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1982 Paradise 6 Reviews

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Paradise (1982)
murray was written on September 20, 1998

Numerous nude scenes on an island.

This terrible robbery of the Blue Lagoon features more nudity, including frontal nudity of Aames on two occasions. The first shows the silhouette of his probably half-hard penis as he's wading into the ocean at nightfall with a net. The second is an underwater scene near the end of the film which shows even more of his penis as he's swimming.

movieaddict2005 was written on July 5, 2005

while swimming

good view of his penis with trimmed pubic hair several times while swimming; nice butt shots also; hope he makes more nude scenes; where is he now?

Tomek was written on February 28, 2001

Having sex & swimming in the lake.

Brief side view of Willie's ass during sex scene.
Later, nice (and long enough) look of his genetals and buttocks, swimming naked in the lake with his girl. Through secondary from "Blue Lagune", excellent scene of young man's nude body in motion. Thanks, Willie!

Violet was written on February 6, 2001

Aames' artsy full frontal nude scenes

Young Willie Aames lets it all hang out with numerous nude scenes. Great underwater scene as he and a nude, and rather young Phoebe Cates swim through the Lagoon.
Several penis shots, from underneath as Aames swims over camera man. Side shots as well. His size isn't bad, considering how cold the water must have been!
All nude scenes are very tasteful, but it is rather strange to see Aames nude, even with his fame on "Eight is Enough", and "Charles in Charge".

Christoph was written on July 15, 2000

Nude swim

Quite good front and back exposure during nude swim sequences in this Blue Lagoon rip-off. Aames looks pretty hot and it was a bit surprising he did this considering it was during and/or directly following his Eight is Enough wholesome popularity.

cythera4 was written on July 16, 2006

pert butt and bouncy cock

Little Willie shows his BIG willy in this one. His floppy cock sways right past the camera, and you can also see, between his cute tight buttcheeks, a damp nest of curly brown hair.

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