Ryan Guzman in Boy Next Door, The (2015)
Derek was written on July 19, 2015

Mostly distant rear shots

Ryan Guzman is as gorgeous as they come but as usual the director works very hard to make the shots of his nudity hard to enjoy. Most of the shots, as is largely the case for male nudity, are shot from a fair distance. Even when the camera closes in, it's hard to tell who it is exactly because his face is never in the same shot. When Ryan's love scene with JLo happens, we do get a fairly decent shot of Ryan's lovely buns. Far better than most male nude scenes, but still not nearly as good as it should/could have been.

Billy Magnussen in Boardwalk Empire (2010)
Derek was written on July 28, 2013


Episode 3:7 "Sunday Best"

Billy is playing the newest fascination for Gretchen Mol's character, who tells him to strip. He removes his robe and shows off a beautiful body. She then has him get into the tub and bathes him for a while before she betrays him in ways better seen than described. A very nice body with a nicely lit viewing.

Aaron Johnson in Savages (2012)
Derek was written on July 14, 2012

Bathing and love scene

Aaron Johnson is a handsome Brit, with beautiful blue eyes and magnificently chisled body with lovely pale skin. His nudity begins first in the bathtub, in which you can see his penis through the water. Later Blake Lively, playing his girlfriend, shows up to have sex. They start in the tub, but the best views of his amazing pert ass comes when they move to the bed. The shots are not as long as they need to be, but they are long enough to enjoy.

Taylor Kitsch in Savages (2012)
Derek was written on July 14, 2012

Sex scene

The amazingly chiseled and handsome Canadian Taylor Kitsch gives us his first true nude scene. In his first moments in the film, he is having sex on a settee with Blake Lively. His board shorts are pulled down around his knees and he is in a kneeling position. We get nice overhead shots of his muscular ass and one great side view. The only disappointment is that the board shorts were completely unnecessary, and later we see him getting up after sex and those same shorts are conveniently there to prevent any further view, which would have been more logical. This is a pretty brutal film, but yet even after exposure, the actor is given concealment when such is out of place with the character he is playing. He can shoot people at point blank, but he won't remove his board shorts (or her bra) to have sex.

Matthew McConaughey in Time to Kill, A (1996)
Derek was written on July 6, 2012

Having leg bandaged

This was McConaughey's breakthrough role when he was referred to as McCona-who? There is a scene in which he is having his leg bandaged by Sandra Bullock, and he confesses that he isn't wearing underwear as he drops trou and allows his shirt tail to cover his butt. Bullock does lift his shirt, but the camera pointedly stays above his waist to include the joke but not his bare ass. It is comic relief in a movie with rape and violence, but as usual with American films, male nudity is treated like something horrible.

Mark Wahlberg in Ted (2012)
Derek was written on July 3, 2012

Getting spanked

At about 2/3rds through the movie, Ted, the bear, and Wahlberg have a confrontation. Ted beats up on Wahlberg, and once getting him to the ground, pulls down his pants and underwear in one fell swoop, and uses a television antenna to spank his bare ass. It's funny and sexy at the same time, especially given that Wahlberg has such a perfect bubble butt.

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (2012)
Derek was written on July 3, 2012

Getting out of bed--twice

While the handsome Channing Tatum plays the most capable and talented of the strippers, his shows are devoted more to his magnificent dance moves. It is in two separate bedroom scenes that we get to see his amazing ass. The first time is the very first scene in the movie, where he is shown getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. His body is amazing and the lighting is great. The second time happens later in the film when he is awakened while sleeping next to a woman, and he jumps out of bed and puts on his pants very quickly. He is very affecting in this part, and he is proud to show off his amazing body.

Alex Pettyfer in Magic Mike (2012)
Derek was written on July 3, 2012


Handsome Alex Pettyfer plays a sullen diva personality (and rumor has it he wasn't acting) in this film. We see his bare ass in about three different stripping scenes. In the first, he is thrown onto stage in street clothes and told to undress. He does so, and pulls down his underwear to show off his rounded-box of a bottom. In the second he is wearing a bottomless jock, and in the third he is in a g-string after stripping out of a police uniform. Not bad, but it could (should) have been more.

Adam Rodriguez in Magic Mike (2012)
Derek was written on July 3, 2012


Gorgeous Adam Rodriguez is seen in various strip routines wearing a thong. Sometimes the camera captures Adam's gyrating butt in motion.

Matt Bomer in Magic Mike (2012)
Derek was written on July 3, 2012

Stripping scenes

After Channing Tatum, beautiful Matt Bomer is shown to stunning effect as a stripper. With a face that has no bad camera angle. and a butt about which the same can be said, he is shown in a bottomless jock dry humping a woman on stage, as he has just stripped out of a surgeon costume. We see his bare bum a couple of times. Unfortunately his part is underdeveloped and he doesn't get near enough to do.

Joe Manganiello in Magic Mike (2012)
Derek was written on July 3, 2012


It is a mystery why they cast Joe Mangianello in this part. They could easily have hired any unknown actor to have done the handful of scenes he gets, and Mangianello could have pursued a project more worth his efforts. Joe is is seen stripping in a handful of scenes, but not one show him nude or bare bummed. He has one scene in front of a scrim in which his character, named Big Dick Richie, is shown stripping in silhouette, with a shadow of a prosthetic dick hanging between his legs. None of this flatters him or uses him to even the slightest good effect. Four stars for the wonderful and sexy actor who is Joe Mangianello, Zero stars for wasting every inch of him (no pun intended) in this.

Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike (2012)
Derek was written on July 3, 2012


Matthew McConaughey is mostly famous for being half-dressed everywhere he goes. Yet, he has never really done a nude scene because he has been obsessed with being taken seriously as an actor...until now. Playing the owner and emcee of a male strip club, McConaughey has never played a part so close to himself. A true narcissist, he doesn't wear much clothing throughout the film, and is seen in a snakeskin Speedo at one point. He does the final striptease near the end of the film. He is wearing a thong that shows the round cheeks of his ass as he dances a little and then writhes on the floor to allow the women to fondle and grope him in an orgiastic moment. Even the editing can't hide that the women ripped the g-string, though he clings to it so tightly that we don't see any more of him. In the final moment, he bends over to bow to the ladies and the camera closes in on his mostly bare ass. This is the scene fans have been waiting for from an actor whose love for himself is only exceeded by his love for exhibitionism. Strangely this is the first film in which he allowed the two great loves of his life to be seen on screen.

Antonio Sabàto Jr. in Femme Fatales (2011)
Derek was written on June 9, 2012

Love scenes

Although Sabàto has never been reluctant to show off his many charms, this show completely wastes him. As per what has become Cinemax's new sexist stance, the woman, whom he controls, is, for no apparent reason, on top of him during sex. The point of the story up to this point is about his controlling nature, so it makes no sense that she would be the dominant one during sex. The network needs to change its name to Cinemax for Straight Men Only.

John Enos in Femme Fatales (2011)
Derek was written on June 9, 2012

Love scenes

As with Antonio Sabàto Jr., Enos has never been shy about showing his great body, and his character here is the typical alpha male who leads the women around with his little finger. And just like Sabàto's outing on this show, the woman inexplicably rides Enos during sex, so that straight men never have to see a bare male tushie for a milisecond during their orgiastic viewing of the ladies' tits and ass, and lately va-jay-jay. This series is yet another example of Hollywood offering the "idea" of women in power (hence the title) but only as a cover up to exploit them completely while the men are covered the entire time. Lame.

Joel Rush in Femme Fatales (2011)
Derek was written on June 7, 2012

Ep: 02-01--"16 Minutes of Fame" Sex in the shower

Magnificently beautiful Joel Rush plays a character not far removed from the persona he works to project: a muscle stud who is understandably but annoyingly narcissistic. He is shown rear ending a woman in the shower while getting off on his own image in the mirror, ala Christian Bale in American Psycho. Surprisingly the camera stays focused on Rush, and shows his thrusting ass (and WHAT an ass it is!) as he goes at it. The scene is well lit, well directed and well played. It would get a 4-star rating if I didn't reserve those for frontal exposures, something I am sure Rush could do quite well.

Matthew Fitzgerald in Lingerie (2009)
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Love scenes

Although Fitzgerald is cute as any guy can be, and has a great body, he hardly participates in the nudity putout of this show. While the other actors are frequently well exposed, he is usually filmed in dark shots and the camera mostly stays off him and on the women in the scenes. You could see as much of him at the local beach.

Jonathan Steen in Lingerie (2009)
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Love scenes

Jonathan Steen is a gorgeous blond stud who is a cross between a jock and a beach boy. He does not hesitate to show his magnificent body, especially his shapely, fuzzy butt. Nice long exposures of his bare ass make for wonderful skinning from this hottie.

Michael Scratch in Lingerie (2009)
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Embarrassment scene

Episode 1:1--"Picture Perfect" Hunkulous and beautiful Michael Scratch finishes a love scene and is shown from behind as he goes to the refrigerator to get a drink while completely nude. His perfectly muscled body, his bubble butt, his tapered V-shaped back, are all on fine display, especially after he opens the fridge door and light is cast upon him. While there, the woman friend of his lady love arrives and he hides behind the refrigerator door until finally his girlfriend prompts him to leave and get dressed. She gives him a dish towel, which he places over his privates as he exits.

Clayton Cannon in Black Tie Nights (2004)
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Various love scenes

Clayton Cannon is one of the most beautiful men anywhere. With coal black hair, tanned silky skin, a muscled body and beautiful face, he hasn't got a bad camera angle. He is just drip dead gorgeous. So why is he the biggest pussy among the actors of soft core about doing nudity? Let's be honest here--being nude means showing one's penis or ass. Cannon does neither. Not only does he avoid showing either one, but the camera is careful to mostly stay off him and on the woman the entire time. The camera work in his scenes, and basically in this entire worthless, misogynistic series is insulting to anyone who enjoys male nude scenes. This one is clearly produced by those men who can't enjoy their tits if the guy is ever shown nude. A complete waste of time and the worst of the series that Cinemax ever broadcast. This show can go bye bye and never be missed.

Billy Chappell in Sexy Wives Sindrome (2011)
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Crazy love scene

Billy Chappell, who looks a lot like Eddie Malavarca of OZ, does the big nasty with an actress in this film while exercising. They use all the equipment in the gym, including the elliptical. None of this helps or hurts the scene. Chappell's wonderful body is shown to good effect. His magnificent legs are awesome while stairstepping, and his round, pert ass is on great display while boxing a punching bag and getting a head job at the same time. He's the only actor in this lousy film to do full nudity. Skip to his scene and then skip out.

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