Annabelle Apsion in Shameless (UK) (2004)
mcfuck was written on March 12, 2011

Voluptuous nudity

This gritty but sexy actress goes naked in front of a mirror while exploring her body.
We see her lovely tits and get a flash of her furry cup as she drops her dressing gown and opens it.
Definitely stirs the loins.

Samuel L. Jackson in Formula 51 (2001)
mcfuck was written on March 12, 2011

Sexy black ass outdoors

Sam keeps it all till the very end of this great comic caper of a film.
After spending the entire film (unusually) wearing a kilt(??!! LOL) Big Sexy Sam is in conversation with a gentry country squire on the golf course.
He drops all his clothes (off screen -as it\'s the reaction of the old white man we see) but then the camera pans on Sam\'s smooth slim but loose pouchy black butt as he walks naked towards the estate he has just inherited.
Great scene. Great film.

Jack Palance in Mercenery, The (1968)
mcfuck was written on March 12, 2011

Great ass scene outdoors

In much the same way as Samuel L. Jackson walks away showing his slender slim puchy butt in Formula 51/51st State Mr Palance predates this great cameraangle/shot by 30 years.

In this he is forced to strip by bandits and walks away totally naked and we see his whole naked form from behind.
It\'s very similar to Jackson\'s walking away ass shot in above movie and also Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer.
All 3 have great butts and are older rugged but slender men.

Burt Lancaster in Swimmer, The (1968)
mcfuck was written on March 12, 2011

Great ass scene outdoors

I seem to love older men naked outdoors and walking which wiggles their butts.
In one of the most famous male nudity bare bum scenes ever Mr Lancaster strips off his trunks because two even older nudists are sitting awaiting him.
He covers his genitals but as he walks away towards the pool we see the whole naked back of him.
Burt has a sexy muscular soft and older bum that looks sexy in movement.

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