked.
This was a shock TV moment on the best Comic Relief in years. It was the funniest year so far.
Connolly steps out into a very busy and crowded City of London and lets it all hang (and I do mean hang-) out. The public stare in disbelief but many know he's doing it for charity. It then cuts back to Lenny Henry and Zoe Ball in the BBC studios who introduce a load of naked Connolly copyists in ginger wigs running down from the audience to the amazed Lenny and Zoe.
Billy Connolly was brave and mad doing this!!

Richard Wilson in One Foot in the Grave (1990)
mcgeezer was written on November 13, 2005

Embarrassing shower nudity

Victor Meldrew naked!!
The grumpy pensioner is caught naked showering. We see the aged actor Wilson's fine body and bum as an old lady walks in on him showering in a country house. This is a classic British sitcom and this is the only nudity ever in it as the cast are all old and it's very popular.

Ronald Pickup in Time to Dance, A (1992)
mcgeezer was written on October 26, 2005

Older man and young girl get it on

Ronald is a middle-aged British thesp and goes full frontal in this scene with the lovely Irish actress Dervla Kirwan. They initiate sex and we see them both completely nude.

Richard Roundtree in Shaft in Africa (1973)
mcgeezer was written on August 28, 2004

Good fight scene in nude

Saw this recently on TCM and they edited most of the revealing shots of Roundtree.The original scene is good as he shows his ass and the side of his penis as he fights right at the beginning of the film.

Richard Harris in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (1993)
mcgeezer was written on August 26, 2004

Very beginning of film.Excercising in the nude.

This is a funny scene as Harris (in his sixties here)is doing push-ups in the nude.The camera is across the room and we can just see his bare back and buttocks rising up and down.There is a knock at the door and he goes to answer it and the camera shows us his full muscular back and buttocks as he walks.He is in surprisingly good shape here considering his old age.When he opens the door it is Shirley Maclaine standing looking at him stark naked but the camera stays just above his groin.

Robert Duvall in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (1993)
mcgeezer was written on August 26, 2004

Brief glimpse of he and Harris's butts

Harris had opened the film with a long nude shot but here Duvall dives from a boat with him and we only catch a glimpse of their butts.Once in the water we see another second or two of their rears but too fast really and not as good as the opening scene.

Bryan Pringle in Drowning by Numbers (1988)
mcgeezer was written on August 26, 2004

Strips while cavorting with woman.

Pringle unstraps his braces and unfastens his shirt and pants as he lustily mauls the actress.Once stripped we see his naked flesh from a side angle and his penis flops out.Then he climbs away from the woman and his bum is in full view as he mounts a chair.It is the next scene when we see his him full frontal as he lays in the bath and his wife dangles her hand around the water.Pringle is in his fifties and not a handsome man really but it is a sexy scene.

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