Violante Placido in American, The (2010)
bilfic was written on March 31, 2012

Nice breast and bush shots

There is a fair amount of pretty good nudity in this strange film. At 0:29 Violante disrobes completely in a brothel scene that is shot through a red filter. We can see her breasts and we get two very brief glimpses of her bush. There is a torrid sexual scene between her and George Clooney from 0:51-56. We get several lengthy views of her breasts and can see her writhe in ecstasy as Clooney eats her pussy. Violante has full protruding nipples. This scene is also shot through a red filter. I suppose the reason these these two scenes were shot in red was to be sure we know, lest any viewer miss the point, WE ARE IN A BROTHEL. Finally, there is an outdoor scene from 1:18-20 in which we get several nice views of Violante's beautiful breasts, and we can also see her bush through her transparent wet panties.

Arta Dobroshi in Lorna's Silence (2008)
bilfic was written on June 20, 2011

Good full frontal, passionate sex scene

Arta Dobrashi is an attractive young woman of about 30. There is only one sex scene in this film. She strips down and we get a full frontal view of her entire body, small breasts and trimmed bush. She then begins a very passionate sex scene which is not brought to completion.

Emily Grace in What Alice Found (2003)
bilfic was written on April 12, 2011

Full frontal, good body, marred only by brevity

This indie film about a naive young girl lured into prostitution is pretty good. The full frontal scene occurs about an hour into the film when Emily Grace's character strips for a customer. She has full, luscious breasts and a reasonably abundant natural bush. The only problem is that the full frontal scene lasts only a few seconds. We get glimpses of her breasts in a couple of lovemaking scenes, but otherwise that is it. The film is worth seeing.

Justin Parkinson in What Alice Found (2003)
bilfic was written on April 12, 2011

Brief full frontal

This is a brief full frontal of an attractive young actor with a nice body. You get a good glimpse of his adequately sized uncircumcised cock and of his balls. The scene lasts only a few seconds.

Noomi Rapace in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The (2009)
bilfic was written on June 8, 2010

Small-breasted but erotic beauty

I have very little to add to the above review, which pretty much says it all. This actress is small-breasted to the point of being almost flat-chested, but she is nevertheless quite erotic. Great movie.

Irina Potapenko in Revanche (2008)
bilfic was written on May 4, 2010

Luscious young Eastern European actress

I had never seen this actress before I saw this film, but she is a gem. There are several nudes scenes in this film wherein her luscious body is fully exposed, meaning full frontal. There is a lovemaking scene in a shower, shot from about 10-12 feet away, in which the lucky actor gets to wash her in the shower, washing first her beasts, then her pussy. He then squats to stimulate her orally, then stands up for (presumably simulated) intercourse. There are several other brief scenes of Irina walking or lying around after sex, fully nude. These scenes are hot.

Ursula Strauss in Revanche (2008)
bilfic was written on May 4, 2010

Brief breast shots

There are a few breast shots of this attractive, mid-thirtyish Austrian actress, most of them post-coital, lying in bed. Nothing special.

Penélope Cruz in Broken Embraces (2009)
bilfic was written on March 2, 2010

Penelope's luscious breasts

There is a brief shot, lasting about 20 seconds or so, of Penelope in a supine position revealing her luscious breasts. This is immediately followed by a very brief shot of Penelope standing, again exposing her breasts. Penelope was 35 when this film was made, but she is still in perfect physical condition. Three stars only for brevity.

Kira Miro in Broken Embraces (2009)
bilfic was written on March 2, 2010

Luscious breast exposure from a Spanish beauty

This is an actress I've never seen before, that I know of. She is a Spanish beauty who has a steamy sex scene early in the film and then is not seen again. Her beautiful breasts are amply exposed. Three stars only for brevity

Vera Farmiga in Up In the Air (2009)
bilfic was written on December 25, 2009

Very brief ass and boob

Vera is seen walking in a post-coital scene with George Clooney. We get a clear view of her ass and a side view of her breast and nipple. This could possible be a body double, since we can't see her face. This is immediately followed by a scene of her talking to Clooney which is definitely her, but all we see is part of her left boob without nipple and part of her left butt cheek. Hardly worth mentioning. But I think Vera is luscious because of her unusual good looks, and I would love to see hwe fully nude someday.

Tatyana Bestayeva in Shadows of forgotten ancestors (1965)
bilfic was written on May 10, 2009

Brief nudity at a distance

This is the last film in which I expected to find nudity, a film released in 1964 from the USSR. However, this beautiful actress disrobes completely about 2/3 of the way through the film. We first get to see her bare butt, then she turns around for a full frontal. She is shot from a distance, so we don't really see her bush, but we get a brief glimpse of her ample breasts. This is followed by a shot of her running nude through the countryside. The rating would have been higher if there had been more of a closeup and if the scene had been longer.

Asia Argento in Last Mistress, The (2007)
bilfic was written on September 23, 2008

What a body!

Asia Argento has appeared nude in many, many films, and this ranks with one of her best. There are several nude scenes throughout the film--appropriately--since the film is about sexual obsession. This is a costume drama set in 1835 France. Asia plays a courtesan whom the male lead must give up because he is taking an innocent (maybe) young girl as a wife. Well, Asia's character, who he has been screwing for 10 years, is not about to let him go.

As I said, there are many love scenes in this film in which you get to see Asia completely nude and in action. She is hot hot hot! There is one love scene in which the lovers assume a very unusual position, perhaps found only in the Kama Sutra. Asia has beautiful, luscious breasts which are amply fondled and sucked by her lover. Her underarms are unshaven, probably appropriate for the period. The only disappointment is that there is only the slightest glimpse of her bush. In my opinion, this is a must see.

Roxane Mesquida in Last Mistress, The (2007)
bilfic was written on September 23, 2008

One nude scene

Roxane is in one nude scene in this film, but it lasts a while and it is full frontal. She is lying in bed in the "spoons" position with her husband, who has just learned that she is pregnant. The pregnancy is barely visible. She is fully nude, facing the camera, and he is stroking her body. She has medium to smallish breasts and appears to have no pubic hair. However, she is blonde, so perhaps her pubes are blonde, or maybe her bush is tucked away between her legs (you can't see her crack).

Fu'ad Ait Aattou in Last Mistress, The (2007)
bilfic was written on September 23, 2008

Several nude scenes

I am not much into male nudity, so it's hard for me to rate this actor, who first, and so far only, screen appearance is in this film. He has no previous acting experience, but he nevertheless gives a pretty good performance. He is one of those young men who can best be described as pretty, i.e., he has almost a feminine appearance: pouty, full lips, sensuous face, slender build. He appears in several steamy love scenes with Asia Argento and one mild one with Roxane Mesquida.

Alice Braga in Cidade Baixa (2005)
bilfic was written on December 7, 2007

Hot, hot, hot!

I just saw this on cable and regret not having seen it on the big screen. It is the hottest non-porn film I have seen in recent memory. Alice Braga, who was 22 when this was filmed but looks a few years younger, has one of the most sexually powerful screen presences in the world. She has a pouty face, reminiscent of the young Jeanne Moreau. She has beautiful, shapely breasts that are on abundant display here, mostly in the numerous erotic love scenes but also in the scenes of her stripping. My only regret is that more bush wasn't shown, because, judging from the glimpse that we get, it is quite lovely. There is a scene in which one of her lovers pulls her panties down, and we see her hairy bush for about a second. More, Alice, more!

Julia Stiles in Edmond (2005)
bilfic was written on November 23, 2007

Very very brief butt and breast

The scene wouldn't even be worth mentioning except it is the first time this reviewer has seen Julia Stiles reveal anything. In this film we see her getting out of bed and catch a brief glimpse of her but and right breast from the rear (no nipple) for a second at the most. Don't rent this movie for the nudity.

Fernanda Torres in Casa de Areia (2005)
bilfic was written on December 28, 2006

Torrid love scene

There is a torrid love scene involving Fernanda about halfway through this film. We get a few shots of her breasts and a brief glimpse of her bush, lasting only a few seconds. Fernanda's bush appears to be untrimmed. Her breasts are small, but she has large, protruding nipples. Fernanda is very unusual looking, but she has a sensuous mouth. Definitely a very sexy woman. The two stars are because of the brevity of the scene.

Melissa Leo in Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The (2005)
bilfic was written on December 16, 2006

One nude scene it would have been better to cut

Some older actresses can get away with performing nude scenes, and some can't. Melissa Leo can't. She has one very brief scene where we can see her entire body nude from a side view. Her body is doughy and unappealing. Better to have left it to the imagination.

Maria Bello in History of Violence, A (2005)
bilfic was written on December 5, 2006

All too brief full frontal

There are two steamy love scenes, both adequately described in the earlier reviews. However, not much flesh is shown in either, although we can see Maria's pubic hair underneath the sheer panties she is wearing prior to the first scene. The true nudity comes at about 1:10, and it lasts only a few seconds, perhaps 5-10. However, we do get a full view of Maria's lovely bush. The scene occurs after she and Viggo Mortensen have had torrid sex, and she is somewhat angry with him for his deceptions. She walks through a door with her robe open at the front, with her bush fully exposed. Her breasts are hidden by the robe. She turns and walks to her right, then turns again to face the camera, and we see the full bush again. If the scene were longer, I would give it 4 stars, but its brevity forces me to limit it to 3.

Let me briefly describe Maria's bush, which appears to be one of nature's works of art. Maria appears to have trimmed it on the sides, but otherwise it is untouched. It is bushy and abundant, completely untrimmed on the top and front. It is especially erotic because it belongs to one of the hottest actresses around. I think the reason she is hot is because, in addition to her sensuality, Maria exudes intelligence. You know right away that this is no bimbo. Thank you, Maria, for feeding my fantasies! You are my dream woman.

Rinko Kikuchi in Babel (2006)
bilfic was written on November 9, 2006

Luscious young Japanese actress, full frontal

This young Japanese actress, who was actually 25 when she made this film, plays a deaf teenage schoolgirl who wears a school uniform throughout most of her scenes. She is a tragic character, and all of her scenes carry a bit of pathos. Her mother has just committed suicide, and her deafness causes most of the boys to reject and make fun of her. As a consequence she becomes sexually provocative and throws herself at as many males as she can.

After some schoolboys reject her, she goes into the bathroom and pulls her panties down, leaving her school uniform on, and telling her friend that the boys will get a look at the "hairy monster." A few minutes later, sitting in a cafe, she smiles at some boys and pulls her skirt up, flashing them; we get a brief but full view of her very nice and abundant bush. Later she goes to a dental appointment and attempts to seduce the dentist by trying to French kiss him and by putting his hand in her crotch. The dentist throws her out.

The full frontal scene comes when a police detective comes to the apartment she shares with her father, to ask her some questions. She excuses herself, then comes back into the living room fully nude. We first see her nude reflection in a glass pane, just as the detective does, then as he turns around we see her as he does, standing before him fully nude. She is not especially full breasted, but they are nicely shaped and firm. She has a slim waist and a very nice natural bush. She unsuccessfully tries to seduce the detective by placing his hand on her breast, but he rejects her, saying she is "only a girl." Later, when her father comes home, she is still nude and we get some excellent views of her nicely shaped ass. All in all she is quite lovely, and I hope to see more of the luscious Ms. Kikuchi in the future.

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